fire-pit glassFire-Pit Glass What is it?

Fire-pit glass is tempered glass: which is then tumbled and polished to get rid of any sharp edges and to prevent any injury if someone comes in contact with it. The glass is meant to endure high temperatures without melting, burning or scorching when used as suggested.

Also the glass does not emit smoke, poisonous fumes, soot or ash. The glass maintains and directs heat and deflects light as an end result of burning fuel.

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Reflective Fire-Glass

This is quality checked fire-pit glass to guarantee faultless performance and stylish look.

It has been tested and will not dissolve or stain if it has been correctly fitted and used.

It substitutes gas woods and lava rocks.

Stress free fitting.

This is 100 per cent hardened fire-glass.

Its size is ½”x 10-pounds.
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American Fire-glass

This fire-glass has been toughened.

This fire-glass has been tumbled to eliminate any harsh edges.

It has been quality reviewed to guarantee a perfect performance and sophisticated look.

The colour of this fire-glass is cobalt blue.

Its size is 1/2" x 10-Pounds.
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Caribbean Blue Fire-Glass

This fire-glass is ecologically friendly.

It is energy resourceful. It is clean with a contemporary appearance. It is easy to install.

It is excellent quality fire-glass and it will not streak due to great temperature.

It size is a quarter inch x 10-pounds.
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Copper Reflective Fire-Pit fire-Glass

This copper reflective fire-glass has been strengthened and with one side metallic/mirror-coated. It is one of the most quality fire-glass on sale today.

The fire-glass bundle comprises of 12 lbs x 1/4" Copper Reflective Fire-glass. If correctly connected and used, it will not dissolve or stain.

Its size is ¼”x 12-pounds.
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American Fire-glass Fireplace and Fire-pit Eco Glass

This fire-pit glass has a bright and sunny colour. It has a constant colour all over it.

It has been quality examined to guarantee perfect performance and chic look.

It comes in a 10-pound bag. Its colour is sky blue.
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The glass pieces are usually gravel sized. Fire-pit glass can be used in gas fire places, fire-pits, ornamental gas stoves, and other kinds of gas units that are designed to be used with lava rocks, or artificial logs.

Also you can use it with propane and some ethanol fire-pits. But not with wood burning fire pits for obvious reasons. If you are not sure about whether fire pit glass would be appropriate for your unit, you can always check with the manufacturer to make sure that it is. IMPORTANT: any fire-pit glass that is on the market must only be use in appliances that are intended by the manufacturer for use with fire-glass.

One thing to remember is that propane fire-pit burners are not as clean burning as natural gas and over time can bring about a discolouration of the glass. So it is advisable to use a dark coloured glass with propane.

But discolouration of the fire glass will only happen in direct flame. If you want more variation and sparkle to your flame you can surround the darker glass which is near the propane flame with lighter coloured glass which will transform your living space with flames which seem to dance above the glittering fire glass.

Where to buy fire-pit glass

Various companies produce and sell fire-pit glass and you should be aware that because there is some safety concerns involved with glass, you should make sure that you buy this product only from a reputable company. Always buy the best quality glass because “you get what you pay for.”

There is cheap glass on the market today that might be tainted: this cheap glass can crack, melt, discolour or fly out of your fire pit. It may also have sharp edges which would make handling it very unpleasant and even hazardous.

Also, remember, you just can’t put any kind of coloured glass in your pit or any smashed up glass bottles that you come across because that is dangerous: the glass can fly out of the fire and injure someone; it can also burn, melt or give off toxic fumes depending on what the glass is dyed with.

Quality fire-pit glass has been specially formulated to withstand intense temperatures. It is not simply recycled color glass. If you do not buy quality fire-pit glass that is made to withstand the extreme high heat of a fire-pit, you will end up with melted glass all over your outdoor fire-pit and probably end up damaging the whole thing.

How to Use Fire-Pit Glass

Fire pit glass usually comes in a bag and is sold by the pound. All you need to do is replace any ceramic logs or lava rocks that are in your fire-pit with the fire pit glass.

How much Fire Glass do I need?

Use the calculators below to find out how much fire-glass you will need for your fire-pit.

Fire Glass Calculator for Fire Pits

Fire Glass Calculator for Raised Fire Pits

Fire Glass Calculator for Fireplaces

Fire pit glass can turn an everyday outdoor gas fire pit into something amazing. This tempered fire-glass is used with gas, propane or ethanol burning fire tables, fire-pits or stoves to help cover the housing of the burner.

Gas fires or gas stoves are generally not very appealing to the eye that is because people can plainly see the plumbing for the gas; that is why gas fires are hidden with attractive features, such as lava rocks or ceramic fake logs, which mask certain elements of the fire pit.

These features are also intended to make the fire more efficient by accumulating and radiating heat. Fire pit glass is a new alternative to lava rocks and fake logs. Also it is used to offer color, vibrancy and more heat to your outdoor fire pit.

Fire pit glass will also deflect light in a pleasing and attractive way: if you use the reflective type of glass which has a mirrored finish on one side. The mirrored glass colors will reflect light making them sparkle and shine more than the standard type of fire-glass.

Numerous effects can be produced by mixing or changing the colours of the glass: use warm tones like red, yellow, and orange to create the illusion of a pile of coals; if you want a more bizarre look, use cooler colours like blue and green.

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