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Having a better memory is something many people would like to have. The great thing is there are many things we can do to keep our memory working well into old age.

As we know as the body deteriorates, so does the memory. But this does not mean that if you are a young person that your brain is not capable of memory deterioration.

Getting older is just one cause of memory loss, so there are other things to consider as well.

If you want to improve your memory and delay the effects of ageing on the mind, then follow these 6 tips to a better memory.

The Six Tips to a Better Memory

1 Relaxation Equals, a Better Memory:

You must try to avoid getting stressed out if you want a better memory. Chronic stress can activate the release of cortisol, a neuro chemical, which can mess with the function of the brain. Particularly with the handling of recent memories because too much cortisol can make you forget these memories.

Another thing is chronic stress may even shrink the part of the brain that deals with recent memories. So, to stop this from occurring you should find yourself plenty of time for mental and physical relaxation. Try and calm the mind with soothing music and let the tension seep out of your body. Remember never let stress get the better of you!

2 Cut Down on Alcohol:

Shortly after consuming alcohol, the brain processes start to slow down and that is when the memory can be weakened. After large amounts of alcohol, the brain can cease to record into the ‘memory store room’.

Have you ever woken up next day after a heavy drinking session and you didn’t remember what you did or said?

This short-term memory black out or breakdown doesn’t mean that your brain cells have been impaired, but regular heavy alcohol drinking sessions can harm the brain because of alcohol’s effect on brain processes and chemistry.

Heavy alcohol drinking over a lengthy period can have lasting effects on the memory. The effects can be anything from not remembering what you did the previous day to not remembering what you did earlier in the day.

3 Stop or Cut Down on Cigarette Smoking:

Too much cigarette smoking will affect the flow of blood in the veins. This in turn cuts the amount of blood getting to the brain, thus the amount of oxygen that the brain will receive. With less oxygen to utilize, the brain may not operate as well as it should; therefore the memory may be distorted.

Also, the cortex – which is the outer layer of the brain – thins as we get older, but smoking seems to hasten the thinning, thus ageing smokers’ brains a lot quicker.

4 Stay Away from Brain Pollutants:

As you probably know, illegal drugs pollute the brain, and can cause damage to brain functioning, and long-standing use of them may cause memory loss. Also prescription drugs, if ill-used, may also have the same damaging effect on the brain. So, remember to always obey the prescription advice given to you be your doctor.

5 Eat More Fruits and Vegetables:

The brain performs according to the nutrients that it receives from the food that you eat. Therefore, if you are deprived of certain nutrients, then it may have an unfavourable effect on the functioning of your brain. Try and have plenty of fruits and vegetables as often as possible. Fruits and vegetables will purify and thin the blood allowing more oxygen to get to the brain which will improve your memory. Also, cut down on junk food.

6 Educate Your Brain:

Everyone has the ability to enjoy a better memory, and it is something that everyone can enhance.

A lot of people think that by occupying themselves with educational activities that they are refining their mental abilities. This is true. Simple pursuits like crossword puzzles, or practising mental arithmetic, are a great way to exercise the brain.

If you want to have a better memory and be able to think more clearly, then, you should keep your brain as healthy as possible, and shun all those causes which may expose it to mental deterioration. Good Luck!

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