outdoor fire-pitExtending your living space to the outdoors for all-year-round use is achievable with an outdoor fire-pit. Features such as outdoor fireplaces and kitchens have long been sought after luxury items, and a fire-pit is an immensely suitable alternative to the traditional exterior fireplace. It is a great way to add magic and warmth to your home, as well as providing hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

Outdoor fire-pits are extremely popular today because they provide a nice way to bring family and friends together, as well as adding warmth on a chilly night.

Remember, outdoor fire-pits can be used in many locations, depending on the model you choose. And, of course, if you choose a portable fire pit it can be moved from place to place to suit your needs.

This information site will help you make the right choice. Remember there are quite a few things to consider when buying an outdoor fire-pit, important things like, what type of fuel are you going to use: will it be wood, gas, propane or ethanol. Also you need to consider what material you want your fire-pit made of.

The most popular ones are copper, cast iron, stainless-steel, and stone, or a mixture of materials. You will also need to choose what style of fire-pit you want: will it be a stationary one, or one that you can move about your backyard. You also get smaller portable ones, and folding ones that come with a carrying bag, and  table shaped ones to put your food on.

So take your time and have a good look through this site to find the right kind of outdoor fire pit that is ideal for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is a fire-pit?

2.Can I have an outdoor fire-pit in my back yard?

3.What kind of fuel should I use wood, natural gas, or propane?

4.What makes the best material for a fire-pit?

5.Where should I position my outdoor fire-pit?

6.What are BTU’s?

7.Who can install my fire-pit?

8.Can I leave my fire-pit outside all year round?

 Different Types of Outdoor fire-Pits

Outdoor fire-pits come in various forms: some fire-pits are portable; others are permanent constructions, or temporary. While some are mainly just heat providers, while still others have cooking features so you can cook and eat on them.  The list is almost never ending.

The key function of a fire pit (or a fire hole) is to enclose an open fire. Almost everyone in their life has either made a fire pit, or at least sat down in front of one. If you’re doubtful about that last statement, just go back and think of the last time you went camping with your friends or family. Yes, that campfire you were all sitting around laughing and telling stories was an outdoor fire pit, although a basic one.

Following is some information to give you an idea what the various options that are out there in the market today.

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 Portable Outdoor Fire-Pits

A portable outdoor Fire-Pit is one of the most well-liked types of pits. The great thing about a portable outdoor fire-pit is you can place it wherever you want to in your back-yard or patio. You can even take it along on camping trips, or to beach parties. This kind of fire-pit is typically made out of cast iron, stainless steel, copper and even ceramic, and comes in a spherical, circular or cylindrical shape. Other points to consider about a portable outdoor fire pit are:

1.      Portable outdoor fire-pits generally come complete with a stand, or legs; also a fire-pit mesh screen to keep wood embers from flying everywhere when the pit is lit.

 2.     These portable fire-pits are a lot smaller than the usual, built-in outdoor fire-pits.

 3.     They have the necessary functionality of a traditional fire-pit, as well as the visual charm and convenience.

4.     Because they are factory constructed, they need little or no assembly.

5.     Portable fire-pits are also significantly less expensive than installing a built-in fire-pit.

6.     They also come in numerous styles to go in with your décor and landscaping design.

7.     They burn, wood, charcoal, or propane.

8.     All portable pits are free-standing with three to four legs. You also get some that have wheels, or fold-able legs and carrying bag for trouble-free transporting.

 9.     Many portable pits also come with a barbecue grill, or a spindle for rotisserie cooking.

10. Being easy to move about a portable pit will be a lot less of a of a bother to clean,

11.  You can easily take a wood burning one on camping trips, a day at the beach, or even to a friend’s house. If you purchase a portable propane burning pit you can easily transport it in the boot of you car.

12. A portable outdoor fire-pit is an affordable and excellent addition to any back-yard.

 Some Top Rated Amazon Portable Fire-Pits

Heininger Propane Outdoor Fire-Pit

outdoor fire-pit

Amazon 5.5 Star Click Picture for More Info and Customer Reviews

This light and easy to carry portable, propane burning, outdoor fire-pit is made with galvanized steel  and covered with a protective enamel black gloss  finish for lasting durability.

The best features of this outdoor fire-pit are:  its ability to burn clean and smokeless whilst giving off enough heat to warm the whole family at night.

This all-weather use fire pit is safe to use throughout most camp-fire bans. It is very easy to install, it is also a good size & weight and has a very nice design. You have a 360° viewing of the fire bowl.

Assembled Height 10 inch.

Assembled Width 19 inch.

