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Penta Propane Gas Fire Pit Burner, 12-Inch

A fire-pit burner, have you ever wondered what it is? Unless you are acquainted with gas-fired appliances and their gas burners you then, most probably, will not know anything about the ins and outs of a gas burner.

Even though, you can always employ a professional to put in a fire pit burner into your custom made fire-pit, it is always useful for you to understand the fundamentals of this main component.


What is a Fire-pit Burner?

A fire pit burner is only an appliance that is installed inside a fire-pit to make it produce flames.

Also a fire-pit burner is utilized to direct the fuel either in a natural gas, or a liquid propane fire pit.

A fire-pit burner looks like a metal tube, which is fashioned into various shapes, with holes in it. The holes allow the burning natural gas, or propane to escape and produce the flames in the fire-pit.

These holes can be drilled, or punched. The holes ought to be staggered along the whole length of the fire-pit burner to give it a more unvarying flame that will make the flames look as much as possible to a normal wood-burning fire.

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You can Use Ether Propane/Natural Gas for Your Fire-Pit burner

A lot of home owners always prefer liquid propane over natural gas: that is because with liquid propane they are just adding a fire to an already existing outdoor living area.

But with natural gas, when you think about it, you would need to connect the burner to your home’s natural gas line which is not ideal for a lot of people for various reasons: like for one, having to pay to get a professional in to dig up your patio so they can connect the burner to your gas line.

That is why most people use liquid propane to fuel their fire pit burner because all you then need is a propane tank with a hose connected from the tank to your burner. But, remember the burner must be properly connected to the hose that transports the propane to your fire-pit.

Fire-Pit Burner Decorations

To make your fire pit burner look more pleasing to the eye, you can decorate it with fire-glass, lava rock, or ceramic wooden logs.
Fire Pit burners come in all sizes and shapes, including rectangles, rings, stars and squares. The square and circular ones can have triple or double burner rings, which produces a lot more flames in the fire-pit.

Aluminium and stainless steel are the two most popular materials used for the manufacture of a fire pit burner: because they are rust and heat resistant and they are typically hard-wearing enough to bear weight being put upon them.

But remember you should only put fire-glass, lava rocks or ceramic wooden logs on to the burner (nothing else) and make sure that they do not block the holes that let the gas out for combustion.

You can get a few fire pit burners that have a surface that you can put things on without obstructing the gas holes.

A simply designed burner can be put within the fire-pit without much messing about and then used as soon as needs be. But, there are others burners that must be correctly connected. And also the hose or pipe that supplies the gas or propane needs be concealed from view and also correctly connected.

The warmth that is created from a fire-pit burner is generally of a constant temperature. The flame that the burner produces can very easily be adjusted: which makes it a perfect choice for any open-air settings with shifting temperatures.

The Visual Appearance

If you are worried about visual appearance, on the other hand, a fire-pit burner may not be the right choice for you. Because the flame that it produces will have somewhat a blue hue at the base: where the gas ignites as it comes out of the burner.

You can get a more aesthetically looking flame if you have a wood burning fire-pit, however, burning wood will produce a considerable amount of smoke, and embers which can make the fire-pit experience a bit unpleasant for some people.

A fire pit burner, on the other hand, can either give off a very small amount of smoke or sometimes no smoke exhaust at all. However, the smell of gas or propane will sometimes escape the burner. But, no matter what elements the burner releases into the atmosphere would be too small to harm the environment.


Fire-pits that have fire-pit burners are eco-friendly and safer to use. They are also a lot cleaner than wood-burning fire pits and need less upkeep. A wood-burning fire pit will produce a lot of ash that must be cleaned out after every time it has been used. Plus with a wood burning fire-pit there are too many neighbourhood regulations that need to be adhered to.

Propane/gas burners do not produce any wasteful by-products: so that means no cleaning. But sometimes the burner can get clogged up with dirt or grit, which is not a problem, because you can quickly and easily clean them.

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