outdoor fire-pit table

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A great way to enjoy your patio or backyard is with an outdoor fire-pit table.

A fire pit table is intended to deliver a flame for warmth and a focal point for entertainment and possible cooking without the need of a sunken fire bowl on legs.

There are variations in fire-pit tables for the simple fact that some are intended for indoor use and some for outdoor use. Some are fuelled by gas or propane, while others use wood or coals.

Deciding on the best outdoor fire-pit table for you may be based on factors such as cost, style, size, and intended usage.

Though outdoor fire-pit table designs vary, the basic function is the same. They all have a basin of some sort that the fuel burns in.

Gas or propane fire pit tables usually come complete with either fake ceramic logs, lava rocks, or fire glass to cover the unsightly piping in the basin.

An outdoor fire-pit table may be designed similar to an ordinary table that may be either square, or round with a pedestal base and an edge around the fire basin to set plates and drinks on.

Fire pit tables are the ultimate in outdoor luxury. They are designed so as to deliver convenience and comfort. That is why they are one of the most sought after outdoor furniture on the market today.

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Outdoor Fire-Pit Table Fuel

As said before there are fire tables that burn natural gas, propane or wood.

A natural gas fire-pit table will be stationary because you will need a gas line from your house to run to your fire pit. This means that you are going to have to get a professional gas fitter to install your fire pit.

A propane fuelled pit, one on the other hand, can be moved about because with this type of fire pit you will be using a refillable propane tank to operate your fire pit. You can refill these tanks at a hardware store.

A wood burning  fire pit table, also you will be able to move about to whatever spot that is convenient.

The thing is with a wood burning fire pit is that there are a lot of rules and regulations that must be looked into before buying one. In many areas it is illegal to burn anything in your back yard. Remember burning wood produce flying burning embers which can set things on fire also smoke pollution.

That is why most people like the natural gas or propane burning fire tables because of less hassle and no pollution.

Your Surroundings

Your surroundings play a large part in the design and colour of your fire pit. Wood and gas burning fire-pit tables are obtainable in powder coat finished, copper, stainless steel, granite tops, tile tops, stone, stucco, wrought iron and aluminium frame. Also you can have one custom made for you.

Have a look around your backyard or patio, look for wood, cement, stone and all the various materials and colours you have in your outdoor surroundings. Try to select an outdoor fire-pit table that brings in some of these features together.

Weather and Environmental Conditions

It is also a good idea to consider what kind of weather you have in your area when choosing an outdoor fire-pit table.

If you live by the coast, then you should bear in mind the conditions when selecting a material.  A cheap steel one may rust and a wrought iron one will not last very long in a coastal area because the sea salt that is in the air will basically disintegrate iron and steel. Aluminium and stainless steel is a great choice for heavy water or coastal areas.

If you are worried about how long a fire-pit table will last because of weather conditions then it might be best to go with a high quality model made of copper (which can last a lifespan because it is impervious to corrosion) stainless steel or something made out of stucco or stone. These materials are much more resistant to weathering than steel and wrought iron.

But, remember you can always cover your outdoor fire-pit table up when not in use with a fire pit cover. This will add extra protection from the elements.

Some Benefits of Having an Outdoor Fire-Pit Table

An outdoor fire pit table allows you to take full advantage of your outdoor area. With this type of fire pit you can have hours of outdoor entertainment without needing to be concerned about the pain that usually comes with the everyday common fire pit.

Most of the usual fire pits are stood very close to the floor which means that if you have a wood burning one you will need to bend or squat to tend to the fire.

Also with low standing fire pits you need to sit closer to the ground on low chairs to get the full benefit of the warmth generated by the pit. With a fire-pit table all you need to do is just sit back and relax on a nice comfortable chair and enjoy the warmth from the fire pit.

Also, seeing that a fire table is raised higher from the floor than an ordinary fire pit your pets and kids will be a lot safer from any accidents, such as bumping into it and knocking it over.

Everyone knows how exited children can get. It does not matter how many times you tell them to stop running around they still do it because they are too full of energy to just be sitting down in one place.

Another thing is an outdoor fire-pit table is perfect for home-owners that have little patio space. With this outdoor furniture you do not need to try and find space for a fire pit and patio table because the outdoor fire-pit table serves both purposes. When you purchase one, you immediately have a fire pit and patio table! What can be better than that?

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Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum all-season, outdoor fire-pit table with central fire pit for old fashioned wood fires.


outdoor fire-pit table

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This fire pit is made of lightweight, and durable rust-resistant cast aluminum and  designed with an ornate scrolling vine theme in a lovely dark-brown finish with silver fleck and bronze highlights. The open scroll design allows rain water to fall through leaving the table to dry out. Also the fire table has a smooth and even table top so cups and dishes won’t waver off balance. Amazon Star Rating  4.3 out of 5 stars. 

Reading the reviews will give you a good idea  of the value and dependability of the product.


A-Z Patio Heaters Propane Fire Pit, with a Bronze Finish

outdoor fire-pit table

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This beautifully constructed antique bronze finish fire-pit is easy to assemble and use and is a great addition to any back yard. A lot of shoppers look for fire-pits that are good at burning wood, but there are many shoppers that particularly want a fire pit that is good at burning propane. If you fit into that specific group then you should consider buying the AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC propane fire pit.  Amazon Star Rating 3.8 out of 5 stars

Reading the reviews will give you a good idea  of the value and dependability of the product.


Camp Chef Monterey Propane Convertible Fire-Pit Table

outdoor fire-pit table

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This elegant fire pit table lets you go from a coffee table to a warm and friendly fire place in a matter of seconds just by detaching the  penny vein finish table top. All you need to do to  get an instant fire is  is just turn on the matchless ignition to light the flames, and then sit back and watch them dance on the luxuriant fire glass, providing a warm quality that will enhance your patio scene for a long time to come.  Y0u can store the propane tank inside the unit to maintain cleanliness.

Amazon Star Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars

Reading the reviews will give you a good idea  of the value and dependability of the product.

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