About Safavieh-Rugs

safavieh-rugsSafavieh-rugs are beautifully made rugs. They are created by an artisan run family business. The name Safavieh has been around for a 36 years and is now a big technical company. It has very fashionable methods in terms of creating and circulation. They developed from one shop on Madison Avenue, to grow into a global player with 500,000 square feet of storeroom area.  They own various manufacturing outlets on 3 continents. Safavieh-rugs now drop-ship 1000’s of parcels every day to end-use clienteles on behalf of traders in all 50 states. They also trade to South America, Canada, Asia and Europe.

They have continuously been thought of as experts on excellent quality workmanship and elegance. They have retained that emphasis as they grow logistics and warehousing experiences. They have strong ties with the biggest vendors in the US. They attend all channel of circulation, from large box supplies to multi-unit chains. They also have stylish showrooms with the great merchandises and fee points to shape their companies.

Safavieh-Rugs and Their Goal

So, the family behind Safavieh marque, for 4 generations, has devoted its capacities and assets to providing categorical excellence. They think there is no equivalent to the resilience, exquisiteness and creativity of handmade rugs. As well as perfectly made furniture. Safavieh emphasis their study and expansion on making the utmost superior merchandises that customers can purchase within a comprehensive choice of funds.

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Their goal is to continue the internal furnishings skills and to lead with modernization while conserving ancient customs in all classes. This means from vintage imitations, to intermediate designs. As well as the most fashion-forward modern classes.

Safavieh-Rugs Background

Ever since Safavieh started in 1978, customer education has remained one of their central values to this day. With well informed clients and Safavieh’s commitment to excellence has assisted them to turn into the world’s premium weaver of luxury rugs. That commitment has been compensated with many manufacturing tributes. They have also had recognition by America’s best artistes and draftsmen.

Safavieh-rugs originated as a dealer of vintage Oriental-rugs to principal interior artistes. They remain to curate one of the country’s premium collections of vintage rugs from the countless weaving epicentres of the world. They, also work with distinguished style front-runners universally. Because of this their libraries are unlimited.

Safarvieh-rugs study textile, dye and way of life fashions 2 to 3 years before creating a different collection in their New York design workshops. Sequences often instigate in the fashion world before sifting to merchandises for the home. They look for fashions in fashion design and dye predictions also.

They generate their designer-quality Safavieh-rugs in the main rug weaving epicentres of the world. These countries are: Tibet, Nepal, India, Persia Pakistan and China. They have the exclusive talent to create every Safavieh rug in the area most suitable to each specific design. Though our crafts persons are dispersed all over, they are all similarly gifted. Nonetheless each country, city and rural community has its own ancient methods and singular appearance. These assets they include into safavieh-rugs designs.

Safavieh-Rugs Today

Established in the United States in 1978, Safavieh combines rug and household furnishings stores with a diverse wholesale business. It is supplied by its individual manufacture lines from the traditional rug weaving centres of the world. The Safavieh Business is headquartered in Port Washington, New York.

In 2006, they began their licensing program with Thomas O’Brien, a long-time client whose taste has been valued for years. They launched, in 2009, Safavieh Couture, a certifying program with famous artistes.

Individuality and exquisiteness of Safavieh’s personal programmed collections have been recognized with the America’s Magnificent Carpets Awards. Also their supreme service has been renowned with honours such as the Home Decorators Collection Vendor of the Year.

Safavieh-Rugs Procedures and Service

Safavieh deliver to their clienteles with instant distribution on over 1000 programmed designs. Each rug comes in more than 8 sizes and in numerous dye arrangements. Everything in their stock is ready to be transported at short notice anywhere in the world. Basically, they pride themselves on their dependability in stock situation and delivery. Therefore, in this age of high tech, they have accomplished the exclusive merit of uniting state of the art processes with old ethics of excellence and artistry.

The 5 Most popular Safavieh-Rugs

Safavieh Shag Area Runner

safavieh-rugsThis spontaneous West Coast attractive rug is renowned in the Safavieh vivid California Shag assembly. It is meant for additional indulgence with a marvellous thick pile. Its thick pile weighs 4.5kg per square meter.

It is a perfectly soft rug. It is made from polypropylene yarn for exceptional excellence. This rug has a remarkably luxurious consistency and is soft to the touch.

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Lyndhurst Red/Ivory Rug

safavieh-rugsThis rug is machine made and completed from Polypropylene yarn. It was made in Turkey.

Its dimensions are 5’3″ x 5’3″ and round.

Its pile height is 0.25″

It is made like the old-style Turkish-rugs.

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Safavieh Florida Shag Collection Cream and Beige Shag Area Rug

safavieh-rugsThis safavieh shag collection has a soft and deluxe deep pile. It is the picture-perfect and contemporary pronunciation for your household. It has a robust cotton backing and opulent high-density pile.

The high- density pile will guarantee high resilience and durability. It has warm dyes and soft texture make it the flawless rug to fill that bare area in your household.

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Safavieh Florida Shag Collection Cream and Smoke Shag Area Rug

safavieh-rugsThis rug from the safavieh shag collection has a beautifully soft texture and a comfortable thick pile. It is a flawless and up-to-date enunciation for any living space.

The well-made cotton backing and opulent and deep pile will make sure that this rug as permanence and durability. Its cosy colours and soft finish make it the impeccable rug to add to that vacant space in any living area.

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Safavieh Courtyard Collection Black and Beige Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

This safavieh-rug is from the courtyard collection and it has definitive European designs on contemporary indoor and outdoor rugs. It is made from good-quality; polypropylene pile yarn. This yarn improves resilience and durability to these rugs. Every rug is impervious to fungus, mildew, the sun and all other bad weather conditions.

All these rugs are suitable for an outdoor enclosure, a deck, a porch. They are also suited for your kitchen or any high-traffic area in your home. It has fringeless edges which gives it a really hygienic, sophisticated appearance and touch.

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