21 Great Motivating Personal Development Blogs to Read Now


We at Indoor Outdoor Lifestyle have put together a list of some of the most inspiring and thought changing self–development blogs on the web that you should be reading now. These blogs can guide you to live a more fulfilling and happier life.

So, go and check them out!

These blogs are listed in no particular order.

1. Tiny Buhdda

This site is run by Lory Deschene and has almost three million readers a month. This site is the place to go for easy ways to acquire some peace of mind, wisdom and happiness: with authentic tips and stories from readers of all ages, from all over the world.

Also experts from a diversity of fields contribute posts.

Posts include: spirituality, happiness, yoga, motivation, letting go, relationships, mindfulness and many other subjects.

2. Spiritual Travels

If you are spiritually inclined and love travelling then this blog is a definite read for you. Lori Erickson, an ordained Episcopal deacon and freelance travel writer, has come up with a one of a kind site. She documents her experiences of traveling to spiritual sites around the globe and also gives advice on how you too can go an on a spiritual expedition of your own.

On the site you’ll find great travel post, travel itineraries suggestions and travel tips so you can plan your spiritual trip.

Her husband Bob, a photographer and her travel companion, also contributes to the site.

3. Vidyasury

Vidya Sury is a mother, editor, writer and a personal development blogger. She writes on a variety of subject such as: positive thinking, gratitude, happiness, personal development, health and wellness and parenting among other things.

She also produces a free newsletter. There is something for everyone on this inspirational site.

4. A Daring Adventure

Tim Brownson is an author and also a life coach with almost ten years’ experience in the profession.

He helps his readers to realize the life they want. This website has articles that deal with everything from developing creativity, tackling negative thoughts and social anxiety. And, also how you can reach beyond your comfort zone: a very informative website.

You can also get some of Tim’s self-development books for free on his site.

5. In Pursuit of happiness

Britt Reints (Czar of Happiness) helps people discover down-to-earth ways to be happier through own experiences. Her readers can learn how to do less of the things they don’t like in life and more of what they do like.

“It’s about finding happiness in the everyday and summoning the courage to do the extraordinary,” (Britt Reints).

Britt has written a book, “An Amateur’s Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness”.

If you want more encouragement and inspiration then you can sign up to her weekly (ish) email that has practical tips, personal stories and links to recent blog post.

6. The Zen Mama

Betsy Henry is a wife, mother and teacher. Her inspirational blog as become the leading personal development blog for parents.

She teaches on her blog how emotions such as worry, disappointment and anger are just habits that can be eradicated. Betsy has also written two books “How To Be A Zen Mama” and “The Zen Mama’s Book of Quotes”.

7. Meant to be Happy

Ken Wert (a student of human potential and happiness) is a husband and a father of two. He works as a high school teacher and is a religious man.

The purpose of the blog is to teach anyone that wants to know, how to lead a richer and fuller life that is full of purpose and meaning. You can do this by learning how to unlock your hidden potential.

“I would love you to travel the paths of life here with me as we seek to unravel the secrets to a happy life,” (Ken Wert).

8. 17000-days.com

“Life is short. You’re going to die; I am, too. So let’s quit wasting time” (Cara Stein).

This is the only blog we’ve come across that has a life countdown: a truly one of a kind blog.

This blog is about not wasting your time on this world, but about taking advantage of each and every day of your precious life. Also Check out her FREE Mindful Living Guide.

9. Simple Mindfulness

“I'm here to inspire you to explore new, mindful ways of being that move you to a happier, more fulfilled life,” (Paige Burke). This blog explains that if you take some mindful-steps in your life and make simple changes, that you can live a more productive and happier life.

Page constructed this website so she could help others that are working towards self-love, wholesome relationships and true happiness.

10.  Work Out With JP

Jon is a fitness and health coach with twenty years’ experience.

