22 Sensational Gardening Bloggers to Follow Now in 2016!

We at Indoor outdoor Lifestyle have put together a list of some of the most informational gardening blogs online you should be reading now. They are pact with great gardening tips, recipes, garden design and much more.

So, go and check them out!

These blogs are listed in no particular order.

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1. Away to Garden

Margaret has been an enthusiastic gardener for over 25 years and she started her blog Away to Garden in 2008.

Away to Garden is a superbly inspiring gardening blog that has a wealth of information in it. It has gardening tips on how to get rid of weeds, composting, pests and diseases, etc. Also she has food recipes that she shares with her blog readers. There is truly a lot to read in Away to Garden.

2. Southern Hospitality Blog

Rhoda is from Atlanta, GA and she enjoys decorating and DIY jobs.

Southern Hospitality Blog is not a gardening blog per say but Rhoda’s blog does have a gardening section. Southern Hospitality Blog has sections on fashion, in the Kitchen, and much more… As Rhoda mentions; she created Southern Hospitality Blog to “inspire” other women to find their inner creativeness as she has done herself.

3. Urban Gardens Web

Urban Gardens Web is a blog established by Robin Plaskoff Horton who shares her love for urban style, design and nature with her readers.

Robin’s blog is a great source of information like how to make a seed bomb to help disused areas like empty lots, alleys and abandoned gardens grow beautiful florae. Urban Gardens is a truly a fantastic blog that will keep its readers well up-to-date on all urban gardening, design and nature posts.

4. Garden Therapy

Stephanie, the founder of the blog Garden Therapy, states that gardening healed her from a “debilitating illness” and has never looked back since.

Garden Therapy has great posts such as how to make natural flea eradicator shampoo for pets. It also has recipes to make some scrumptious dishes. 

5. Root Simple

Erik and Kelly, founders of Root Simple, are married and live in Los Angeles. They both share fascination with bees, bikes, beer, chickens, healthy cities, healing herbs, simple living and good food. They like all things DIY.

Root Simple is an informative blog that has posts on DIY, home-grown vegetable, chickens, herbs, hooch and much more… It a must read for anyone who is interested in living a more green and simple life.

6. Veg Plotting

Veg Plotting is a blog founded by Michelle in 2008. She is a freelance writer, distance carer and subversive soprano and lives in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Michelle first started Veg Plotting to just write about her allotment but she has found that there are many other subjects to write about as well. Veg Plotting is a honest, simple and enjoyable gardening blog that will motivate others to own allotments to grow their own vegetables.

7. Ryan's Garden

Ryan founded Ryan’s Garden in 2009.He originally intended the blog to be dedicated to his city allotment but now it has taken on a new phase. Since he moved to the Staffordshire countryside in 2014 his blog is now about how to set up a small holding.

Ryan’s Garden is a great gardening blog which is full of information from gardening to feeding chickens and much more.

8. Pith and Vigor

Rochelle is the originator of the blog PITH + VIGOR. Pith and Vigor is a publishing venture that inspires a bigger link with the environment through gardening, art, design, regional food and travel.

Pith and Vigor is a vehicle of thoughts and concepts. It is also a facilitator for original suggestions, events, classes, books, and an online magazine. This blog is a must for people who like original ideas on gardening, art, food, etc.

9. Veggie Gardening Tips

Kenny is the creator of the Veggie Gardening Tips blog. He took an internship at an organic farm in 1985 and has never looked back since.

The idea behind Veggie Gardening Tips is to get people to appreciate organic gardening and become self-sufficient as Kenny did when he studied organic gardening.

This blog is a must for people who love the outdoor life, appreciate nature and the wonders of gardening. Kenny’s blog has so much useful articles on organic gardening that it will take you for ever to get through. So start reading now!

10. Busy At Home

Glenda is the creator of the blog Busy At Home. She is a busy mother and grandmother.

