26 Fantastic Eco-Eriendly Beauty Bloggers to Follow

eco-friendly beauty bloggers

We, at Indoor Outdoor Lifestyle, have put together 35 of some of the best organic beauty blogs around. We have done this so people searching for great blogs on eco-friendly beauty products can be found in one place, thus, saving you time. And as we all know time is precious to us all!

So below you will find some of our preferred eco-friendly beauty blogs that are motivating and a great read.

1. Organic Aromas

Organic Aromas

Organic Aromas is a blog that is run by a collection of enthusiastic health care specialists. They are committed to enlightening the existence of individuals all over the world by using a distinctive form of aromatherapy. This exceptional aromatherapy mixes a nebulizing diffuser with pure, organic essential oils and their own made mixtures.

Why should you follow Organic Aromas?

Organic Aromas is a website that wants to develop exclusive merchandises and information dedicated to the promotion of their healthy, safe and pure diffusion system. They want to bring high quality health and beauty products to cultivate contemporary people who want a more refined way of life.

2. kimberlyloc

Kim is a freelance journalist and blogger. She writes about natural beauty and skincare. In June 2008, she created the Naturally Beautiful blog, a green beauty blog, on the former Natural Home magazine (now Mother Earth Living) website.

Why should you follow Kimberyloc?

Well, Kim assists her blog readers make shrewd green beauty buying choices. She gives truthful, detailed, and readable reviews. Her blog is informative and well written.

3. Viva Woman

Viva Woman organic and holistic beauty blog was created by Sesame in 2006. She lives in Singapore. She has also been listed as a top blogger many times.

Why should you follow Viva Woman?

Sesame created Viva Woman to provide information for her own and other women’s benefits on anti-aging and organic beauty products. She confesses she does not have the best skin and she is always on the lookout for eco-friendly beauty tips and merchandises. Her blog is honest and to the point.

4. Beauty by Britanie

Britanie is a well-known natural beauty supporter, photographer, wellness fanatic and freelance makeup artist. She also writes for Mind Body Green, Vivo Life, and others...

Why should you follow Beauty by Britanie?

Britanie gives helpful reviews on the best natural and organic products on today’s market. Her blog is a great guide in helping modern women choose the best organic beauty products that best suits their needs.

5. Eminence Organics

Eminence Organics have been around since 1958. They have been using maintainable farming and green practices to generate natural, organic and Biodynamic® merchandises.

Why should you follow Eminence Organics?

The merchandises sold on this website are all hand-made and organic. All Eminence Organics beauty products are free from parabens, animal by products, propylene glycol and other harmful ingredients.

They are aware that in this modern society more women are shunning beauty products that are tested on animals. This is because no make-up product is worth the life of one of our furry friends.

6. Naturalla Beauty

Caitie is 27. She is a self-confessed natural beauty junkie, dog lover and happiness seeker!

Why should you follow Naturalla Beauty?

Caitie, the founder of Naturalla Beauty blog, believes that non-toxic and natural eco-friendly beauty products should be was born out of the belief that natural and non-toxic products should be available to all women.

In her blog she gives straights to the point reviews, makeup swatches, personal narratives and DIY recipes for home-made beauty merchandises.

7. All Natural Aspirations

Rachel is the proud mother of a little girl and lives in the UK. She is a ‘green’ beauty and lifestyle blogger.

Why should you follow All Natural Aspirations?

This blog is honest and informative. Rachel’s blog is a truly green and chemical free place to go for eco-friendly beauty products..

8. The Love Vitamin

Tracy is 27. She lives in British Columbia with her Australian husband, Luke, and two dogs, Sharkie and Huck.

Why should you follow The Love Vitamin?

Tracy used to be covered in acne which made her very miserable. The good news is she combated her problem by changing her unhealthy lifestyle for a healthy one.

How she did it in her own e-book that you can get for FREE at the Love Vitamin called 7 Things You Can Do Right Now to Clear Your Skin.

9. Biteable Beauty

Rebecca is the owner of Biteable Beauty blog/online magazine. She established it in 2011.

Why should you follow Biteable Beauty?

This blog is a vast field of great information on natural and organic beauty product reviews, recipes, etc. There is truly a wealth of information on Biteable Beauty.

10. Call it Vanity

Sabrina and Mayah established Call It Vanity because as they say, “Between us we have every skin problem and beauty wish out there which has grown into a (probably unhealthy) shared obsession”.

Why should you follow Call it Vanity?

This blog is full of great reviews on organic beauty products. Sabrina and Mayah’s blog is about giving information on the beauty merchandises that work and those that do not.

11. Well Beauty

Cori is a registered dietitian and lives in Arizona, US, with her two adorable pug dogs.

Why should you follow Well Beauty?

Cori created Well Beauty because she is a self-confessed hippy at heart and is passionate about giving out information on nutritional diets. This blog is full of natural and organic beauty remedies.

12. Smells Like a Green Spirit

Liz is fluent in French, English and German. She was born and raised in Paris, France. She is an organic beauty and wellness products enthusiast.

Why should you follow Smells like a Green Spirit?

Liz is always on the lookout for new and improved organic ingredients beauty and wellness products to include on her blog. Another reason is to quote Liz: “Since starting the blog in 2013, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to connect with numerous people, meet new friends, and build strong and positive business relationships”. Unquote

13. NatuRia Beauty

Ria established NatuRia Beauty in 2013 NatuRia. She started it to write and find out about eco-friendly beauty products.