“I enjoy learning and implementing the newest and most advanced training methods, tips and techniques; and I excel at customizing my client’s program based on their specific needs, desires and challenges,” (Jon Paul Crimi). He also has some great instructional videos and recipes on his website as well.

11. The World Needs More Love Letters

Hannah Brencher is a blogger and TED Speaker, and has also dedicated her life and work to the broken-hearted. She created More Love Letters in 2011

Hey!!! This is a great web-site to visit if you need a boost of LOVE!!! This is a site where strangers write love letters to each other: a really great place to go for positive energy when you need it.

12. Ellen Bard

Ellen Bard is a personal development crusader, work psychologist and writer. Her blog is dedicated to helping you achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle.

She offers digital courses, free resources and intuitive articles based on her experience as a business consultant, psychologist and global traveller.

13. The Rising Spoon

Elaina Newton, the creator of this great blog, shares lessons on how to be self-sufficient in the kitchen and at home. On this site you will find natural living articles related to topics such as overall wellness and food.

Also there are DIY project that you can try your hand at and plenty of cooking tips and tutorials: a great website on how to balance health and comfort.

14. Skylar Liberty Rose

Skylar Liberty Rose as well as being a writer, is also a truth seeker and an ambassador for self- acceptance. This is a blog dedicated to helping women realise their full potential in life.

Skyler has taken control of her own limiting beliefs and hopes to help others do the same thing.

This one of a kind blog will certainly help you to see your life from a different angle.

15. Starr Struck

Mary Catherin is a blogger, consultant, artist and also a yoga teacher. Who lives and works in Cape Cod.

This blog is a lifestyle blog that centres on Catherin’s adventures in leading a yogic and active life.

This blog will help inspire you to make more time in your life so that you can enjoy the things that nurtures you the most.

16. People Skills Decoded

Eduard Ezeanu is a communication and confidence coach. He helps people to open new doors for themselves in all areas of their life: their career, and their social and dating life.

He does this by helping them to develop self-confidence and better communication skills.

This is a useful blog for those who find it hard to form relationships, or fear communicating with the opposite sex.

17. Liv- Light

Alivia Light is a blogger, a psychology student and also a great fan of self-care and healthy living.

Aliva’s blog centres on helping others to live a happy life. She also writes about her experiences with anxiety in the hope that it will help others feel less lonely and to give them hope that things can get better.

18. The Inspired Transformation Blog

Naomi Teeter is a health coach, that used to weigh 300 pounds, but not anymore because she has gone down to half her body size that she once was. She achieved this amazing goal by learning many lessons on self-respect and other things, which she is eager to share with you on her informative blog.

If you are fed-up and confused by all the contradictory health and fitness information that is out there, and want to work with someone who has been there – then Naomi offers a Free 15-minute consultation which will bring focus and clarity to your health and weight loss goals.

19. Mrs. Mindfulness

Melli O'Brien is a mindfulness teacher and a dedicated mindfulness practitioner.

This blog is all about guiding you on how to live a more mindful lifestyle: and so to enjoy a more connected and conscious life.

“Sharing the joy of mindful-living is my passion and my purpose,” (Melli O'Brien).

20. Embracing Simple

Christina, the creator of Embracing Simple, hopes to inspire those of you who would like to begin your own journey to living a fulfilling and yet simple life.

Some of the topics covered are self-development, establishing healthy habits, time management, goal setting tips, house hold tips; motherhood, parenting, and fun ideas for families.

She also has a great FREE 4 week course on Living a Simple Life.

21. By Her Mirror

Anna, the creator of By Her Mirror, is a copywriter, bookworm, and a cat lover who is trying to find her way in the world.

This inspiring blog is about living mindfully and simply, and celebrating the splendour of everyday life.

I am a copywriter and bookworm trying to find her way in the world.


You can use this list to get inspiration on how to improve areas of your life that you are not too happy about. There are hundreds of good self-development blogs out there, so we will always be adding to the list. Good Luck!

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