Ethanol Fire-pitEthanol (also known as bio-fuel) is spirit based fuel. It is made by stirring up and purifying starch yields, like corn, or from cellulosic biomass such as trees and grasses.

There are numerous benefits of having an ethanol burning fire-pit. But, perhaps, the biggest one is that an ethanol fire-pit will burn the cleanest out of all the other types of fire-pits. The reason being is that ethanol contains a vast amount of oxygen in its chemical structure.

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This ethanol movable indoor and outdoor fire-pit is ideal for your garden patio, balcony, table top, or fireplace supplement. This attractive fire- pit delivers a cosy flame to produce a sophisticated focus.

It uses fresh burning BIO gas or candle.

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This is a great superior stainless steel fire-pit. Use this fire-pit on a table or ground, basically, any stable surface.

It is lightweight and movable.

It uses gel gas for fireplaces.
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It is made from high quality stainless steel.

This fire-pit is for inside or outside use.

It is meant for any stable surface.

It is lightweight and transportable.

It uses gel fuel cans for fireplaces.
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It has an approx. burning time of 2 hours.

This Blomus fire-pit includes a snuffer.

Use it with gel gas.

It is 18 cm.
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This ethanol fire-pit Bowl: Brushed 304 stainless steel with black powder coat top It has a stainless steel burner.

It holds 4 United States of America fluid ounces.

It has a burn time of 4-5 hours per 32 ounces.
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Thus it is environmentally friendly and has of course a remarkable effect on human consumption; also which marks an ethanol fire-pit as one of the top developments to have come about over the last few years. If you think about it the mass use of ethanol, overall, can solve many of the world’s problems. How much longer can we rely on sources of natural gas and fossil fuels for energy and heat?

So exactly what is meant by clean burning?

The advantages of having an ethanol fire-pit are basically: when the source of gas is burned, the only things produced by the reaction of combustion are carbon dioxide and h20. There are no toxic elements produced when the ethanol is burned; in its place, the two needed gases for the circle of life between animals and plants are both produced in great quantity.

So the whole cycle appears like this. Plants are used to make ethanol through fermentation, which is a natural process. The fermented ethanol is burned to produce carbon dioxide and water, both of which are essential for plants to grow and survive. This carbon dioxide and water can then be re-fed to the plants that will one day be fermented to produce ethanol, so fulfilling the flawlessly clean circle of energy.

These fire-pits are modern fire pits: they have a sophisticated ambiance that will accentuate any mood.

An ethanol tray or tank can be connected to the fire pit. All you’ll have to do is open a valve and light the pit. For a small ethanol fire pit you can get an ethanol based gel that you pour into the fire pit fuel reservoir.

The Advantages of an Ethanol Fire-Pit Are:

  1. It burns clean – no smoke, smell or toxins
  2. There is no need to run a gas line.
  3. It can be moved about if desired: most are made for inside and outside use.
  4. Ethanol is easy to light.
  5. Ethanol does not produce cinders or embers.
  6. Bestows ambiance

 The Disadvantages of an Ethanol Fire-Pit Are:

  1.  Will not do for cooking or roasting.
  2.  There is no way to know how much fuel you have left.
  3.  Creates not as much heat than wood, gas or propane.
  4.  It can be expensive to run.
  5.  It is not readily available.

6. An ethanol fire-pit may not cope too well in windy conditions. Unlike its gas, or propane equivalent, the fuel of ethanol fire pits is not delivered at pressure so the fire is inclined to get trodden or blustered around none-stop by the wing. Some outdoor fire pit designs comprise of a glass guard to resolve this problem, but again, depending on the sought after look, this may not be what you want.

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