Why should you follow NatuRia Beauty?

Three years on, Ria, is now sharing reviews on natural beauty products on her blog. Thus, helping thoroughly modern women find their perfect organic beauty product.

14. Living Pretty Naturally

Kate is a Canadian living in Norway and she is a certified yoga instructor.

Why should you follow Living Pretty Naturally?

Kate’s blog is full of organic beauty recipes, yoga and health tips. As she says, “True beauty on the outside comes from what is going on in the inside”.

15. Lily Farm Fresh Skincare

The goal of Lily Farm Fresh Skincare is to beautify this world’s inhabitants with their organic natural beauty products. They have been established as USDA organic farmers in Colorado, USA, since 1986

Why should you follow Lily Farm Fresh Skincare?

Their products are 100 per cent eco-friendly. Their blog’s articles on natural products are very informative and a great read.

16. The Organic Life

Tara wrote the bestselling book Cured by Nature. She is the creator and CEO of The Organic Life blog. The lists of her achievements go on…

Why should you follow The Organic Life?

This blog not only has great organic beauty product reviews it is very inspiring and motivational. Tara’s life story is one of “never say die” and when life get tough keep on going with positive determination.

17. Mademoiselle Nature

The founder of Mademoiselle Nature has a PhD in Biochemistry/Cell Biology and she worked in Cancer research for some years. Her goal is to write a blog that is both educational and entertaining to read.

Why should you follow Mademoiselle Nature?

She buys and tests the organic beauty products for a month before she reviews them on her blog. She is not afraid to give negative reviews on some organic products if she thinks they are not worth the money.

Her motto: Passion and knowledge

18. Yasou Skincare

Theodora was brought up in Chicago, USA. She visited family in Greece many times as a child and soaked in the affluent Greek values and customs.

Why should you follow Yasou Skincare?

This blog’s goal is to hold up the beauty customs, organic ingredients and opulent philosophy of Greece with US skill and know how. Thus, producing and selling wonderful, lavish natural beauty merchandise that will make you look and feel beautiful all through the day.

19. Tailor Skincare

Sara Quilter is creator and CEO of Tailor Skincare. She has educated herself on how healthy soil acts as its own ecosystem with minerals and electrolytes.

Why should you follow Tailor Skincare?

This blog wants to encourage its public to make better skin care practises.

20. Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly’s aim is to aid modern people live a more healthy and amazing lifestyle.

Why follow Kimberly Snyder?

Her blog is full of whole foods-based recipes, nutrition, yoga, organic beauty tips… Also her blog posts are always up to date.

21. Ecodiva Beauty

Charlene established Ecodiva Beauty and now works with her make-up artist daughter, Garcy.

Why should you follow Ecodiva Beauty?

This blog is full of environmentally friendly beauty tips and articles that will give their bloggers vast knowledge on that being beautiful can be also eco-friendly.

22. Magnifeco

Magnifeco, established by Kate Black, is a blog that is ethical and a review site for women’s, men’s fashion and organic beauty products.

Why should you follow Magnifeco?

This blog is aware that the fashion industry can be toxic to the environment. And to be fashion conscious as well as well as being environment conscious is a paradox.

Nonetheless at Magnifeco, to their credit, only support eco-fashion and organic beauty products. This blog is so green that if you suspect them of featuring any companies that are not ethical in their posts you can contact Kate to let them know.

23. Scent Hive

Trish is the creator of Scent Hive. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two boys. She is a nurse midwife and loves tennis.

Why follow Scent Hive

This blog is an on-line community devoted chiefly to natural and organic beauty products. Trish is wholly dedicated to her bloggers to help them find the perfect organic beauty products to suit their needs.

24. Glamology

Charmaine is an expert esthetician and skin therapist. She loves beauty and living a natural way of life. She is also an ex-model.

Why should you follow Glamology?

This blog features a video blog of how-to’s, product reviews, tips, and trends, and much more... It has something for everyone who wants to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

25. Toxic Beauty Blog

4 years ago, Robin, began exploring healthier ways of living. She started this blog for herself and other women to learn how to live a more healthy and positive lifestyle.

Why should you follow Toxic Beauty Blog?

This blog has a selection of resources such as posts on deadly ingredients, organic cosmetic product reviews, e-book endorsements, and much more... This blog is a great source of inspiration for all women who need to re-ass their present beauty regime and lifestyle.

26. Mary Makes Good

Mary Helen lives in Austin Texas, with her husband, Scott, baby son, CC, two “crazy” cats and 1 “neurotic” collie mix. She also writes for the blog Natural Beauty Workshop. She also authored The Natural Beauty Solution and is working on her second book The Natural Baby

Why should you follow Mary Makes Good?

This blog is full of healthy recipes and organic beauty products. It is a must for women who enjoy or want to start living a healthy lifestyle.


We have not included all the organic beauty blogs out there but we have covered some of the best ones we could find. As we said before, finding a blog that gives you great information and enjoyment can be a very time-consuming undertaking. We are confident that in this list there will be a blog that will appeal to you and give you reading enjoyment!

So now you know where to come to follow some of your favourite organic beauty blogs without the bother of trudging through the internet.

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