The Importance of Fire-Pit Safety

fire-pit safetyOutdoor fire-pit safety is something that everyone has to think about before purchasing one! Outdoor fire-pits have become very popular, especially, among North Americans because they offer countless evenings of low cost family fun.  Nonetheless, outdoor fire-pits can be hazardous if not correctly handled.  There are many fire-pit horror stories circulating around and, believe me, they are not for those with a nervous dispositions! Therefore, please follow the fire-pit safety tips I have given below for outdoor fire-pit safety methods to ensure your outdoor fire-pit evenings are entertaining and, most importantly, safe for you and your loved ones.

Fire-Pit Safety-What to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Fire-Pit

Rule of thumb, before buying your outdoor fire-pit makes sure you comprehend your city or county’s regulations regarding their usage. Please note that some cities totally forbid outdoor fire-pits and heavy penalties might be forced if you do not follow the rules and regulations.

Also, most people do not realize that in some part of the country, like for instance California, are predisposed to wildfires, and disclosing your outdoor fire-pit may be a condition of your homeowners insurance plan. Also, it might be a good idea to check in with an insurance agent to comprehend any possible effect an outdoor fire-pit may have on your insurance coverage.

Fire-Pit Safety Tips

  • It is important that you always read the handbook that comes with your outdoor fire-pit and diligently follow the guidelines. If you have any further question it is always a good idea to phone the manufacturer concerning any queries you may have about your outdoor fire-pit.
  • It is vital that you always keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Ensure it is in good working order, and has not passed its expiration date. Also, it is  good idea to have a bucket of sand or a water hose close by as well as a fire extinguisher. Please watch the video below on how to use a fire extinguisher properly and what one to use on your fire-pit.

    • Never wear combustible clothing, like nylon, or any loose-fitting attire.
    • Always keep a first aid kit close by encase of any accidental burns. Please watch this video on how to treat burns.

  • Ensure your always use safety gloves when handling a scorching outdoor fire-pit.
  • Never put an outdoor fire-pit in an enclosed space because the fumes from it can be damaging without proper air circulation.
  • Never place your outdoor fire-pit adjacent to dangling branches, or on an uneven surface.

Fire-Pit Safety-Working Your Outdoor Fire-Pit

  • The thing to remember with fire-pit safety is always start your fire small. Only use the suggested fire starters. Remember, never use gasoline, or garden clippings to light a fire. Watch the video below on what happens if you light a fire with gasoline or any accelerates!

  • With a wood burning outdoor fire-pit always burn dry, seasoned wood that was cut at least six months earlier. Also, with a wood burning outdoor fir-pit never pile the wood on too high because you do not want red-hot embers to fall out.
  • Never allow children near outdoor fire-pits. They should be adult-supervised at all times. Also, never leave the fire unattended.
  • With a wood burning outdoor fire-pit always use fire-pit screens for protection from wind and to avert sparks from flying out. Basically, never use a wood burning fire-pit on a windy day because of flying debris.
  • Place your fire-pit on a level stone, concrete, or brick surface that’s at least 10 feet from your house, trees, and anything combustible. Unless the fire-pit manual says it is fine, don’t place the fire-pit on a grassy surface, wood deck, or fenced porch.
  • Please not, that when burning wood in bowl-shaped outdoor fire-pit; keep the sticks no longer than three-quarters of the bowl’s diameter.
  • It is important you know how to safely dispose fire-pit ashes. Watch the video below on how to properly dispose of ashes.

So To Re-Cap on Fire-Pit Safety Tips

  1. Always have a fire extinguisher handy.
  2. Always keep a first aid kit nearby for any unintentional burns.
  3. Always ensure you put out the fire completely before leaving the outdoor fire-pit unattended.
  4. At no time light a fire in windy conditions.  Just one wandering spark can cause a huge fire.
  5. Never use your outdoor fire-pit if a fire warning is implemented in your region.
  6. Do not allow a child to start a fire or to play near the fire.  Children have to be adult-supervised at all time.
  7.  Never toss any materials besides seasoned woods onto your wood burning fire-pit.
  8.  Know how to safely dispose ashes.
  9.  Always wear safety gloves when handling a scorching outdoor fire-pit.
  10. Get advice from your local fire department for more fire-safety advice.

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