Product Depth 19 inch.

Product Weight 22 pounds.

Uses regular propane tank (not included).

Package includes fire pit, 10 foot hose with attached regulator,and decorative rocks. This great all season outdoor fire-pit also comes at a very affordable price.


Landmann 28347 Wildlife Fire-Pit

outdoor fire-pit

Amazon 4.5 Stars Click Picture for More Info and Customer Reviews

This stunning, outdoor fire-pit has eye-catching wild-life cut outs that give out warmth and light that adds amazing atmosphere to any late night family get-together, or party. This easy to put together wood-burning steel pit transforms to a portable grill complete with a cooking grate and a full-size handle for trouble-free transportation to your patio, back-yard, beach, or camp-site.

A few of the great features of this portable outdoor fire-pit are: you can easily and quickly cook your food with it; also the cooking grate fits properly on to the fire-pit.

You can also generate a decent fire in this pit, and the fire will be entirely enclosed because of the mesh Spark screen – that is included.

When finished for the night, ash will be all that remains after the fire has been put out.

Assembly is trouble-free.  All you need to do is to screw in the legs and then put the rail that goes round the side of the pit together; that is all there is to do for the assembly.

You can easily reposition the fire-pit with the aid of the side rail.

Finished in black for easy cleaning.

You get 360° View of the fire-bowl.

Constructed height 24 inches with legs and screen on.

With the side ring on, it is 29.5 inches wide.

The weight is 32 pounds.

The package contains: an outdoor fire-pit with mesh spark screen and a poker. You also get a full-size cooking grate and a full-diameter side handle.

This is a remarkable and reasonably priced product which will increase the use of your back-yard all year round.


 Fire Sense Portable Outdoor Fire-Pit

outdoor fire-pit

Amazon 4.5 Stars Click Picture for More Info and Customer Reviews

This outdoor portable fire-pit is somewhat small. It comes with a 22 inch black painted and heat resistant steel bowl. Also this fire pit has very sturdy legs that fold outwards and lock. It folds up nicely into a nylon carrying bag (included).

The best features of this pit are: It has an attractive mesh fire screen top to control any sparks. It is easy to clean after use. Easy portability, no tools needed for assembly. It is the perfect size for a small fire, so you might want to cut your wood into smaller pieces to maximize your experience.

Assembled Height 15.4 inches.

22 inches wide.

Weight 7 pounds.

Package includes: a heat resistant, black painted steel bowl and a mesh fire screen; also a cooking grate, a log grate, a fire tool and a nylon carrying bag, which is handy for when you want to go camping.

At the end of the day, considering the price, the quality, and the portability, this outdoor fire-pit is ideal for 2 to 4 people to sit around and keep warm.

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Outdoor fire-pit table

Would you like to have the warmth and comfort, not to mention the magical effect that comes with an outdoor fire, whilst being able to enjoy your three course dinner in style? If yes!  Then an outdoor fire pit table is just the thing for you. A fire pit table is precisely what it sounds like:  a table, you can put your plates, cups or food on, with a fire in the middle.

Think about it no more having to balance a tray on your knees, or standing about watching your food falling off your paper plate, while you’re trying to find somewhere to put your drink on.

Although an outdoor fire-pit table is more expensive than the ordinary outdoor fire-pit, it does offer a continuous balance between outdoor dining and outdoor heating; as well as being a very attractive piece of backyard furniture.

They also vary greatly in size: from small, knee-high table pits to full size tables you can comfortably sit several people around. This kind of pit makes outdoor entertainment much more convenient because it is extremely effective as a focal point for parties, socialising and of course a family get to together.

Maybe on certain days or nights it may be too hot outside and you would rather not have a fire in the middle of your table. If that’s the case you might think about buying a convertible type.  They come with a top which covers the pit area, when not needed, merging in with the table to form a complete patio table which can be used for whatever you like.

You can also get an outdoor fire-pit table that is sold with a grill contraption, which fits over the pit. This will allow you to grill as much food as you desire. Think about it you can just sit round your fire pit table, relaxing and enjoying the company of your family and friends, and all you need to do when you want a burger or kebab is lean over and grab one off the grill.

Some Top Rated Amazon Fire-pit Tables

Camp Chef Monterey Propane Convertible Fire Table

Outdoor fire-pit

Amazon 4.5 Star Click Picture for More Info and Customer Reviews

Why not get your friends and family together so that you all can relax in the soothing warmth of the Monterey Fire Pit Table. This fire-table is stylishly designed and will enrich any patio or back yard with the additional magnificence of a warm atmospheric fire.

