Sixty-one Household uses for Baking-Soda


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How many people know that baking-soda can be used to eliminate dirt marks, stop sneakers from smelling, beauty care, etc.? It can also eradicate odours from your laundry. It can even get rid of your craving for sugary foods.

This post will give you some idea on the versatility of baking-soda.

Table of Contents

1. What is Baking-Soda?

2. The Difference Between Baking-Soda and Baking Powder

3. Cleaning Around the Household

4. Freshening

5. Personal Maintenance

6. Miscellaneous

1. What is Baking-Soda?

Baking-soda, (sodium bicarbonate), aids to control pH. What is pH.? Basically, pH., in chemistry, is an amount of the acidity or basicity of an aqueous mixture. Mixtures with a pH less than 7 are believed to be acidic and mixtures with a pH more than 7 are basic or alkaline. Unadulterated water has a pH level very near to 7. So, this means making an ingredient not too acidic or too alkaline.

Basically, when it comes in interaction with either an acidic or an alkaline ingredient, its usual result is to nullify that pH Furthermore, baking soda has the capacity to delay additional alterations in the pH equilibrium. This outcome is called buffering. This matching ability of counteracting and buffering permits it to perform actions such as to neutralize acidic smells. Acidic smells like those that emanate from a dirty fridge. It also helps to keep the pH neutral. This means like in your dirty linen washing water, which aids in improving your detergent’s grime fighting power.

Baking-soda also is a great and cheaper alternative for numerous personal care merchandises. Products such as facial scrubs, shampoo, etc.

2. The Difference Between Baking-Soda and Baking Powder

Have you ever attempted to use baking-soda instead of baking powder when cooking? Then you’ve found out that the two don’t work the same. The question is, what’s the difference between baking- soda and baking powder? The answer is that baking-soda needs an acid component like lemon juice to trigger it. Whereas, baking powder is essentially baking-soda with the acidic ingredient already put in. 

Below are 61 amazing uses for baking-soda:

3. Cleaning Around the Household

1. Make an Exterior Soft Scrub

How to effectively clean baths, tiles, sinks, and fibreglass? Scatter some baking-soda on a moist cleaning utensil and clean away at the dirty item. Then rinse carefully and sponge dry. For more scrubbing strength, create a cream made with soda, salt and fluid dish cleanser. Then allow it to sit and wash the paste off with water.

2. To remove food and grease from plates, pots and saucepans

How to remove cut grease and foods on dishes, pots and pans? Just put 2 heap tablespoons baking- soda to the cutlery water. Remember, to put the dish soap in the dish water as well as the soda. The soda ought to assist in cutting away at the fat and foods left on plates, pots and saucepans. Alternatively for foods that are stubborn and refuse to budge do it this way:

• First allow the pots and pans to soak thoroughly in the soda and soap cleaner dish water.
• Secondly use dry soda on a moist cleaning utensil as an un-abrasive scrubbing powder.

3. Remove scorch marks

How to remove a scorch mark from the bottom of a pan? Boil two inches of water in a pot with a scorched bottom. Remove the scorched pan from the heat. Then add half a cup of baking soda. Allow it to sit overnight. So, the next day it will be easy to clean the scorch mark off the pan.

4. Eliminate odours from toasters

How to eliminate the burned odour of drippings and crumbs from the bottom of your toaster oven? Just scatter a teaspoon of baking-soda onto the bottom of your toaster oven. It should remove that awful burned smell.

5. Freshen sponges

How to freshen up sponges? Mix 4 tablespoons of baking-soda melted in 1 quart of tepid water. Then immerse the stale-smelling sponges in the strong soda mixture to remove the mess that has collected in them.

6. Freshen up the microwave

How to clean your microwave? Put some baking-soda on a clean moist sponge and clean the interior and exterior of the microwave with it. Wash the soda off with water. The soda will not leave a severe biochemical odour.

7. Make silver flatware shine

How to polish silver? Make a baking-soda cream made with 3 portions soda of 1 portion water. Then buff onto the silver with an unsoiled rag. Then rinse carefully. Afterwards polish the silverware with a cloth to give it a lovely shine.

