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Spiritual-cleansing helps eradicate negative energies. Negative energies that can cause problems in our life.

Think about it when you are at work do you get stressed and annoyed with certain work colleagues? When you are on the crowded public transport are the people rude and shoving all the time?

 Think about the family fights. The pending divorce! A death in the family! All these factors create negative energy around us which in turn causes harm to our well-being.

It is not just humans and animals that can absorb negative energies, inanimate objects can as well.


  The Practice of Spiritual-Cleansing


Amazon 4.5 out of 5 Stars Rating. Read Customer Reviews.

Many people believe that negative energy can be directed intentionally.

Just think of the evil eye. This is a curse that many cultures from all over the world still believe in. 

The evil eye is suppose to cause harm and calamity to any person  that the curse is directed towards.

One way of putting the evil eye on an enemy was to point the fore finger and little finger at the enemy. The middle fingers would be folded into the palm (thus making the hand look like the devil’s horns). The curse is usually directed at the enemy while they are unaware.

The curse maker would also whisper a cursing spell at the same time.

To combat the evil eye various spiritual cleansing methods were and are still used today.

Many Muslims believe that if you recite Surah Al-Falaq and Sura Al-Nas from the Qur’an that they can protect you from the evil eye. 

Also some Muslims use charms such as the Hamsa or Nazar as protection against the evil eye.  The Hamsa is also known as the hand of FatimaFatima was the daughter of Mohammed.

Many ancient civilizations had their own methods of spiritual cleansing themselves from the evil eye.

At the end of the day spiritual cleansing is a practice that most if not all cultures know about. The practice is sill in use – even in the 21 century.

Spiritual-Cleansing and its Uses


Amazon 4.5 out of 5 Stars. Read Customer Reviews.

Basically, spiritual-cleansing can be used to help balance you in mind, body and Spirit.

It clears bad energy that causes emotional, mental and spiritual concerns. If you are feeling lethargic after an emotionally charged situation you are carrying that negativity around with you!

Have you ever felt a strong and negative energy coming from people, places or things? If you have that  means that you are taking in that energy. And the thing is if you allow it to remain in your energy field, it can harm you.

When you continue to come across the same negative patterns, a spiritual-cleansing may be able to help you. It can invigorate the psyche and give you a fresh start on a new path to well-being.

Spiritual cleansing methods have been used for thousands of years. And that is why there are many different spiritual cleansing methods to choose from.

If you want to you can cleanse yourself or go to a spiritual healer or energy worker if you do not want to do it yourself. As well as being able to cleanse yourself you can also do it for your spouse or lover or friend.

You can use spiritual cleansing techniques for clearing up negative energy from virtually anything. Things like: cleansing energy blockages, getting over a bad relationship and removing feelings of depression.

Also spiritual cleansing on objects such as jewellery etc. Many people like to spiritual  cleanse their home or office from any bad vibes. 

But, remember when you are spiritually cleansing your work place be discreet. Because your work colleagues may not be aware of what you are doing. Well, you don’t want to freak them out. Always be aware that not everyone is into the esoteric and unusual.

The Elements in Spiritual-Cleansing


Amazon 4.5 out of 5 Stars Rating. Read Customer Reviews.

Some believe that a lot of physical problems originate on the psychic plane. That is why a lot of people go to psychics and such like.

The psychic or energy worker can apparently detect imbalances in the chakras and the aura and give their clients a spiritual analysis.

It is helpful knowing the source of a physical problem when wanting to  release it.

By identifying the source of the problem you can then heal it from within. You can then cleanse and re-balance your energy field. 

Remember, as I said before spiritual cleansing is not just for us humans. You can do a spiritual cleanse on your home, car, workplace and other objects. In fact anywhere that you feel does not have any positive vibrations.

For example if you live in a basement flat the air tends to get stagnant and damp. By just opening the windows and letting in fresh air can add a dramatic change to the whole atmosphere of the room. Turning the atmosphere from negative to positive. 

Also by opening the windows everyday will stop condensation which causes damp. Damp causes mildew, which as anyone knows is bad for you. 

So, if you want to change and cleanse the atmosphere of your room on the physical plane all you need to do is open your window.

But if you also want to do it on the psychic plane you can then light some sandalwood incense. Then  visualize your room filling up with a vibrant white light.

While visualizing and feeling this vibrant white light recite a short sentence that you have composed yourself repeatedly.

Something appropriate: such as, begone negative energy from my room and my life. After a few minutes of this meditation, imagine the light turning grey and going out of the window. Feel this grey light taking the negative energy with it.

Another cleansing method is called smudging. Smudging is an old spiritual cleansing ritual. You can burn  dried sage or pine for this method. The smoke is supposed to be a good psychic cleanser. 

Smudging involves moving through the area you want to cleanse, again reciting a few appropriate words. 

To cleanse objects such as jewellery rub some sandalwood oil on the object. Then visualize a vibrant white energy surrounding the object while reciting a few well chosen words. (Sandalwood Oil has been used in spiritual ceremonies for centuries.)

Basically, after a spiritual-cleansing, you will feel happier and more alert. You’ll also feel a spiritual lucidity that is free of the confusion or negativity!

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