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Sisal-rugs are a great choice if you want to give your room a great new look, as well as bringing it into the 21st century. Because these rugs are inexpensive and can make your home, or office look even more beautiful than it already is.

The reason that Sisal-rugs are so well-liked  is because they are so adaptable and so hard-wearing.

A lot of the times they are used on hardwood floors as a focal point or as a cover. They can also be used over, linoleum, carpet, or any flooring that you would like to give a fresh touch to.

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Some Disadvantages of Sisal-rugs

But these rugs are not recommended for use in places that are often moist or wet: such as out-of-doors, kitchens and bathrooms.

Sisal rugs will absorb air humidity which will lead to a minor amount of contracting and expanding and any unsecured edges can curl.

Sisal-Rugs are popular

You will find countless home-builders selecting Sisal rugs to emphasize the hardwood, or tile flooring. They are the favourite choice over Persian or Oriental rugs because they are so reasonably priced and also they fit perfectly into any contemporary room.

Sisal-rugs come in numerous sizes, styles, colours and textures. They are perfect if you want to give your room an instant facelift. These rugs always look fantastic in the centre of any living room, by a fireplace, beneath the dining room table, in the bedroom.

If you want to fashion an inviting and warm environment in your home then there is no better choice than having a Sisal rug.

They are an excellent choice if you want to conceal the stains, or wear on your main carpet (which is in a high traffic area of your home). A sisal-rug will give you an instant fresh appearance to your hall way or any room, while concealing the wear and tear of your old carpet.

Sisal has a natural looking colour which can be pale yellow to just off creamy white. It can be dyed a diversity of colours. But I think the natural colours are lovely just on their own.

Sisal Comes from

Sisal originates from the long emerald shoots of the cacti ‘Agave sisalana’ and is indigenous to Mexico. But, in the 19th century, the cultivation of sisal extended to Florida, Brazil the Caribbean islands; also to some countries in east Africa, notably Kenya and Tanzania and also to some parts of China. In the latter part of the 1930’s Brazil made its first commercial plantings of sisal and in 1948 the first sisal fibre exports began from there. Now China and Brazil is the leading supplier of Sisal.

A Strong Fibre

Its fine, long fibrous characteristics permits it to be spun into a silky but textured fibre. These fibres are strong and resilient making Sisal-rugs an all-around choice for anywhere in your home especially high traffic regions.

Because of its durability and strength it is utilized in cat scratching posts as well as to make ropes, twine, wall coverings and paper. That is why it is also a popular material for making natural fibre rugs because of its robustness.

As said before, Sisal-rugs are an excellent choice for any high traffic areas such as busy hall ways or entrances, but, also they are great to have in the living room because they can add a touch of sophistication.

Similar to wool sisal has an inborn anti-static quality, it is also flame resistant, and also absorbs sound. Sisal-rugs also breathe so they are excellent for controlling the moisture level in a room. All this, makes them an excellent choice for a child’s playroom.

Easy to Maintain

Sisal-rugs need hardly any upkeep because they do not take in dirt. They can endure quite a thrashing and still appear new and fresh.

Basically all you need to do to maintain them is:  If your sisal rug is situated in a very busy area of your house you then ought to vacuum it every day. If not then you can give it a light sweep or a brisk shake. If you get any stains on the rug they will need to be dealt with quickly so as not to set into the material. So you will need to buy a carpet cleaning product (dry cleaning powder) that is specially made for Sisal-rugs. Remember, you must not soak a sisal rug in water as it will retain water stains after cleaning.

Advantages of Sisal

Sisal is one hundred percent biodegradable and sustainable.

Sisal is exceptionally strong and hard wearing – one of the most resilient fibres of the natural plant flooring range. also zero chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers are utilized in sisal cultivation.

Sisal is also anti-static, owing to its natural fibres serving to manage the moisture in the atmosphere; which is a huge advantage for all kinds of office settings that have computers. Plus it helps the flooring to attract less dirt.

Sisal also gives insulation from sound.

Sisal-rugs are recommended for those who are prone to asthma and to allergic and reactions. Because it is valued for its natural appearance, it does not typically include any artificial chemicals or colours, which can discharge toxic fumes into your household environment. Plus this similarly entails that there is minimum amount of worry that the colours will diminish in the sunlight – the slight colour variations only help to make the sisal rug more beautiful.

Sisal is coloured with organic dyes and it is obtainable in a wide variety of styles and colours and also presents the greatest variety of dyed colours of all the natural fibres.

Sisal is pleasing to walk on and delivers a natural and soothing “massage” to the soles of the feet.

Sisal can also be mixed with wool to create a hybrid sort of rug. This kind of rug is a brilliant balance giving you the best qualities of both kinds of textile fibres.

Sisal is a renewable supply of energy.

Remember whether you are creating a new home for your family and enhancing it with rugs or just want to give a room a new look, be sure to think about Sisal-rugs. Because they are long lasting and fantastic value for the money!

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