copper fire-pit

If you are thinking of buying a fire-pit, then you can’t go far wrong with a copper fire-pit. Copper has an extremely high melting point compared to other metals, which means it can last a life time.

Also it will not rust over time because the durability of copper is amplified by its natural ability to produce its own patina.

A lot of home-owners like the natural colour of copper. The reddish tint sets this type of fire-pit apart from others, which helps to bring out the beauty of their backyard, or patio.

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The Pros of a Copper Fire-Pit Are:

1. A copper fire-pit can last a lifetime because it is resistant to corrosion, whether it is frequently used or not.

2. Most copper fire-pits are made to be moved about that is why they are a good choice if you are looking for a movable kind of fire-pit.

3. Some people will choose a copper fire-pit solely because of its unique beauty. Also for  the way it ages and patinas differently from almost all other metals.

(Patinas are films that develop on the surface of a material, owing to exposure to open air and the natural course of oxidation) some aged materials such as copper and bronze tend to develop a green patina that some people find quite nice.

4. A copper fire-pit can offer more than just outdoor amusement during the chilly seasons of the year. The enclosed flame of the copper fire-pit can also inspire cooking such treats, as burgers, kebabs and roasted marshmallows.

It also offers the chance to enjoy a family get together where the fire functions as the focal point, bringing the group together to encourage laughter, storytelling and discussion.

The Cons of a Copper Fire-Pit Are:

1. The price for a copper fire-pit is going to be higher than one made from other cheaper materials.

2. Bad weather conditions will ruin the look of a copper fire-pit, so if you live in a country where wet weather is commonplace these units will soon lose their shine and fade.

So regular polishing with a good quality copper polisher and cleaner is in order to maintain the style and shine.

Since without regular maintenance and care a copper pit will take on a green tint and lose its attractiveness in a very short period of time.

The good thing is if you get a portable copper fire-pit you can always take it inside if you do not want to polish it too often.

If you do not want a portable one, you can buy a cover for a stationary pit: but, like I mentioned above a lot of people like the look of how copper ages and patinas.

CobraCo Vintage Copper Fire-Pit

copper fire-pitThe aged rose copper appearance and beautiful ornamental edge that gives this fire tub true dreamy look.

It features a 100% solid copper tub with a hand-crafted beaten touch to provide it with a genuine rural look.

This fire tub comes with a weighty spark protector shield to prevent sparks and dust from blowing around. It also comes with a protective vinyl cover to defend the copper fire pit from all weathers when you are not using it.

It also has a spark protector exclusion device that allows you to safely remove the spark protector when the fire is lit.

This old-fashioned enthused copper fire pit will make a memorable outdoor atmosphere and give pleasure for numerous night-times to come.

This fire-pit’s tub has been hand beaten and not coated to give a rural feel and appeal. It is important to remember that any natural item like copper, if left outside, will be changed by the atmosphere. Also the heat from fire will affect the copper’s appearance.

Also, the natural copper finish will grow an attractive patina. The patina will give the copper fire-pit a weathered look that will merge naturally with additional outdoor essentials to make a harmonious atmosphere.

Package includes:

This fire-pit has a fire tub which measures 26″ in diameter and 23″ high with the spark guard.

Weight 25 pounds

The tub is hand crafted and is 100% copper with a textured finish

It comes with a heavy duty guard cover  to stop any sparks from flying around

A protective vinyl cover is also included to stop leaves and rain from entering if not in use.

Amazon Star Rating 4.5 Stars

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Reading the reviews will give you a good idea  of the value and dependability of the product.

CobraCo Hand Hammered Solid Copper Fire Pit with Cover and Screen

copper fire-pitThis attractive hand-hammered 100 percent copper fire-pit is very deep so you can enjoy its fire for longer. Basically, because this copper fire-pit has a deeper fire bowl, you and your family will be able to enjoy larger fires that can really last a long time. Which of course means you and your loved ones can enjoy the fun of the outdoors together for longer!

The good thing about this copper fire-pit is that it is completely portable. That means you can put it where you like in your garden, yard, or patio. Also if you want to, you can take it to a friend’s house, or take it with you on a camping trip.

It measures 30″ in diameter, 19″ high with the cover, 11-3/4″ without it making it ideal for small or a large get together.

Seeing that the pit is a 100 percent copper it will be naturally affected by heat from burning fires to produce a rustic look which will blend like a dream with other outdoor elements for a harmonious authenticity.

The copper pit sits in a hard-wearing black wrought iron stand which is designed to last, as well as presenting a pleasant, traditional style to any outdoor setting.

Package includes:

This fire pits a very deep tub which means longer lasting fire.

It has a robust metallic edifice and a modern-day stand design.

This fire-pit has not been coated so to deliver a rustic touch and appeal.

It Includes a weighty screen protection and shielding vinyl cover with a flexible stretch band to grip the cover tightly on the fire tub and prevent rain or leafs from getting into it. It also makes carrying the fire-pit easy.

The pit needs no assembly; you just take it out of the box, set the tub in the frame, and you’re ready for your first fire.

Remember to get advice from the resident town experts on fire pit guidelines before purchasing a fire-pit. At no time use a fire pit inside your home, on a timber area, or any combustible facades like dried out grass or leaves.

Amazon Star Rating 4 out of 5 stars

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Reading the reviews will give you a good idea  of the value and dependability of the product.

Fire-Pit Safety

A lot of property owners said they would like an outdoor fire to keep their parties going longer, as the night air starts to get colder. In general use caution when close to your fire-pit. These tips will keep your sociable fire from getting disastrous.

You must always be aware of your surroundings. At no time place your fire pit below a tree or near anything that is combustible. Remember, sparks can fly and a sudden blast of wind can blow the flames close to combustible façades.

Your fire-pit should be at least 10 feet away from any construction or combustible surface. Before lighting an outdoor fire, check the weather forecast.  Do not light a fire during windy conditions because it can blow embers.

You must pick up leaves and other combustible materials, around the pit before starting a fire. Always have a container of water on standby as well as a garden hose before starting the fire.

Avoid accelerants: Never use accelerants or flammable things to start a big fire. They are hazardous, and can be damaging to your fire pit.

The best way to start your fire is to either use a twisted piece of paper or a starter stick, bought from a store. Covering it with a few little sticks; when the fire starts to catch, you can add bigger pieces of wood.
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