8. Freshen up coffee and tea Pots

How to eliminate tea and coffee stains and eradicate that harsh flavour that comes with stained tea and coffee pots? Wash cups and coffee machines in a mixture of 1/4 cup baking-soda in 1 quart of tepid water. For persistent stains, soak overnight in the soda mixture and cleaner. You can also try scouring the items with soda on a moist sponge.

9. Freshen up the cooker

How to clean your filthy oven? Scatter baking soda in the inside of the cooker. Sprinkle with water to dampen down the baking-soda. Leave it for the next day. The next day, rub down the dampened soda in the oven. Then scoop the soda and filth out with a sponge, or hoover. Then rinse the oven out with fresh water.

10. Freshen floors

How to eliminate dirt and filth without unwelcome abrasion from any wax and tile floorings? Put 1/2 cup baking soda in a pail of tepid water. Mop and wash clean for glistening flooring. For scratch marks, use the soda on a fresh moist cleaning utensil. Then clean with water.

11. Freshen furniture

How to clean furniture? Apply baking soda to a moist sponge and rub lightly. Then rub off with a fresh and dry rag.

12. Freshen shower curtains

How to clean and freshen up your vinyl shower curtain by scattering baking-soda on it? Put some soda straight on a clean moist sponge or brush. Scrub the shower curtain and rinse clean. Allow it to dry naturally.

13. Eradicate perspiration marks

How to eradicate sweat marks from long sleeved clothing? Create a thick paste of baking-soda and water. Scrub the paste into the perspiration blemish. Allow it to sit for an hour. Then wash as usual.

14. Remove odours from clothing

How to eradicate gas and lubricant odours from clothing? Put garments in a garbage bag with baking soda for a few days before laundering them.

15. Make your liquid dirty washing detergent more powerful

How to make your dirty washing detergent more powerful? Add 1/2 cup of baking-soda to your washing to make liquid detergent work harder. An improved equilibrium of p. in the launder gets garments cleaner, fresher and whiter.

16. Mildly freshen baby garments

As you know a baby’s delicate and soft skin needs the mildest of cleansers. But smell and stain fighter laundry detergents are often too harsh. For hard stains add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your liquid washing detergent. Also add 1/2 cup of soda in the wash sequence to remove any smells.

17. Freshen cloth diapers

How to clean and freshen up dirty cloth diapers? Melt 1/2 cup of baking-soda in 2 quarts of water and immerse diapers, carefully.

18. Clean and refresh sports equipment

  • How to clean and refresh stinking sporting gear? Make a baking-soda mixture of 4 tablespoons baking soda in 1 quart tepid water. Scatter undiluted soda into golf bags and sports bags to freshen them up.
  • How to clean golf clubs using soda? This paste is also non-abrasive so it will not scratch the golf clubs. Mix 3 portions soda to 1 portion water. Brush the paste onto the irons. Then rinse methodically.

19. Eliminate oil and fat marks

How to use baking soda to clean up minor oil and fat spills on the garage floor or in the driveway? Scatter some soda on the area and scour with a wet brush.

20. Freshen up corroded batteries

How to use baking soda to defuse battery acid erosion on cars, mowers, etc.? This is because it acts like a minor alkali. Ensure to detach the battery terminals before scrubbing them. Then create a cream of 3 portions soda to 1 portion water. Apply with a moist rag to remove erosion from the battery terminal. So, after scrubbing and re-attaching the terminals, dab the items with petroleum gel to avert further erosion.

Please note: be cautious when working around batteries because they contain a strong acid and are very volatile.

21. Maintain cars

How to remove bugs and tar from cars with baking soda? Make a soda solution of 1/4 cup baking soda in 1 quart of tepid water. Apply with a moist clean rag. It will eradicate bugs and tar from cars without being detrimental the paint-work. Allow the paste to sit for a few minutes. Then wipe it off and rinse clean. For persistent stains, use soda scattered on a moist sponge or soft brush

4. Freshening

22. Freshen up the fridge

How to clean your refrigerator? Combine a mixture of one-teaspoon baking soda to one quart of tepid water. Then rinse with fresh water. To neutralize smells. Put a box of opened soda in the fridge.

23. Refresh the cutting board

How to clean the cutting board? Scatter the cutting board with baking soda. Then scrub it and rinse with water.

24. Refresh trashcans

How to clean the trashcan? Scatter baking soda on the bottom of your trashcan to keep smelly trash odours away.

