The Simplistic and Stylish Beauty of Surya-Rugs


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Surya-rugs are beautiful and simplistic area rugs named after their manufacturer Surya Tiwari from India. Surya not only manufactures Surya-rugs but also other home furniture. Surya-rugs are synonymous with great value, novelty and extravagance. Surya-rugs represent old-style beauty and style.

The artistes and weavers who work for Surya greatly produce some of the best adaptable merchandises to bring out the best in every area. All Surya-rugs are a flawless amalgamation of colour, design and feel to accommodate the broadest assortment of tastes.

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The Story Behind the Origins of Surya-Rugs

The story behind the origins of Surya-rugs starts in 1976 in a little village Ugapur in north-eastern India. Surya Tiwari, a teacher and local contractor, wanted more in his life. Stories of Mumbai’s contemporary technology and extravagances drew Surya to reconnoitre the busy coastline metropolis. Surya marvelled at all he saw in Mumbai. He went to see the famed Taj Hotel and went inside. It was in the lobby of the Taj Hotel that Surya was presented to the Federated Group.

So the story goes. The Federated Group went to India in 1976 to obtain new merchandise for their rising number of U.S.A. marketing shops. The Federated Group, who are now Macy’s, were fascinated in resident hand produced merchandises and bade anybody who might produce and source these items to visit them at the hotel. Captivated by the offer, Surya communicated with the Federated Group agents who in turn set up a consultation with the potential purchasers. So, Surya aired his views to the perspective purchasers and they were interested in his ideas. So, they arranged to stay in Ugapur, the ensuing week, to see his merchandise.

Surya had one week to create an assembly location and make a complete collection of commodities. He rented an old-style marriage marquee and stocked it with ready-made merchandises from native craftsmen. Surya persuaded the Federated purchasers that his merchandise was right for their shops. And that is the story of how Surya Tiwari became a successful seller of Surya-rugs and other home accessories from a small village in north-eastern India.

The Story Behind Surya-Rugs U.S.A. Development

Surya, for many years, provided his Federated customers with merchandise through his new business appropriately titled Surya. Tiwari’s first assortment of Surya-rugs comprised of modest hand-knotted sections in one or two colours. His commercial enterprise was doing well. Though, he knew he could do much more with his business.

Surya, from 1976 to 1985, made numerous journeys to the U.S.A. to work closely with clients to get knowledge of their commerce and recognize how he might deliver a better deal for business their needs. So, they urged him to form an U.S.A. headquarters to deliver the straight special interaction they were, at the present, not getting from his company. They stated that ordering containers of products from India was all right, but it was difficult for them to specify items. Also, they worried that the items ordered would not be guaranteed to arrive on time. He instantly realized what had to be done to secure the survival of his company. Surya would have to listen to his much appreciated clients and get the personal contact and service they asked for. So, Surya began the lengthy and arduous procedure of starting his firm overseas.

In 1986 Surya Tiwari was approved to run his business in the U.S.A. To this day, The Surya Company is still openly involved in the development of refining and increasing its clients’ companies.

Surya-Rugs Now

Surya Tiwari in 2004 selected his male child, Satya Tiwari, as Head of the firm’s U.S.A. section. Satya, similar to his father, continues to thrust the limits of the home furnishings trade. He aims to address client problems and to aid them to thrive and prosper in their business ventures. Satya’s management has made Surya grow into one of the fastest growing private businesses in the U.S.A. Surya, because of its firm’s client-focus, merchandise diversity and different designs has made it  a manufacturing front-runner.

Now Surya facilities have more than 5,000 trade, design and e-commerce accounts with over 20,000 merchandises. There are many Surya merchandises on sale at A complete assembly of Surya-rugs, rug pads, cushions, poufs, throws and wall painting to suit all tastes and price ranges can be found on

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Surya Frontier Flat weave Hand Woven 100 per cent Wool Global Accent Rug

surya-rugsThis beautiful Frontier Collection Surya-rug features a cycle of flat-weave unique patterns with ethnic and casual designs that will enhance any area of your home. It has been hand woven in India. It has been created from premium wool. This gorgeous rug is stylish, strong and inexpensive.

Its colour is midnight blue. This Surya-rug’s size is 2′ x 3′.

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Caesar Plum Rug

surya-rugsThis beautiful and chic surya-rug from the Caesar Collection has been hand tufted from 100 per cent wool. It was hand crafted in India. It has a cotton canvas backing with latex. The colour is plum. Its’s size is 10′ x 14′.

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Jewel Tone Area Rug

The flat-weave reversible Jewel Tone Area Rug features sequences of south-western and flower-patterned designs. This accent rug has been hand woven in India. It has been created from premium wool.

Its colour is carnelian. Its size is0.16H x 8’W x 11’D. This rug has a start rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Please click here for customers reviews!


Surya Sprint Contemporary Hand Tufted Carmine Abstract Area Rug

surya-rugsThis abstract area rug from Surya’s Sprint Collection lays on the colour. It features an assortment of patterns. This durable rug is perfect for high traffic areas in the home. This rug has been hand tufted in China from 100 per cent Polyester. It is a stylish and affordable rug.

The size of this rug  is 8’ x 10’.




Surya Hand Knotted Classic Accent Rug

surya-rugsThis chic hand knotted accent rug from the Pazar Collection by Surya will certainly make a beautiful and charming addition to your room space within your home. It is hand knotted in a vivid mixture of wool and cotton. It has beautiful designs emphasized by mesmerizing and vivacious tones.

The size of this rug is 5’ x 6’.




Surya Bengal BENGAL GOLD Traditional Hand Knotted

surya-rugsThis rug runner is part of the Surya Bengal Collection which offers old-style patterns with astonishing excellence. It has been hand knotted in an ageless style that will always be in fashion among those people with great taste. It has been inspired by days gone by. It comes in a diversity of colours which will add beauty to any household. It has been made from 100 per cent New Zealand wool. Its colour is gold.

This rug runner colour is gold. Its size is 2’6” x 8’.




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