Meditation Methods

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 Meditation methods: Meditation, has been around since the beginning of civilization and has not changed much since?

If you think about it, a lot of things since the beginning of civilization have changed over time, but the overwhelming art of meditation is something that people all over the world have hanged on to dearly.

The reason is because there is no alternative for meditation. Nothing else has the power to bestow the many delightful blessings that meditation can! If you think about it nothing else even comes near.

Meditation can unlock the paths of transmission between all levels of your being: mind, body, and spirit. What I am saying is that with meditation you have the means to be able to have access right now to the counseling that is coming straight from your higher self.

Meditation can shed away the layers of your untrue personality that mask your real personality from coming through. As soon as you eradicate these false egos and stop pandering to their garbage you can exist in your true self.

This, in turn, will bring forwards happiness as it permits you to be comfortable with life. There is no doubt that meditation will definitely amplify your awareness and will considerably enlarge your intelligence.

This, in turn, will give you a great and wonderful understanding of who you really are and what you really love in life. That is the secret of understanding the art of living and realizing your real aptitude, and purpose. That which you love, you do for its own sake without the need for reward. Once this is realized, life can be lived with passion and freedom.

All serious meditators know how much their brain function has been heightened by meditation. Now, first-hand studies every day are signifying this link. Meditation will most certainly increase your intelligence and your awareness of yourself and the world around you.

What you need to do is to take some time and practice meditation. Go and do it right now; spend about 10 to 20 minutes on it then do the same thing every day, so that you can begin feeling much better as soon as possible.

If you meditate every day this then will be a life changing experience for you. You will find that with daily meditation you will begin to be a much more positive being; there is no question about that.

Meditation will unquestionably increase your awareness and will considerably increase your intelligence.

Meditation Methods for Relaxation and Well-Being

Nearly everyone knows that there are various ways to meditate so that you can rid yourself from the daily stresses of life.

Also, there are various meditations you can practice that will fit right into your lifestyle.

Meditation by Exercise:

Just say that you have a friend that uses meditation to help them relax, and wants to give you some instructions on how they meditate. What you must understand is that the person you are taking instructions from does not have the same lifestyle as you do.

Your friend can tell you about ways that a certain meditation can assist in relaxing the mind and body, but will you gain any benefits from it? If your friend is a very full of life kind of person and does a lot of exercising which is, of course, good for the health. And also it can be a very good way to meditate if you are an active person.

But the thing is it would do you no good if you don’t like to exercise, or even walking.

But if you would like to meditate while getting healthier it would be best to start by walking a little distance each day. Walking can be very calming and it can give you time to get your thoughts together while becoming fitter at the same time.

If you are not the sort of person that isn’t used to a lot of exercising, and you think walking would aid you in your meditation make sure that you start out slowly. Don’t start by trying to walk 3 or 4 miles a day when starting out because you want to meditate and relax while walking.

If you are not used to exercising you will wear yourself out. Walk at a steady pace so you can take some time to get your thoughts together.

Meditating with Prayer:

A lot of people find prayer very relaxing. The thing is you don’t need to believe in any particular god or gods or know anything about any of the holy books. You can just sit in a nice quiet place and just talk from your heart to the universe, or whatever you feel comfortable with, just talk over your worries, or anything you need advice on.

Meditating with Music:

Most people find that listening to their favorite music is a great way to relax and meditate. Music helps you concentrate and keeps your thoughts together which helps if you have any problems that need to be solved. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you listen to just as long as you like it.

Meditating with Animals:

One of the best ways to meditate is by communicating with animals. You can talk to your dog or cat about whatever concerns you might have.

You can relax in front of the tv with your pet and a nice drink. But also remember to give your pet something to eat or drink, or otherwise, they might not like it. You might be thinking how do you communicate with an animal? Well, animals are very clever. They understand what you are trying to say.

The good thing about having a pet is if you have had a bad day they can cheer you up. If you possess a dog or a cat, or even a parrot just let them sit or sleep next to you and stroke them. You will find that you will start to become so calm that you will just suddenly be unable to remember the stresses of your day.

Therefore whether you are meditating by a way of exercise, or by communicating with animals or by prayer take the moment to just relax your mind and your body and you will be emotionally and physically a stress-free zone.

The thing to remember is that meditation is essentially just taking the moment to gather your thoughts, as soon as you take the moment to get your thoughts well-organized, your mind will then focus on the significant aspects of your life. Good Luck!

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