25. Refresh recyclables

How to clean recyclable bins? Scatter baking soda on top as you add to the basin. Also, clean your recyclable basin sometimes by scattering soda on a moist sponge. Dab and rinse with water.

26. Refresh and unclog drains

  • How to unblock a drain? Decant a cup of baking soda into the opening of your blocked drain. Then add a cup of boiling white vinegar. Then wait a few minutes and pour a quart of really hot water down the gutter to evacuate it of all its impurities.
  • How to freshen up your basin pipes, and keep lasting stinks from recurring? Pour 1/2 cup of soda down the drain while putting tepid tap water down it. It should defuse both acid and rudimentary smells for a fresher smelling drain. This is a good way to get rid of soda that is too old for anything else.

27. Freshen and clean dishwashers

How to use baking soda to freshen it up before you run the dishwasher? Then us the soda as a mild cleanser in the wash sequence.

28. Freshen garbage disposals

How to freshen up your disposal, and keep lasting smells from re-emerging? Pour baking soda down the drain while putting tepid tap water down it. The soda will deactivate both acid and rudimentary smells for a fresher smelling drain.

29. Freshen lunch boxes

How to clean lunch boxes? Put a spill resistant box of soda in the lunch box to get rid of persistent smells.

30. Eliminate smells from carpets/rugs

How to eradicate smells from carpets and rugs? Generously scatter baking soda on the dirty carpet or rug. Allow to set overnight. Basically, the longer it sets the better it works. Use a broom to brush up the bigger quantities of the Soda, and hoover up the remainder.

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31. Eliminate Smells from vacuum/hoover cleaners

When using the technique to “eliminate smells from carpets/rugs”, you will also refresh your vacuum cleaner.

32. Deodorize closets

How to freshen up closets? Put a box of baking soda on the shelf to keep the closet smelling clean.

33. Refreshing cars

How to deodorize smells from your car? Smells settle into a car’s fabric and carpet. Basically, every time you step in and sit down, the smells are released into the air all over again. Remove these smells by scattering baking soda straight on material car seats and carpets. Then wait 15 minutes or longer for strong smells and hoover up the Soda.

34. Refresh the cat’s litter tray

How to freshen up the cat litter tray? Place baking soda at the bottom of the cat box. Then fill with cat litter. To deodorize between changes, scatter soda on top of the litter after cleaning out.

35. Refresh your pet’s sleeping area

How to eradicate smells from your pets sleeping area? Scatter a copious amount of baking soda. Wait 15 minutes or longer for stronger smells. Then hoover up.

36. Freshen up smelly plimsolls

Keep smells from coming out of foul-smelling sneakers by shaking baking-soda into them. Ensure you shake out the Soda before putting them on.

37. Deodorize linens

How to freshen linen? Add 1/2 cup of baking-soda to the wash sequence for fresher linen and bath towels.

38. Freshen up your Wash

How to get stinking sports clothing smelling nice and fresh? Sports garments and other stinking apparel can be defused with a 1/2 cup of baking soda in the wash sequence.

39. Freshen up cuddly toys

How to freshen up your child’s cuddly toys? Scatter baking-soda on them and allow it to stand for 15 minutes. Then brush off.

5. Personal Maintenance

40. Create toothpaste

How to make toothpaste from baking-soda? Mix a teaspoon of soda and 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide mixture to create non-fluoride toothpaste. Alternatively you can sprinkle some soda onto toothpaste when it is on your toothbrush. The baking soda will help whiten your teeth and make your gums pinker.

41. Refresh your mouth

Place one teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of water. Swirl the solution around in the mouth. Then it spit out. Then rinse with fresh water. Smells are defused, and not just concealed.

42. Saturate oral appliances

Immerse oral items, like dentures, etc., in a mixture of 2 teaspoons baking soda melted in a glass of tepid water. It removes food bits and deactivates smells to keep oral appliances fresh. Alternatively you can scrub oral appliances spotless using soda applied with an old toothbrush.

43. Facial and body scrub
Make yourself a revitalizing facial and body scrub. Mix 3 portions baking-soda to 1 portion water. Gently rub in a circular movement to remove the dead outer layer of skin. Then wash the paste off with cold water. The soda paste is mild enough for everyday use.

44. Avoid harsh deodorizer

Put some baking soda under your armpits to cancel out body smell.

