Cast Iron Fire-Pit

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An outdoor cast iron fire-pit can enrich your life. When you think about it what can be more relaxing than sitting around a warm fire, with a glass of excellent wine in hand. Out there in the open air with your family and friend talking and exchanging interesting stories of past events.

Sitting around a fire with friend and family sharing stories can do miracles for reducing your stress level which in turn will improve your state of mind.

Ok, perhaps, a fire pit will not completely take over from your indoor entertainment like your Tv, but it is nice to have a change from something when you need it.

A Cast Iron fire-Pit can be a popular choice for home-owners because it has a few advantages that other fire pits made from other materials don’t.

The Advantages of a Cast Iron Fire-Pit are:

1. A cast iron fire-pit produces the most warmth of any other kind of fire pit: that is why this kind of pit is great for a cold climate because it is a great heat conductor and so becomes hot very quickly.

The heat from the pit will transfer to your patio in no time making your patio it nice and warm for you and your family. which is great on chilly nights.

2. With proper care a cast iron fire-pit can resist rusting for a long time.

3.  A cast iron fire-pit is sturdy and durable. If the pit has legs, it will be less likely to tip over than pits made from other materials.

4. If you like to cook alfresco over an open flame you may favour a cast iron fire-pit to a metal one. The reason being a grate can be easily placed over the top of the pit to hold food. Grilling in this way is similar to using a charcoal grill or cast-iron skillet to prepare meals. A lot of people believe this surface enriches the taste and quality of food prepared in this way.

5. They come in a variety of designs.

6. The colours they usually come in are bronze, black, white and dark grey, which can fade with time. But you can easily renovate the colour, by applying some more heat-resistant stove paint to the construction.

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The Disadvantages of a Cast Iron Fire-Pit are:

1. Cast iron has a marginally lower melting point than copper, so it may not last as long as a copper fire pit.

2. Some cast iron fire-pit can be quite expensive compared to other models: and its weight can add extra cost, if it needs to be shipped.

3. Also the weight can make it hard to move around especially if it is a large fire pit that comes just in a single piece. But, then again, if you live in a windy area the cast iron fire pit’s weight can work to your advantage by anchoring the pit to the ground.

4. A cast iron fire-pit is inclined to discolouration if exposed to moisture. So if you are not careful it could leave some rust stains on your back yard concrete floor.

5. A cast iron fire-pit is also harder to clean because of the grooves usually found on the surface.

6. Also remember that cast iron will retain heat longer and can be dangerous: so you need to be careful because you might get burned by touching the outer walls even long after the fire has been put out.  So treat with caution during and after any fire. Also small children and pets must be kept away from a cast iron fire pit because of this reason.

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Woven Base Cobraco Cast Iron Fire-Pit/Bowl

cast iron fire-pitEnrich your backyard or patio with warmth and splendour this year, with the allure of this beautifully designed Cast Iron wood burning Fire Pit. Finished in bronzed and with an outstanding basket-weave design that gives this fire bowl an old-fashioned exquisiteness. This fire bowl has a robust, superior quality and is made from cast iron.

The package contains: A Fire bowl which measures 29 inches in diameter and 25 inches high with the spark guard cover.

  • The whole construction is 38 pounds in weight
  • You have a 360 fire view
  • Basket-weave steel base that has a bronze finish
  • Brackets inside rim for added rim strength
  • Superior quality cast iron fire bowl

Spark guard cover and removal device also included, to stop ash and burning embers from flying everywhere; also includes a protective cover made from vinyl  to stop rain and leaves from entering the fire bowl when not in use. Amazon star rating 3.9 out of 5 Stars.

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