Causes of Stress

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Causes of Stress: what is stress? Well, stress is a reaction created by your body when you are exposed to numerous types of difficulties or demands: which can either be mental, physical, or emotional.

A lot of people think that stress is just connected with negative emotions. But the thing is extreme positive emotions can also cause stress as well.

Every time you experience a stressful situation, be it a positive or negative experience, it causes certain hormones (adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol) to discharge into the bloodstream.

The positive aspect of this is that these hormones can be used to create more energy or additional strength. This is useful when the source of stress is something threatening. Or some sort of physical activity: like running a race, or climbing a mountain.

The additional energy that these hormones produce will be easily burnt up with any threatening situation, or strenuous or competitive physical past time.

But when you are facing emotional stress, it can trigger a negative effect on your body. Since there is no channel for freeing that additional burst of energy and strength. Thus, stress causes numerous types of emotional or physical reactions because each person’s body reacts in a different way to the stimulus.

The Different Causes of Stress

Stress is everywhere. Whether you are at school, at the office, or even at home. Therefore, the different kinds of stress that you can get are strongly connected with their causes. And seeing that your physical body is directly connected to your mental and emotional state, you will observe some connection to their effects when you begin to experience stress.

The following are some of the most common causes of stress

Internal Stress:

There can be times when you frequently worry about specific events without having enough power to control the outcome. Internal stress is likewise one of those kinds of stress that must be tackled swiftly.

Most of the source of stress is embedded in the person’s mind, which makes it hard to handle. Most of the time, when you suffer from internal stress you subconsciously puts yourself in stressful circumstances or feel stressed out about things that aren’t stressful to start with.

Survival Stress:

Stress incited by an attack made by either an animal or human that might possibly hurt you in the process. Therefore, your body releases this burst of energy that you need to make use of to react swiftly to the situation at hand, whether to escape to safety or confront it.

Stress Owing To Work and Exhaustion:

Stress owing to work and exhaustion is probably the most prevalent. This kind of stress does not happen instantaneously, but rather grows over time. If you spend most of your time working or are made to do too much work then stress can damage your body.

To deal with work stress, you need to make sure you have enough time for relaxation in between. So your body can recuperate from the vast amount of work.

There are many relaxation methods that you can use in order to find freedom from stress such as meditation and correct breathing. As well as having a regular full-body massage.

Environmental Stress:

This kind of stress is your body’s way of reacting to changes or happenings in your environment that might generate stress, such as severe levels of noise or hassle from work.

This type of stress is a lot easier to deal with than the ones mentioned above. The best thing to do with this kind of stress is to establish the cause. Once you have identified the cause of environmental stress, find a way to avoid it. Good Luck!

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