fire-pit kitA fire-pit kit should contain all the material and instructions needed to construct the pit, yourself, in a very short time: plus, accessories to get the fire going.  The kind of fuel these kits burn is wood, propane, or natural gas.

To select the best fire-pit kit, you should think about how you want to use your pit: so you need to decide whether you want the fire-pit to be just decorative, functional or both and then choose the fire-pit kit that contains all parts needed for that kind of structure.

You could choose a stone-inspired design that complements a walkway or patio, or a metal-based kit to create a smoother, modern looking fire-pit.

Your fire-pit kit will include the frame (in your desired shape) and if its gas, or propane, the burner and piping with the shut off valves that will connect and disconnect the gas to the pit.

And also either pine-logs, lava rocks, or fire glass: the lava rocks, fire-glass, or the traditional logs are used to cover the unsightly gas burners in the pan. Gas and propane kits can be lit with a match or through an ignition lighter. Fire-pits that use only wood do not need any further materials.

Functional fire pits burn wood, gas, or propane. They can also be used to grill your favourite food, or simply just to keep you and your friends warm on a cool autumn evening.

This kind of fire-pit kit might consist of natural stone or galvanized steel for assembly, which are designed to tolerate high heat levels. Remember fires should be thoroughly vented, and the pit must be placed at a safe distance from any overhanging trees, or the home to prevent any fire risks.
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Making Your Own Fire-Pit Kit

If you are planning to construct this kind of functional fire-pit from scratch you can buy individual parts online  from and construct the unit yourself. If you are going to make one from natural stone, then you should search for a kit that contains a metal insert to protect the interior surface of the stones, and an exterior frame that will assist to form the layout of the stones. You will probably need to buy the stones to make the pit locally because stone is too heavy and expensive to ship. All the other parts for the pit can be either found locally or by an Internet search.

A decorative fire-pit kit is inclined to only work with natural gas, or propane. Flames are piped through a flame resistant material like fire-glass, decorative larva rock, or artificial pine-logs. This kind if pit is safe to place near the home and furniture because the temperature output is fairly easy to control. Plus the heat created by this kind of pit is frequently lower than that created by a functional one.

To prevent breaking the specialized materials used in construction. The pit can be placed in a fire resistant table top, or enclosed in stone. The costs can vary depending on the type of material used and the style.  
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