The Monterey Fire-Table permits you to turn your coffee table to a fire table in a very short time: Just by detaching the penny-vein lid finish.

Then all that is required from you is just to click the ignition button to light and then just sit back, relax and watch the flames flutter on the alluring fire-glass provided. This fire-table offers a hospitable characteristic that will enrich your patio or back yard.

The great thing about this fire-table is that you can keep the propane gas tank under and inside the fire-table for safety and cleanliness.

The best features are: it offers an attractive patio, back yard center-piece. The Flames dance and reflect on the decorative fire-glass. You can change it to a patio-table in a few seconds. It has a safety shutoff and a matchless ignition. Also a built in propane-tank section which means no more seeing that propane-tank.  Clean burning so that means No smell, or smoke.

Fire-Table Measurements: 39″ x 19″ x 24.

Fire-Bed Measurements: 28″ x 8″ x 2″.

Table Height: 24″.

Materials are: Powder coated long-lasting steel the top and lid is finished with penny vein which has a long-lasting and ageless look.

The product Weight is: 65.5 lbs.

Total Output: 40,000 BTU/hr.

The ignition is matchless.

Package includes: tube burner, decorative fire-glass and a convertible table which has a built in compartment to store the propane-tank

Click Here to See Fire-Pit Video 

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum all-weather, round fire-pit table with central fire pit for traditional wood fires.

outdoor fire-pit

Amazon 4.5 Stars Click Picture for More Info and Customer Reviews

This wood-burning outdoor fire-pit table is manufactured out of hard-wearing, cast-aluminium, which is resistant to rust and is lightweight. This fire-pit table has been designed with a decorative dark-brown vine with an open scroll finish and bronze features; also some beautiful silver flecks. The table has been so designed that any moisture or water that spills on to the table will quickly fall through the open scroll table top design: thus allowing the table to easily dry out. Also the table has a uniform and level surface so plates and cups will not sway off balance.

All the parts are made to be rust resistant because they are sand-casted and then their surface coated with a powder coat finish.

The best features of this outdoor fire-pit are: It is made for utility and comfort and it provides a place to set drinks and plates on. Also it converts into a full table if need be. Easy to assemble, also there are screw-on glides beneath the table’s legs allowing you some flexibility in adjusting the legs for surfaces that are not level.

Assembled Height: 22-1/2 inches

Bright copper 22 inch by-7-inch fire-bowl

The table with the fire bowl measures: 42 inches in diameter.

It weighs 44 pounds.

The package comes with an all- climate round table with a central fire-bowl. The lid removes to reveal a sunken, bright copper fire-bowl. Also included is a black metal grate that rests near the bottom and a mesh dome that prevents any sparks from flying.

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From A-Z Patio Heaters a Propane Fire-Pit Table with a beautiful Bronze Veneer

outdoor fire-pit

Amazon 3.5 Star Click Picture for More Info and Customer Reviews

This exquisitely made, old-fashioned bronze finish fire-pit table is easy to put together and use. It is also an impressive addition to any patio, or back-yard.

Many people look for fire-pits that are effective at wood burning, but there are also a lot of people that mostly want a fire-pit that is effective at burning propane. So if you are in that particular group of people then you should think about purchasing the A-Z Patio Heater GS-F-PC propane burning fire-pit table.

This actual propane fire pit is specially designed to offer users a sturdy fire-pit that will last for many years to come as well as being able to offer you the high quality heating that you depend on for many various purposes throughout the year. At 28 inches tall and with a 38 square inch table top this stunning fire pit makes an ideal addition to any kind of backyard or setting!

The best features of this pit are: It has a stylish design that makes it rather easy for you to harmonize this fire pit with the rest of your home décor and outdoor landscaping.

Assembled height: 28 inches tall

Has a 38 inch square table top.

Has a 19 inches square lid

The burn area is 17 inches

The type of fuel it uses is either propane or butane (fuel tank not included).

The heat produced is about: 40,000 BTU’s.

The pulse ignition is battery-operated.

Easy access to the propane cylinder door

It can heat an area of about 15 feet in Diameter.

It has a flame failure device (Thermocouple)

Package includes:

New and Improved Packaging to ensure safe and complete delivery

A 38 square inch table top

A 19 square inch lid

A 17 square inch burn area

Also included is 3/4 of an inch in diameter fire-glass

28 inches tall when fully constructed

It is also approved by the CSA and also comes with some stunning fire-glass that will not maintain dampness that can cause possible exploding problems when damp, like some other sort of heaters on the marketplace.

