fire-pit screenWhy have a fire-pit screen? Outdoor fire-pits are extremely popular, but you must also keep in mind the safety precautions when using one: thus decreasing the possibility of injury to yourself and others, or damage to property.

You need to be especially vigilant with a wood-burning fire pit because sparks and embers have a habit of flying out of the fire pit and go  all over the place; hitting anyone or anything close by and of course, also setting things on fire.

But the great thing is you can safeguard yourself and others from the sparks by purchasing a fire-pit screen. This attachment is a safety device that you put over the flames; this stops those who are enjoying the fire from being injured by any sparks or burning debris that may jump out of the fire.

Some fire-pit brands are sold with their appropriate fire-pit screen; which is specifically made for that type of fire-pit. But you can also get screens that are designed to be used with most types of fire-pits: but you must first make sure before buying the fire-pit screen that the diameter of your fire-pit matches that of the fire-pit-screen. Fire-pit screens are normally made of stainless steel (which is the best choice) or iron (which will eventually rust if not taken good care of) and are usually painted with a heat-resistant paint to prevent the look of excessive wear.

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Fire-pit Screen/Things to Consider

There are a few things to consider when choosing a fire-pit screen. Firstly, make sure that the one you select has some useful features, such as a large hinged door, so that you can easily put more wood on the fire when needed. And, also a comfortable handle that is long enough to keep your hands away from the flames.  If you generally adore all night fires, it is  undoubtedly better to buy an elevated fire-pit screen so that you can put a few wooden logs in the fire pit all at once. Or else, you might need to open the fire-pit screen every so often to put more wood on because shorter fire-pit screens may only have enough space to allow one or two logs at any one time.


If you don’t have a fire-pit screen then you must be that much more cautious with your backyard fire

A wood burning fire- pit in your backyard can convert any outdoor family get together into an enchanting occurrence without the need of going out camping.

Just think of warm summer evenings spent with family and friends relishing some char-grilled cooking and enjoying a cool drink while being absorbed in stimulating conversation and interesting stories.

But the truth is that a wood burning fire-pit in the backyard can be dangerous if not treated and used correctly.

Anyone who owns a wood-burning fire-pit should be knowledgeable with fire pit safety rules.

What follows are some fire-pit safety tips that will assist you to maintain your fire pit activities so that the experience will be safe and enjoyable.

Fire is very erratic, and it only takes a second for a fire to flare out of control.

Don’t use flammable fluids: it’s not unusual for a lot of people to start fires in their fire pits with lighter fluid or gasoline. Nevertheless, this can be particularly hazardous. All you need is just a small amount of these tremendously unstable liquids to get on your clothing or something else that is flammable close by and your fire may rapidly become uncontrollable.

And if you use too much flammable fluid your fire may well become unmanageable as soon as you strike a match — thus, placing you and anyone close by to the fire in possible danger.

You must always light a fire the right way: generally wood is one of the safest kinds of fuels you can use. That is because it burns quite slowly. Nonetheless, even a stack of wood isn’t without its hazards.

Try not to stack wood too high, because if a large stack of wood slightly shifts and falls on the floor whilst on fire, it might send flames or sparks flying towards any cushioned seating or other flammable materials.  As an alternative to using leaves or newspaper to start getting your fire going, instead use proper fire starters you can buy them in any large supermarket or hard ware store — these will also reduce the volume of smoke that emanates from the flames.

Make sure that your fire-pit is some distance from your house: no less than three metres between the fire-pit and the house. Also make sure that you keep your pit away from low hanging tree branches. And at least a metre from any outdoor furniture and about two meters for foliage, like bushes and shrubs.

Getting too drunk near a fire pits is not a good idea: it’s amazingly common for many fire pit injuries and accidents to increase around about holiday times — when most people are a lot more likely to be drinking alcohol by an open fire pit. Many people drink too much alcohol and lose their footing and fall near or in to the flames — thus, causing severe burns. Do not put your fire pit in the area that people will be drinking alcohol and hanging out. And make sure that no one overindulges on alcoholic drinks while there is a fire in the pit.

Always keep the area round the fire-pit clean and clear of any object: you don’t need to be drunk to tumble into the fire-pit.  Just a few second of being distracted and a misplaced garden rake, toy or uneven paving is enough to make you topple head first into the fire.

Place your fire-pit in a place where your guests are not likely to fall and trip and where the ground is nice and even. This will reduce the danger for your guests and yourself.

Look out for the weather: the weather has an enormous effect on the comparative safety of a backyard fire. If there is a drought then the surrounding foliage will most certainly be very dry. A tiny spark can instantly make dry foliage flare up. A strong wind can also cause a fire to get out of control quickly. Basically, don’t light fires while there is a drought or on windy days.

Always keep a bucket of water handy or a fire extinguisher; remember a fire-pit screen is a big help in keeping the fire safe.

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