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Beat anxiety: having a little bit of anxiety in your life can be useful because it can help to motivate you to deal with the problems underlying your tensions.

However, having too much anxiety can be harmful to your well-being. High levels of anxiety can cause excessive worry.

Also, it can bring on symptoms such as chronic muscular tension, and self-perpetuating hyperactivity, panic attacks and extreme fear of certain situations.

If anxiety is preventing you from living your life to the full, then the following exercise can help to alleviate extreme anxiety.

It involves a measured step by step method to facing your fears.


The Target Ladder

Imagine a target ladder of about six rungs/steps. The first step will have the least anxiety the second a little more and so on right up to the top which will have the most.

As an example, just say that you are suffering from agoraphobia which involves a fear of being trapped.

And you can’t get help and have become housebound as a consequence of this fear. You could then make a ladder similar to the following.

The Six Steps to Beat Anxiety

  1. Putting your coat on in readiness for going outside.
  2. Then standing at the front door.
  3. Then taking some steps away from the front door. Do this bit with a friend at first then do it by yourself.
  4. Then walking down to the nearest shop with a friend. Then do it by yourself.
  5. Then going a further distance to some shop with a friend. Then do it by yourself.
  6. Then staying in a crowded area for ten minutes with a friend. Then do it by yourself.

Practice the whole exercise in your mind at first. Starting with the first step, try to see every detail just as if you were really doing it. Once you are comfortable with rehearsing the first step in your mind then do it for real then after completion, reward yourself in some way.

Then continue up the ladder at your own pace. If you start to feel anxious during any part of the exercise stop for a while and relax.

Remember everyone gets anxious from time to time. So don’t expect to abolish your anxiousness completely be happy that you can keep it under control at a reasonable level. Good luck!

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