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Build-confidence to eradicate your fears may sound hard but in fact it is not that hard at all.

Almost everyone from time to time has experienced feelings of self-doubt. The majority of people are inclined to be self-critical: focusing on the negative rather than on the positive characteristics that they have.

But, if these people allow their thoughts concerning their sense of self-worth, and abilities to be non-constructive all the time, then this will eventually lead to them having negative feelings, attitudes and beliefs about themselves. That’s why it’s important that people that think like this build-confidence.

So if you have self-doubt about yourself then it makes a lot of sense to actually support yourself in a positive way all the time by having positive thoughts about yourself.

You can start to do this by being more respectful towards yourself: Just as you would be respectful and helpful towards other people. So, in the future make sure that all self-talk is constructive, so you can start feeling good about yourself, and build-confidence in yourself a lot quicker.

Remember your physiology and your mind is closely connected. By this I mean that what you think will show itself in your body, so if you lack confidence then it will show in how you hold your body.

I would like to show you some simple NLP tricks that will demonstrate this, and help you build-confidence quickly.

Build-Confidence Quickly Exercise:

First: think of your favourite piece of music. Music that really makes you feel really good about yourself. Now close your eyes and see yourself walking confidently, talking to people in a confident way. I want you to hear your voice as you speak in this confident manner. Imagine what it would be like to have super confidence. Make sure you can feel this super confident energy rushing all through your body.

Second: as soon as you feel this super confident energy rush through your body, squeeze the index finger and thumb together hard, while still imagining the confident you. Make the picture you have in your head full colour, and big like on a movie screen.

Bring this picture of your being confident right up to your eyes: so you can see the confident you right in front of you.

Now step into the picture, and see the world through this new person’s eyes, and feel what it’s like to have this confidence. Be in the moment. As soon as the confident feeling starts to diminish, separate the thumb and index finger.

Third: now test it. Squeeze the index finger and thumb together. You should go straight into the confident state.

If you do not, repeat the process again until you do. It can take a few repetitions to get it absolutely right.

What you are doing is laying a trigger in your physiology. In other words your unconscious mind will associate the feeling of confidence with the squeezing together of the index finger and thumb.

Like I said before your physiology and emotions are closely connected. So the more you practice this the stronger your feeling of confidence will become. So all you need to do in the future for instant confidence is squeeze your index finger and thumb together.

Another very easy NLP technique to build-confidence quickly is to change your stature. As you know by now physiology is linked to emotions. Everyone when feeling unconfident walks around with hunched shoulders, and has an anxious look on the face with the eyes looking towards the floor.

Confident people on the other hand walk with their shoulders back and head held up, with a look of confidence on the face – most of these confident people have a knowing smile when they talk. Just try to walk like a confident person, and you’ll find it hard to feel nervous and inadequate.

Build-Confidence to Overcome Fears

The majority of people that I have come across seem to be terrified of failure. They have spent almost all of their lives being scared of going for what they want. These people have become so good at not taking action to improve their lives that they blame their miserable existence on their supposedly lack of luck, or education.

Well, the thing is, nothing could be further from the truth. What these people fail to realize is that failure is something that every successful person experiences on the road to success.

If you fail at something, it doesn’t mean that you should give up. No! What you should do is step back and take in what you’ve learned, and then try a different approach.

Remember mistakes and failures are inevitable on the road to success. So don’t let this fear of failure and lack of confidence in your-self stop you from going for your dreams. The sooner you start on the road to your dreams the sooner you’ll get there.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a Single step,” (a Chinese proverb).

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Build-Confidence the Confidence Booster

This confidence booster will help you overcome any fears you might have about going for what you want. And also help you build-confidence in yourself quickly.

1. I want you to imagine a more confident you standing in front of you. Take in every detail of this more confident you: how does this more confident you stand? What kind of look does this confident you have on the face? How does this more confident you talk to people?

2. Once you have taken in as much details as you can, I now want you to imagine that you are becoming one with this more confident you. Float in to the body of this new you. See through the eyes, and hear through the ears of this more confident you. How does it feel like to be more confident?

3. Once you are fully merged with this new confident you. I want you to notice that right in front of you there is another confident you. This one is twice more confident than the last one, more self- belief, more charismatic, and attractive.

4. Now, repeat step 3 seeing a new you with twice more confidence than the last one. Do this exercise until you are bursting with confidence. Practise these exercises every day until you become proficient in them.

Good luck!

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