outdoor stainless steel fire-pitA Stainless steefire-pit is a suitable choice for a backyard or patio: since it is impervious to weather damage and will not rust. Unprotected ordinary steel will rust after some time if not powder coated .

stainless steel is a durable and comparatively low-cost material compared to other fire-pit materials. Though not as eye-catching as a cast iron fire-pit, a stainless steel fire-pit can add an attractive feature to a backyard or patio without you having to pay out too much money.

The high priced models are generally handmade by a skilled steel craft worker and are unique. Whereas the low priced ones are commonplace and come in numerous designs and sizes.

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A stainless steel fire pit needs little maintenance: only the initial set-up and the occasional cleaning. It is also reasonably lightweight which means that the fire-pit can be easily moved to any location if need be.

Shiny silver or brushed will mostly be the colour of a stainless steel fire-pit. This is not a drawback, since stainless steel is a fairly attractive material, but it can be, to some extent, plain if the design of the pit in general is not an attractive one. But since stainless steel is a fairly easy material to work with, the designs on the market for a fire-pit are many.

The advantages of a stainless steel-fire pit are:

1. It is comparatively inexpensive.

2. Fairly low maintenance, just needs the occasional clean.

3. Weather resistant, durable. Doesn’t oxidize.

4. Light -weight which means it can be moved easily if needed.

5. A stainless steel fire pit will get very hot. Then again, it is still resistant to heat damage such as warping or melting.

6. A stainless steel fire-pit is not as sturdy as cast iron one, but it can offer an agreeable aesthetic to a patio or garden if the design of the pit is an interesting one.

The disadvantages of a stainless steel fire-pit are:

1. The drawback of stainless steel fire pit is generally in the eye of the beholder. Some can find a steel fire pit a bit bland design-wise because brushed steel usually has an unchanging and rather common colour.

2. Like the cast iron fire-pit a stainless steel one will also get very hot.  You should steer clear of the pit while the container is still hot. The pit will remain hot for a long while even after the fire has been put out, and touching the hot metal will cause burns, so treat with caution during and after any fire. Also small children and pets must be kept away from a stainless steel fire pit because of this reason.

Some additional information on steel fire pits

Steel fire-pits are a lot lighter in weight than the cast iron ones. Also they have greater weather endurance. The price generally falls in the middle of the reasonably priced cast iron fire-pits and the high-end copper ones. Various fire pits have steel combined with other materials, for instance stone, tile, slate, or various other metals, for more of a custom, high-end look.

The most hard-wearing steel fire pit veneer you can get is steel that is powder coated. To produce this finish, paint that is in a powdered form is heated until it becomes liquefied onto the steel to produce a chip-resistant veneer.

The colour range embraces numerous shades of brown, black and red, as well as custom shades. Cleaning this powder coated steel is straightforward: all you need is a sponge, warm water, soap and a clean cloth to dry.

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 Char-Broil Stainless Steel Fire-Pit\Bowl, 30″

stainless steel fire-pitThis striking wood-burning portable stainless steel fire-pit will bring the atmosphere and warmth of a camp fire to your backyard or patio in an instant.

Char-Broil’s stainless steel fire-pit is made of high quality stainless steel and burns wood or standard size fire logs.

This stainless steel fire-pit comes with a fine screen mesh which will give you a wide view of the fire from all sides; as well as stopping sparks and embers from flying everywhere. Also for added safety the design of the mesh screen will allow you to add wood without having to remove the screen.

The screen assembly has two bolts that rest in two holes punched in the fire bowl: this will ensure that the screen stays firmly in place.

Product Dimensions:  30 x 30 x 23 inches; 25.2 pounds

Package includes:

  • Fire bowl which is made of the best quality stainless steel; the stand is also steel and is coated in black powder paint
  • Fine-mesh screen provide a view of the fire from all angles, also the screen design permits adding wood without detaching the screen
  • Accommodates regular size fire logs
  • The built-in log grate raises the firewood and enhances burning
  • Includes 13.5” fire poker

Quite easy to put together, and a good size that is not too heavy or bulky, and so easy to put away when not using

This stunning stainless steel fire-pit would be a great addition to any backyard, or patio. Amazon Star Rating 4 out of 5 stars

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