Bamboo-RugsBamboo-rugs as the name signifies are crafted from naturally obtainable bamboos. These rugs do not look like the conventional rugs that we are accustomed to. A bamboo rug can be an accent rug or an area rug. They usually come in a rectangular, square or octagonal shape.

The Bamboo (a flowering perennial plant in the grass family) is the quickest growing plant on earth and is highly ecological. It has various uses, and one of the uses is making mats or rugs. If you are planning to purchase a bamboo rug for your home, and are uncertain on what to look for, then the following article can offer a few tips that will help to shed a bit of light on the subject. 

Bamboo-rugs have been used for centuries in many Asian countries and are now quickly becoming the fashion in the United States also.

That is because they are obtainable in a wide selection of fantastic colours and can add an Oriental elegance to any room as well as a certain artistic sense. And they also look really great on all kinds of flooring: be it marble, tile, or hardwood.

They also come in various designs and sizes. They are extremely hard-wearing and are an excellent choice for any room which is susceptible to heavy foot traffic: like a hallway, living room or even in your personal office space.

The Chinese have been using bamboo to make things like rugs, books and also for building materials for at least four thousand years. There is so much bamboo growing in China (four hundred different kinds in fact) that the country has been named “The Bamboo Kingdom.”

5 Best Bamboo-Rugs on Amazon

Bamboo-RugsDescriptionPriceStar RatingCustomers Reviews

This bamboo rug is hand made.

It has a 1.75" cotton edge.

It can be used inside or outside the home.

It is fairly easy to maintain

Size: 5' X 8'
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This rug is made from bamboo.

It has a non-stick backing.

Its size is 24”x72”.

Its colour is natural.

Please Note: this bamboo-rug is not to be for use inside a bath or shower.
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This mat is mad from natural bamboo.

It Includes a corresponding cloth edge and backing.

It is water impervious.

It is easy to clean.

You can place this mat anywhere in the house.

Colour: dark wood
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Every bamboo rug is supported with a non-slip front and bordered on all sides with polyester material. To stop cracking and distorting the bamboo rugs’ slats are kiln-dried and carbonized.

This rug is moisture resilient. Mildly hoover or wipe clean this rug.

Size: 5' X 8'

Colour: Natural Bamboo
Under $454.1 out of 5 starsClick here for customers reviews
Ocean-star Bamboo Floor and Shower Mat

This rug is made with 100% natural bamboo.

Its elevated design permits water to vanish Its design is contemporary, fashionable.

This multi-purpose rug can serve for many various purposes around the home.

Measurements: 1” H x 23’.75” L x 17’.75” W
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Bamboo-Rugs are Ecological

The bamboo is considered a very ecological building material. Every bamboo lath exhibits its own distinctive patterns from Mother Nature; that what makes it a great material to use for home decoration. Trying to decorate your home, so that it is unique, by adding eye-catching features is quite complicated, but the great thing about Bamboo-Rugs is that they have made the job of decorating your home a lot easier.

A good quality Bamboo rug can add warmth and happiness to any home. They are light weight so they can be stationed anywhere in your home as a decorative item. Basically the exceptional textures and grains of bamboo-rugs can add an outstanding theme covering to your bedroom or your study area enriching the sunlight that comes in.

Like I said before, Bamboo-rugs come in various colours, shapes and sizes. Wonderful colours ranging from black, blue, green, rich cherry, golden yellow or if you want you can just have the natural bamboo colour. There are so many beautiful colours you can choose from that can help to make your house seem that bit more elegant.

Bamboo-Rugs, What are the Benefits?

As well as being an excellent decorative item, they also have a great many benefits over conventional rugs.

1. They are extremely adaptable and come in a lot of different sizes and colours which makes it very straightforward to find a bamboo rug that will fit your requirements. So it really doesn’t matter if you live in a large country mansion or a small city apartment.

2.They are simple and stylish, which makes them very easy to integrate into basically any interior design theme.

3. Bamboo-rugs are extremely hard-wearing and will most probably outlast any other type of rug you may have. So that means that you will not need to buy a new one for a while.

4. Bamboo is also ageless and never goes out of style.

5. They are one of the best types of rugs to have in the house if you suffer from any allergies (because they are hypoallergenic). Because the surface of a bamboo rug is smooth it permits a person suffering from an allergy to breathe a bit easier. The smooth surface makes it hard for allergens to hide in the rug. As a rule allergists suggest that people that suffer from an allergy, should live in surroundings with easy to clean smooth surfaces.

6. Bamboo-rugs are insect and fire resistant. Because of the inherent oils and structure in Asian bamboo-rugs, they are essentially insect and fire resistant – the same as most other organic fibre flooring choices. Even though you can start a fire on a bamboo rug the fire will not rapidly spread. And another good thing is insects are not attracted to bamboo, so there is no need to fret about insect infestations.

7. Bamboo is an ecological resource. As well as being one of the quickest growing plants in the world, it can also replenish itself very quickly. Bamboo is a renewable resource. What this means is, that it can be cultivated over and over again without harming the overall population. When the bamboo shoot is cut at the base to make rugs, it then re- grows very quickly. Since it does not take up the same amount of space as a tree, it can flourish in smaller spaces.

8. Bamboo-rugs are also absolutely safe to have in your room because they are not made with any toxic chemicals: all the materials used are natural.

9. Cleaning a bamboo rug is straightforward: here are some tips that will help you to keep your bamboo rug spotless.

If you have any bits stuck in the woven sections you can just shake them out.

To clean the rug every day, just shake it to get rid of the loose dirt.

You can rotate the rug every few months so as to change the the traffic pattern on your rug.

If you are going to vacuum your rug, then it is best to vacuum from different directions and going  over an area several times to attain the best results.

Any Spills ought to be treated promptly. Any liquid spills must be blotted with an undyed clean cloth. To soak up the spill, press the cloth around it for best absorption.

The rug can be dried by wiping it with an absorbent tissue or you can use a hair dryer or fan to dry it more quickly.

Use a spoon or spatula to get rid of solid materials: then wipe the marked area with a damp cloth that is frequently turned and also kept clean. Continue to whip the spot until it is not noticeable any more.

10. You can colour stain a natural colour bamboo rug to fit any décor.

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Bamboo-Rugs do have some disadvantages, but not many.

Do not put your bamboo rug in direct sunlight because the sun, in time, will lighten the bamboo. But you could always get it stained back to its natural colour if you wanted to.

Because rugs made out of bamboo have a hard smooth surface this could be disturbing to a quiet office environment. Because like any hard mat or rug, bamboo rugs will not suppress sounds that move over them. So it may be best not to choose a rug made of bamboo if you have heavy traffic in an area that you would like to have some quiet in.

Some Tips on Maintaining a Bamboo-Rugs:

Remember to bring your rug inside after you have finished using it outside so that no early morning dew collects on it.

Remember not to put your rug in direct sunlight.

Keep your rug away from the rain or any water.

Check the floor area to see if it is dry before putting your rug down.

If your rug happens to get wet, just wipe it with a cloth then hang it up outside until absolutely dry.

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