What are the intricate differences between a carpet and a rug? Typically these 2 words are thought by the layman as having the same meaning. Each is a floor covering. Though there is one big variance between rugs and carpets – is the size. Basically, rugs are tinier than carpets. Below is a guide on the differences between a rug and a carpet.

What is a Rug

They do not generally surpass the measurement of 6.5 feet – 2 metres in Imperial measurements. Rugs generally have numerous usages. They might be used as centre-piece floor covering, or draped on your living area wall in your home. They could be used as sofa or bed throws for your living area or bedroom. They can also be used as table covers. They generally have a creative or chic touch in terms of designs, figure or dye. They are great for centre-pieces for a kid’s room, like a Spider man rug for the boys’ room or a Barbie rug for the girls’ room. They are also used as prayer rugs; for lounges and for dressing rooms. The list is endless of how versatile rugs can be.

The beautiful hand knotted rugs might have complex designs of old-style Iranian (also known as Persian-rugs) stylishness or more modern styles. Though, remember, Persian-Rugs tend to have a somewhat fine texture and should be placed in none high traffic areas. That means Persian or Oriental-rugs should not be placed in the kitchen, the hallway or anywhere that you and your family use a lot. Don’t forget that your pets should also not be allowed on your lovely oriental-rugs because it is not easy to clean urine or feases from these beautiful rugs.

The smaller Oriental-rugs are often used as wall décor or as covers for tables in the living area of your home. Also, felt wool and tufted wool-rugs can also be used in the same way. The beautiful shag-rugs are generally used as corner foot coverings or used as bed or settee throws.

What is a Carpet

Generally carpets are floor coverings that are bigger than or 6.5 feet – 2 metres in Imperial measurements. They are mainly used as floor covers for your home. Carpets are used to emphasize the centre-piece of the living space. They might form the basic wall to wall cover area for home or be the widespread theme of the living room. The choice is yours.

They might be felt wool, machine finished, hand-knotted, or tufted. Carpets that are hand knotted might have complex designs or modest geometrical designs. They might have the old-style charm or the modern stylishness. Carpets can also be created by machines in basic or with overall patterns that can be used as attractive wall decorations for every living area in your home.