Portable Outdoor Fire-Pit

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A portable outdoor fire-pit is a great choice if you like to sit around a fire during long summer evenings, or chilly autumn nights. The great thing about a portable outdoor fire-pit is that you can move it wherever you like in your garden or backyard until you find the right spot.

Plus you can take it with you on camping trips or to the beach and have a really fun time with family or friends.

Portable outdoor fire-pits come in a spherical, circular or cylindrical shape and produce the same atmosphere as a real camp-fire because they give a 360-degree view of the fire, which means they are ideal for group get-togethers; also extra loud sing a longs, not to mention the large amount of hungry people that can gather round the fire at the same time to roast marshmallows.

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Portable outdoor fire-pit

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Ok, a portable outdoor fire-pit maybe doesn’t have the attached homely attractiveness of a large fire pit that has been built up in your backyard, but the thing is it can still be very pleasing to the eye in its own right.

Most portable outdoor fire-pits use either wood or propane as fuel. And are constructed out of various materials: like cast iron, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper or even a mixture of the above.

If you want a long lasting portable fire-pit then the best materials for the pit to be made of would be one of these, stainless steel,copper or aluminium.

Seeing that Portable fire pits are typically made of some kind of metal, they will take a long time  to cool down. They can remain quite hot for some hours. So it is best to let the fire pit cool down before carrying it back to your transport to take home.

But, even with this slight drawback, if you like the outdoors, a portable outdoor fire-pit is still a very good choice compared to the ones that are built in permanently in your back yard and confine your outdoor activities to only one place.

If you are planning on going camping with your fire-pit make sure you choose the right kind to take with you. Some portable fire-pits can be a bit bulky to take with you and so take a lot of space up.

Choose a portable outdoor fire-pit that you can take apart and that makes it easier for you to fit it in your car and assemble at your destination.

12 Points to Consider About a Portable Outdoor Fire-Pit Are

1. They usually comes complete with legs or a stand; also a mesh lid to keep sparks and embers from flying everywhere.

2. They are a lot smaller than the average, built-in fire pit.

3. They offer the basic functionality of a traditional fire pit, as well as the aesthetic appeal and convenience.

4.  They are factory made, thus they require little or no assembly.

5. They are considerably cheaper than installing a built-in fire pit.

6. They come in many design styles to match your décor and landscaping theme.

7. They are wood or propane burning. Before buying a wood burning portable fire-pit you should check what the regulations are in your area about wood burning because each state has different laws on wood burning fire pits. Check with your local fire department.

8. They are free-standing with three to four legs. Some even come with wheels for easy mobility. Also you can buy ones with foldable legs and carrying cases for easy transporting.

9. Some come with spindles for rotisserie cooking or barbecue grills.

10. A portable fire-pit allows you to enjoy the relaxing experience of the outdoors without causing any damage to the area.  Having a contained fire in your fire pit will ensure that the surrounding area won’t catch fire. Especially if you are using a propane burning one, also there will be no unpleasant wood ash residue to clean out either.

11. You are not just restricted to your backyard when you have a portable fire-pit, you can go anywhere as long as it is legal for you to be there.

12. A portable outdoor fire-pit is a great addition to any home or camping trip.

Landmann 28347 Wildlife Fire-Pit

outdoor portable fire-pit

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This portable outdoor fire-pit features decorative  wild life cut outs that emanate light and heat, adding astonishing ambiance to any night time get-together.

This easy to assemble wood-burning, steel pit converts to a portable grill with a cooking grate and also a full-size handle for easy transport to your patio, back yard, or camp-site.

Some of the best features of this portable outdoor fire-pit are: you can cook your food very quickly with it; also the cooking grate fits nicely on to the pit. You can produce a good fire in this pit, and the fire will be completely contained because of the Spark screen. Ash from the burnt wood is all that will remain after the fire has gone out.

Construction is easy, all you need to do is to Screw the legs in place and then put the side handle that goes all the way round the fire pit together and it is all done!

It’s very easy to move the pit to any location you want with the aid of the handle that goes around the side of it. It has a black finish for less cleaning and 360° Viewing of the fire bowl.

Assembled Height 24 inches with screen and legs on. It is 29. 5 inches wide when it is put together with the ring. Weight 32 pounds .

Package includes: A portable outdoor fire-pit with spark screen and poker. Also Included is a full-size cooking grate; full-diameter handle.

This is a great affordable product which will expand the use of your backyard for even more family fun times. Amazon Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Reading the reviews will give you a good idea  of the value and dependability of the product.

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