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The following is a very beautiful little patio fire-pit tale. A few days ago I went to stay with a good friend that has just recently moved into a beautiful new house in the country with his large family (two boys aged twelve and six and two girls aged fourteen and eight and of course his wife of fifteen years).

He told me that he did not have a large budget, but that he still desired to make the first few months in their new house the most memorable for his family and himself.

What he wanted he told me was, “I want to include something to our new home that will give it that personal feeling as well as add some sort of an identity to the place. Basically I want my family to feel that this is the home that they have been waiting for and not just a substitute for the old house.”
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The New House

Their new house was built around 50 years ago and is in very good condition, the living room and the kitchen had been redecorated a few years back.

In all, the previous owner had taken very good care of the property.  Basically there was not that much to be corrected. Well, not much serious work.

The only part of the property that was slightly not up to perfection was the large patio. When I saw the patio I instantly thought about how nice a patio fire-pit would look there.

I told my friend that, the visual setting from the patio was quite nice, but that it could be improved immensely, with a patio fire-pit.

A fire-pit would bring something new to the place. For one, it would bring more excitement to the house. Your family would all be so excited about the thought of enjoying and evening roasting marshmallows round the patio fire-pit.

A Lot of Americans Love Their Patio Fire-Pit

Many people in America have a patio fire-pit to smarten what would be an otherwise dull looking communal setting. Remember, a fire pit can be made the show-piece of a patio, where everyone can gather round to tell stories with a nice cool drink in hand.

Well, I asked my friend if he would be interested in a patio fire-pit.  He seemed interested, but he was obviously not very excited about the idea.

Being a designer by profession, I said that I would draw up some sketches to show him how his patio would look like with a patio fire-pit.

Consider the Space

First I considered the fundamentals for the patio fire-pit.  Space is an important matter because a fire-pit will be producing a lot of heat, so that means that if your patio is small, you then cannot buy a large one. You would need a small, simple patio fire-pit that would add to this kind of patio.

Also in terms of workability I thought about the seating area, the best layout would be to have the patio fire-pit in the middle of the patio with the chairs positioned about four feet away round it.

When my friend and I eventually went out to purchase the patio fire-pit, he began to get all excited at the thought of all the family helping to install it.

After it was installed I had a great evening with my friend and his family swapping stories and eating and drinking until the early hours. They were really happy that they had decided on getting a patio fire-pit.

I left them the following day, but every week they send me photos of all the different social happenings and family meetings that they have on their new, enhanced patio.

They can thank their new patio fire-pit for this. Oh! I just remembered I did not mention what kind of patio fire-pit my friend bought. Well, it was an outdoor natural gas fire-pit table.

Remember the best kind of fire-pit for your patio is either a propane one, or a natural gas burning one. A wood burning fire-fire pit is not advisable for obvious reasons (flying embers that might put anything flammable on fire).

Plus with wood burning fire-pits there also might be local authority restrictions that you would need to look into before buying one.

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