The idea behind Busy At Home is to share tips and ideas for recipes, DIY and garden tutorials, family life, home decor quick-fixes and makeovers, money-saving tips and… Her blog has so much to offer people who want to know not just about gardening but just about anything that will improve their life.

11. North Coast Gardening

Genevieve is a landscape gardener and the owner of North Coast Gardening. Her blog is all about her expert take on drool-worthy plants, garden tools, and the latest doings in the landscape design world.

North Coast Gardening is for people who want to know how to create a garden that echoes something special about you. This blog also teaches you garden tricks and organic solutions to problems that gardeners face.

12. Smiling Gardener

Phil is a qualified organic gardener and owner of the Smiling Gardener blog. His passion for gardening came from working in his parents’ garden centre.

Smiling Gardener is a place for organic gardeners to go who want to learn about how to grow organic vegetables and fruits. So visit this information dense blog if you want great ideas on how to grow nutritional food and much more....

13. The Enduring Gardener

Stephanie and Daniel are the owners of The Enduring Gardener. Daniel is responsible for the day to day running of the site and Stephanie owns a garden in the south coast and an allotment.

This blog is a developing supply of garden design concepts. It has garden tips to assist you in maintaining your allotment or garden.

14. Shawna Coronado

Shawna is the creator of the gardening and lifestyle blog Shawna Coronado. She is a professional author, blogger and campaigner for social good.

Her blog is a must for anyone who wants vast knowledge on gardening, healthy food, eco-travelling and wellness. So do not delay, go and check out Shawna’s blog now!

15. Transatlantic Plantsman

Graham’s blog the Transatlantic Plantsman has won the garden blog of the year award from the Garden Media Guild. He is a successful blogger both in the US and UK.

Transatlantic Plantsman is a blog with ideas on garden plants, native plants, invasive plants, books about plants, etc. This blog is a must for anyone who wants to know all about gardening… A great read for any gardening enthusiast.

16. Out of my Shed

Naomi is the creator of Out of my Shed. As well as being a gardener she is also a photographer and writer.

Her blog is full of useful information on gardening. Her extensive knowledge on plant growing will give you all the tips you need to be a fantastic gardener.

17. Serenity in the Garden

Jan is the creator of the great gardening blog Serenity in the Garden. She presently teaches at the New York Botanical Garden.

Her blog is for all those people who appreciate nature and all her glory. It is pact with information on plants, designer ideas, products, etc.

18. Ewa in the Garden

Ewa is the creator of the blog Ewa in the Garden. Her blog has informative articles on gardening.

So if you are interested in great articles on gardening this blog is for you.

19. Garden Design Online

Jan is the owner of Garden Design Online. She is a journalist and lives in Washington DC.

Her blog is full of excellent gardening articles, tips and ideas. So if you are into great gardening posts look no further then Garden Design Online.

20. May Dreams Garden

Carol is the creator of May Dreams Garden blog. She is a self-confessed gardening geek who enjoys writing on her blog.

Carol’s blog is full of great gardening ideas that will help those green fingers become even greener.

21. Toronto Gardens

Sisters, Helen and Sarah, are the owners of Toronto Gardens. The younger Sarah is a graphic designer who teaches at community college. Big sister Helen is a freelance copywriter, a volunteer with the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Their blog is a great source of information on gardening, garden design, etc. Toronto Gardens is a fantastic blog for people who want vast knowledge on the delights of gardening.

22. Cow Lick Cottage Farm

Carolyn is the creator of Cow Lick Cottage Farm. She is an enthusiastic gardener, writer, cook and photographer.

Her blog is full of gardening, cooking and recipes articles that will keep you entertained.


We hope that you have checked out these great gardening blogs and you have found them to be as fantastic as we do at indoor Outdoor Lifestyle.

Remember, these are just a few of the wonderful gardening blogs available online, believe us there are many more out there. Have fun reading these wonderful blogs!

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