Outdoor Natural gas Fire-Pit

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If you are looking to enrich your patio or backyard with an outdoor fire pit you can’t go far wrong with a natural gas outdoor fire-pit.

They not only look pleasing to the eye but offer numerous benefits over the traditional wood burning ones in terms of clean up, safety and ease of use.

An outdoor natural gas fire-pit is convenient and practical to use because it has none of the problems connected with a wood burning one. That is why gas powered fire pits are becoming a lot more popular.

With this kind of pit, natural gas is fed to the fire pit by a gas line that is connected to your home: so it’s probable that if you select this option, your fire pit will need to be stationary.

What follows is a list of the pros and cons of an outdoor natural gas fire-pit, so as a home owner you can determine whether this kind of fire pit is right for your outdoor area.

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The Pros of an Outdoor Natural Gas Fire-Pit 

1. You will not get any stubborn smell that will cling to your hair and clothes.

2. Provides ambiance.

3.  A gas burning fire pit is a lot safer than a wood burning one. With a wood burning fire pit there are burning embers – which can stray and set surrounding objects alight – and also smoke to take into account.

Smoke can be a real problem and if you use the wrong kind of wood you can end up polluting  the whole area with thick smoke. Gas fire pits  on the other hand are smokeless.

4. The main selling point of an outdoor fire-pit fuelled by gas is that it is quite safe and easy to use. You have full control of the flame which means that the flame will never become too much to handle.

5. To start a fire, all you need to do is click a switch, and the same thing applies when you have to put out your fire.

6. When you feel like having a fire, you can instantly have one right there and then. You don’t need to go through the trouble of gathering wood, or go out and buy some like you would with a wood burning one.

Furthermore, natural gas is also frequently seen as more accessible than propane, because with natural gas there will never be any need to go to the convenience store or gas station to fill up a propane tank.

7. Cleaning the device does not involve much time since it does not leave a mess. Only if you have been cooking with it, then it is best to clean it.

8. An outdoor natural gas fire-pit is eco-friendly. Whatever elements it discharges into the air are too slight to damage the environment.

These eight points mentioned above are precisely what makes gas fire pits very popular among a large number of home-owners.

 The Cons of an Outdoor Natural Gas Fire-Pit 

1. A lot of gas fire pits often produce smaller flames when compared to the flames of wood fire pits. A lot of people find the gas type is dull and unexciting.  But, saying that, there are plenty of gas fire pits that have beautifully large flame presentations to pick from.

2. An outdoor natural gas fire-pit is going to be a little more expensive to operate than a wood one because gas is more expensive than wood. But saying that it will be a cheaper than propane being just one sixth of the cost of propane in a lot of areas.

3. An outdoor natural gas fire-pit will not have that distinctive smell that some people are used to with a traditional fire- pit.

4. Fire rings may clog.

 5. An outdoor natural gas fire-pit will require professional installation to connect a gas line from the fire pit to the fuel source. That means the initial investment and installation cost of a gas fire pit can be rather a lot. But, it’s a cleaner fuel and less expensive than propane.

6.  In terms of productivity, propane has the lead over natural gas, delivering around 2,500 BTUs, with the same quantity of natural gas delivering about 1,000 BTUs.

7. Not ideal for cooking or roasting, but food cooked over a gas pit will not yield any particular taste or scent.

The Outdoor Great Room Company the 42-Inches British Granite Fire Pit Table

natural gas outdoor fire-pitThis eye-catching British Granite outdoor natural gas fire-pit (can also be used with a propane tank) is an attractive, multi-functional fire-pit. A ‘lazy susan type cover permits you to make use of the fire-pit as an ordinary table when not needed. This beautiful granite fire-pit table uses natural hues that flatter virtually any outdoor setting and guarantees that it will be the main talking and focal point of any outdoor parties. As mentioned above this construction can be used with a natural gas or a propane hook up. Two things to note though a 20lb propane tank will not be able to fit under the 42-Inch British Granite Fire Pit Table. Also it does not come with a converter kit. If you want to run a natural gas line you will need to remove the hose and regulator.

Product Dimensions: Diameter 42 x 42; Height 20.2 inches; Weight 205 pounds

Package includes:

A British granite table top that will last a lifetime

An aluminum powder coated frame  in dora brown

Granite lazy susan type  cover

Glass fire beads to add a twinkle when the fire pit is in use

Although not one of the cheaper fire-pit tables you will find. The whole construction is designed to last a lifetime and would be a great addition to any home. Amazon Star Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars

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Reading the reviews will give you a good idea  of the value and dependability of the product.

 Napoleon Patio Flame Outdoor Natural Gas Fire-Pit Topaz

Outdoor Natural Gas Fire-pit

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Product Dimensions:  20 x 20 Diameter; 4.8 inches High ;  Weight 30 pounds

Package includes:

A stainless steel burner assembly which will give the greatest outdoor resilience and all weather resistance

Flexible hose connector and shut off valve up to 60,000 BTU’s.

Crystaline topaz ember bed

Approved for use on concrete, brick, stone and also wooden decks.

Fuel: natural gas, there is also a propane version, so make sure you order the correct one. Amazon Star Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Click Here for More Info and Customer Reviews

Reading the reviews will give you a good idea  of the value and dependability of the product.
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