How to Get Rid of Procrastination

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How to get rid of procrastination: are you like a lot of other people in that you keep putting off important things that need to be done as soon as possible? If you are, then you have the procrastination bug. Did you know that Procrastination is the principal cause for slow productivity in business and life in general?

For a lot of you, keeping your work to do some other time rather than at the moment is more habit than desire. Subsequently it can be hard to get into a channel where starting your undertakings in a well-timed method is the main concern, particularly if the results for being late are things that you can possibly bear.

To have the best chance of overcoming the procrastination bug, you need to admit it to yourself as soon as possible that you’re doing it. After that, you need to find out why you’re procrastinating and take suitable steps to conquer the problem.

If you want to get rid of your tendency to procrastinate, then here are a few steps to help you defeat this problem and become a more industrious and dependable person.

How to Get Rid of Procrastination

 How to get rid of procrastination step 1

If you’re procrastinating then admit to yourself that you are.

If you’re truthful with yourself, you will doubtlessly realize when you’re procrastinating. If not, here are a few useful pointers that will assist you to realize when you’re procrastinating or not.

  • Putting off doing an essential task that needs doing, until you feel it’s the “right time” or you’re in the “right mood.”
  • Just filling up the day with tasks of little importance
  • Not starting work because you’re too busy reading your e-mails over and over again, without determining what you’re going to do with them.
  • Leaving some important task on your To Do List that needs doing, for something that is less of a hassle.
  • Sitting down to begin work on a high-priority task, and almost instantly going off to the kitchen to make a mug of tea
  • Filling your time with trivial tasks that other people ask you to do and just doing these tasks all day. Instead of getting on with the more important tasks that are already on your To Do List

How to get rid of procrastination step 2

Find out the reason why You are Procrastinating

The reason may depend on both the task and you. But the thing is it’s vital to recognize which of the two is significant in a given setting, so that you may choose the best method for overcoming your unwillingness to get going on a task.

A common reason is you may find the particular task disagreeable and try to dodge it because of that.

Many jobs have boring or disagreeable sides to them. And most often the only way to deal with the disagreeable side of a job is to get it over with as quickly as possible. Then you can concentrate on the more pleasant side of the job.

Another reason is that if you’re a disorganized person then you’ll tend to have more of an urge of putting things off.

On the other hand, organized people succeed in fending off this urge, because they will have organized schedules and a prioritized to-do list. All this will emphasize how critical the work is and also when it’s expected to be completed.

Also an organized person will plan how long a project will take to complete and will work back from that point to ascertain when they will need to get started so as to avoid the project being delayed.

An organized person will also break down work into manageable steps.

But, sometimes, even if you’re an organized person, you can feel overcome by the work at hand. Because you might question whether you have the resources or skills you think you need to complete a big task. So you then look for reassurance in doing littler tasks you know you’re able to complete on time.

Regrettably, the big task isn’t just going to disappear – the really important tasks seldom do.

Another thing is you might also be scared of success just as much as failure. Like for instance, you might think that being successful at a certain task will just lead to you being inundated with more demands for you to do this type of task more often. Or that you’ll be forced to take on jobs that you think are beyond your capabilities.

Amazingly, perfectionists can also, a lot of the time be, procrastinators, as they can be inclined to think “I don’t have the right resources or skills to do this task perfectly right at this moment, so I think I will leave it.”

One other cause for procrastinating could also be, not having any great decision-making skills.

If you really can’t decide what you are going to do, you’re most likely going to put off taking any action just in case you do something wrong.

 How to get rid of procrastination step 3

After you have completed the above steps then it time to set out a plan to eradicate the problem.

You must set timetables. It is vital that you have a list of undertakings to complete per day. This will aid you to accurately budget your time and resources.

One of the basic sins people perpetrate in respects to carrying out their tasks is to put off their work for later that is because they feel like there is so much time left for them to do it later.

How to get rid of procrastination Step 4

Keep your holidays and leisure time for later. A lot of people put their work off for later saying, “I’ll just have a bit of fun first then I’ll get down to some work later.”

Even though it may be correct that they may have more than enough time to complete their tasks. But, the thing is, it would be safer if they completed their work first and relax later.

Relaxation is a lot more satisfying after the completion of a demanding task.  If you decide to lay back and relax before doing your task, you will be more predisposed to exhaustion and will have nothing exhilarating left to look forward to after completing the task.

How to get rid of procrastination Step 5

 Remember on no occasion misjudge your responsibilities. Every now and then procrastination sets in because you misjudge the resources, difficulty, and time spent for a particular undertaking.

You will probably say, “It’s just putting a few shelves up, it’s a piece of cake; I could do it in a minute.” The problem is, no matter how insignificant the task, it still takes time and resources to complete.

How to get rid of procrastination Step 6

You must not let yourself get Relaxed doing nothing. It would certainly assist if you maintained a subconscious alarm every time you are doing nothing.

Get this alarm to jog your memory of things that may well need to be done. This will aid you to take in the concept that jobs completed now entails more time for future leisure.

Nevertheless, even if this is the case, do not overlook to put sufficient time in for rest and to eliminate all thoughts of any difficulties you may have before going to bed.

Good Luck!

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