45. Use as an Antacid

How to use baking soda as a harmless and effective antacid? Read the baking soda instructions for detailed information on how to make an antacid.

46. Relieve bug bites and irritated skin

• How to relieve sunburned or itchy skin? Just add a handful baking-soda to your bath water.
• You can also create a baking soda paste mixed with water to sooth creepy-crawly bites or burns.

47. Create a hand cleaner and softener

How to create a paste to defuse smells and ground-in filth on hands? Mix 3 portions baking-soda to 1 portion water. Or 3 portions soda to mild liquescent hand soap. Wash off with fresh water.

48. Assist Your crowning glory to become cleaner and more manageable

Scatter a small quantity of baking soda into your palm along with your preferred shampoo. After shampooing your hair, rinse carefully. The baking soda helps to eliminate the leftovers that styling items leave behind. This means your hair is cleaner and more controllable.

49. Clean toothbrushes
Immerse toothbrushes in baking soda and tepid water overnight to freshen up the bristles.

50. Freshen brushes and combs

How to keep brushes and combs clean from the normal grease build up and hair products deposits? Soak them in a mixture of 1 teaspoon of baking-soda in a little washbasin of tepid water. Then rinse and dry naturally.

51. Create a bath soak

Counteract acids on the skin add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your bath. This solution also helps to wash away oil and sweat. It also makes your skin feel soft and smooth.

52. Soothe your aching feet

Melt 3 tablespoons of baking-soda in a bath of tepid water and immerse feet. Then gently scrub.

6. Miscellaneous

53. Stop craving sugary foods

How to stop you from craving for sugary foods? Rinse your mouth with one-teaspoon baking-soda melted in a glass of tepid water. Ensure you don’t swallow the solution. Then spit it out. And basically, your craving for sweet food should vanish immediately.

54. Keep rubber gloves fresh

How to keep your rubber gloves dry and smelling good? Sprinkle baking soda inside them. The soda should help the gloves to slip on more easily as well.

55. Stop ice forming on steps

How to use baking soda to provide traction and to melt ice on your outside step? Just sprinkle some on the steps and it should do the trick. Also, unlike sand, cat litter, etc., baking soda will not harm outdoor or indoor exteriors or shoes.

56. Eliminate bugs

How to stop carpenter ants, silverfishes, and roaches from overrunning sink-pipe openings and along basement windows? Put down a barrier of baking-soda below the sink-pipe openings and along basement windows. Roaches consume baking-soda, dry out, and perish. Though, I would not recommend doing this if you do not like the idea of killing insects.

57. Stop syrup crystalizing

How to stop boiled syrup from crystallizing? Just add a pinch of baking soda to the boiled syrup.

58. A camping companion

Why it is a good idea to take baking soda on your next camping excursion? It’s a plate washer, pan scrubber, hand cleanser, smell-killer, toothpaste, fire extinguisher, etc….

59. Quench fires

How to put out fires with baking soda? Basically, baking-soda can aid in first treatment of slight fat or electrical kitchen fires. This is because when soda is heated, it releases carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide will help to suffocate the blaze. So, if your frying pan catches fire turn off the gas or electricity if you can securely do so. Stand back and toss lots of soda at the base of the flame to assist in putting it out. Though, you should always have a grease or electrical fire extinguisher at hand in the kitchen.

Please note: if the flame is too big call the fire department! Baking soda should only be used on small fires and not big ones.

60. Take care of the septic tank

Consistently using baking soda in your drainage system can assist in keeping your septic tank flowing without restrictions. So, using 1 cup of baking soda each week will help keep a positive pH level in your septic cistern.

61. A scrub for fruits and vegetables

How to remove insecticides, filth, wax from fresh fruits and vegetables? Bathe them in a huge container of cool water added with 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda.

Disclaimer and Advice

Conditions of Usage and Imperative Facts: The material in this post is meant only to complement, not substitute guidance from your medical doctor or healthcare supplier and is not meant to cover all conceivable usages, safeguards, exchanges or contrary effects. The data might not be suitable for your precise wellbeing conditions. On no circumstance postpone or neglect looking for qualified medicinal guidance from your medical doctor or other trained health care supplier because of a post you have read on Never delay in speaking to your GP or health care expert before you start, stop, or change any approved part of your health care strategy or treatment and to decide what path of treatment is correct for you.

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