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Fire-Pit fuel

One of the most important consideration when selecting an outdoor fire pit is to know what kind of fuel it burns.

The outdoor fire-pit table, portable outdoor fire-pit and the other types of outdoor heating burn either one of the four main types of fuel: wood, liquid propane (LPG), natural gas (NG), and ethanol.

To learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fuel click the appropriate link below:

Wood-burning Outdoor Fire-Pit.

 Natural Gas Outdoor Fire-Pit.

Propane Outdoor Fire-Pit. 

Ethanol Outdoor Fire-Pit.      

Fire-pit material

An important factor when choosing your ideal fire pit is the material used to construct it.  The material not only equate to durability, but also style.  The most popular ones are copper, cast iron, stainless-steel, and stone, or a mixture of materials.

To learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fire-pit material click the appropriate link below:

Copper Outdoor Fire-Pit

Cast Iron Outdoor Fire-Pit

Stainless Steel Outdoor Fire-Pit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fire-pit?

1. A fire-pit is basically like a campfire or a hole dug into the ground, or some container usually made from metal, or stone that can stop a fire from spreading. But of course you can buy elegant factory made ones, or get a builder to construct one in your back yard.

A fire-pit can also be an enhancing addition to your outdoor living space:  offering warmth and atmosphere.  That is why an outdoor fire-pit in the back yard is so popular with home-owners.

You get wood burning fire-pits, and ones that burn natural gas, propane, or ethanol.

Some fire-pits come with cooking utensils so you can just to sit around and relax and cook your marshmallows or hot dogs.

Can I have an outdoor fire-pit in my backyard? 

2. Most likely yes, but before you buy one, get in touch with your local authority to see what is permitted and what kinds of restrictions might apply. Certain cities and counties would rather you use propane, or natural gas over wood as a way to limit smell and smoking embers.

What kind of fuel should I use wood, natural gas, or propane?

3. That depends on you, also where you live. Like I said before, some counties and cities do not allow back yard wood burning.

But if you have a preference for the traditional odour of wood smoke, the sound of burning logs crackling, and you do not mind managing burning embers, then a wood-burning fire-pit is the one for you.

If you are looking for a trouble-free and easy to manage fire-pit, one that ignites with the touch of a button and needs no looking after: then a propane or natural gas fire-pit is the one for you.

What makes the best material for a fire-pit?

4. This is a matter of individual taste. All the usual fire-pit materials have their good and bad points. But remember your outdoor fire-pit will be the main focus of your outdoor decoration.  Particularly at night that is because it will pull people to your outdoor surroundings as a place to come together and mingle.

Make sure you select a fire-pit that echoes your personality and flatters the look of your back yard or patio.  If you look at the side bar on this page, each fire-pit material has its own section, plus the good and bad point of each material is discussed.

Where should I position my outdoor fire-pit? 

5. This depends on the layout of your outdoor space. But it is always best to position your fire-pit in a place that will take full advantage of its effect on your outside decoration. Remember if you have a wood burning pit, you must make sure that it is at least 15 feet away from anything that might catch fire.

Before positioning your pit you must clear away leafs, brush and vegetation, particularly if they are dry.

Also never position your wood-burning fire- pit under any trees, for obvious reasons.

If you are going to be burning wood find out which way the wind blows through your back yard then position your pit and back yard furniture, so that no flying embers or smoke blows towards the guests and other places of assembly.

Unlike the wood and propane burning pits, a lot of natural gas fire-pits are positioned in just one place.

What are BTU’s?

6. Btu stands for British thermal unit and is a standard unit of energy that is used in the United States. It signifies the amount of thermal energy needed to increase the temperature of one pound of liquid water by just one degree Fahrenheit.

Remember the greater the BTU, the more fuel you will use. BTU’s influence the quantity of gas pressure needed to run a gas appliance.

Gas pressure wholly influences the flame height of a fire-pit, so in order to get the desired flame height for a gas fire-pit you must make sure that there is sufficient gas pressure to provide the BTU’s required to run the fire-pit properly.

Only a qualified gas professional can correctly establish whether or not suitable pressure is accessible.

Who can install my fire-pit?

 7. Qualified gas installers should be employed to install a gas fire-pit. Remember, there is a lot of safety issues involved with fitting in gas products. With a propane one you just connect the tank to the fire-pit.

Can I leave my fire-pit outside all year round?

8. Yes, You can.  Also you can take measures to lengthen your fire-pit’s life with regular upkeep and cleaning and also by using a protective weather proof cover to keep out the elements. Remember with the propane and wood burning portable ones you can always bring them indoors.

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