tabletop water fountainsTabletop water fountains are a great feature to fit any area and price range. Tabletop water fountains add the calming quality of trickling water to any area of your home or office. They also add humidity on those arid days and nights.

The ancient Chinese believed that flowing water had a positive effect on humans. They believed that gently flowing water released Chi. Chi is the Chinese word for natural energy.

Flowing water is also believed to release anions in the atmosphere. And when these anions interact with the electrons in the atmosphere it neutralizes the air. Maybe it because of this effect that people feel happier when they are relaxing by flowing water.

The designs of tabletop water fountains vary. You can either choose from one with glowing candles, broken pots or jars, glowing spheres, etc.

These fountains are made from in assortment of materials like ceramic, resin copper and much more.

Tabletop water fountains are generally around 6 to 15 inches in width and a water basin that’s about 3 inches deep. The price of these varies according to the design and size of the table top fountain. Tabletop water fountains are usually priced at around $ 30-50. Though, if you are looking for the more handmade tabletop water fountains the price could be around $150 or more.

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What materials are tabletop water fountains made from?

Tabletop water fountains come in many materials. This includes copper, slate, stones, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, etc. I have made a list of the different types of tabletop-water fountains.

Ceramic Tabltop-Water fountains

Ceramic tabletop water fountains come in beautiful designs and will grace any room. They have soothing water sounds that will help you to relax. Ceramic tabletop fountains are a great addition to your indoor decor.

The great thing about ceramic tabletop fountains is that they are almost maintenance free. They are very easy to clean and will not stain. Ceramic is the perfect material for tabletop water fountains!

The Best Ceramic Tabletop Water Fountains on Amazon

tabletop water fountainsHoMedics WF-LILY EnviraScapeTM Lily Ceramic Relaxation Fountain

This attractive tabletop water fountain will add an earthy tone to your room.  The water flow makes soft calming sounds that will relax you.

It is an elegant piece that will compliment any indoor area. It is an ideal addition to any home or business.


Its dimensions are 7.5″L x 7.5″W x 6.75″H, 2.15 lbs.

It is made from ceramic.

It has a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

It comes with an electric recirculating pump.

It costs $35.48.

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tabletop water fountainsOrganic Water Lily Ceramic Tabletop Water Fountain

This ceramic tabletop fountain will give your home a tranquil feel to it. It is designed with 3 water lilies as they upsurge and trickle water from one layer to the other.

This tabletop fountain comes in a simple glaze.


It is suitable for inside or outside useage.

It is 8″ high.

It has 120 volts.

It includes a 6′ cord.

It costs $34.99.

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Best Tabletop Water Fountains on Amazon

tabletop water fountainsEnviraScape Mariposa Tabletop Fountain

This fountain draws creativeness from the natural exquisiteness of a lotus-filled pond and transports the harmony and calmness of the scenic outdoors into your household.

This lotus inspired fountain creates a serene, stress free atmosphere to your home.  Running water softly flows down the delicately illuminated petals that make up this beautiful flower fountain.

The Mariposa Tabletop Fountain by HoMedics radiates beauty and romance from each petal and is the perfect addition to any room in your household.

It costs $23.99.

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Watch This Video on How to Make a Tabletop Waterfall

Desktop water fountains Guide

The desktop water fountains on display in this website will suit all budgets and tastes. The great thing about these desktop fountains is that they can be placed on the minutest of spaces on your desktop. They are usually smaller then tabletop water fountains.

Enjoy the overall beauty of these fountains as you sit down in the comfort of your comfortable chair and allow the serenity of the water fountain’s sinuous water resonances to wash all over you and help deliver you from the pressures of everyday life. Pure bliss!

It will astonish you at how more tranquil you will feel as you go through your day with just this slight addition of comforting water sounds from a desktop water fountain at work or home.

Many of the tabletop water fountains found on this site will work fine as desktop waterfalls. Though below is a list of the smaller desktop fountains that are more appropriate for space saving styles that fit on a desktop.

Desktop water fountains are intended to fit onto smaller areas then the tabletop water fountain while still providing the peacefulness of moving and calming water. Their dimensions are never larger than 12″.

So check out the various assortments of desktop fountains we have to offer on this site!

Desktop Water Fountains on Amazon

tabletop water fountainsHoMedics Envirascape Silver Springs Illuminated Relaxation Fountain

This water fountain has a contemporary design. It will bring a tranquil cordiality to any living area. It will help you lower stress levels by making an anxiety-free atmosphere. It has a stylish quality.

It gently illumines for a more dreamy result. Its numerous water streams generate a mild presence with the calming sounds of water. Its Water flow copies the sights and sound of a serene spring


It comes with natural stones.

It costs $19.97.

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tabletop water fountainsLighted Stream Tabletop Fountain


It is made from tough poyresin material. This is to guarantee a durable item.

It includes a silent submersible electric pump so it does not interfere with your relaxation time.

This fountain lifts off base for easy contact to the pump and lights. It has 4 foot pads to stop scraping exteriors. Its colour comes in brown and black.

It has 4 LED lights to complement light and make the water reflect back.

Its dimensions are 6″ W x 10″ H x 4″ D; 1 lb.

It costs $39.95.

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Indoor Wall fountains Guide

The great thing about Indoor wall fountains is that they bring the calming sounds of nature into your living area. Indoor wall fountains will add beauty to your home or work atmosphere.

Beautiful features like indoor wall fountains can fill your space with serenity and offer anxiety relief. These attractive indoor wall fountains basically hang on your wall, leaving plenty of use-able floor space for furniture and anything else you want in that empty area.

Indoor wall fountains look great in living rooms, dining rooms, entrance ways, and bedrooms or even by a whirlpool bath. These lovely fountains can also help to make a statement for your business. You can put them in the lobby, conference room, or office of your work environment.

So How Do You Choose the Right Indoor Wall Fountains?

This website will help you to make the right choice on what indoor wall fountains to choose. There are so many fountains to fit your home or business’ design style so you will be spoilt for choices. You are sure to find the perfect wall fountain or water feature to fit your home or business’ design style! 

Take a minute to contemplate where you will want to place your indoor wall fountain.  The size you choose for your home or business is critical for both appealing and mounting considerations.  It is important that you ensure your wall fountain praises the inner area.  Remember, if it is too small it will get lost in the room, and if it’s too big, it might feel too crowded.  It is very important that you measure your wall carefully and select a size that fits the wall.

When putting up an indoor wall fountain on your wall, you will want to carefully follow the comprehensive mounting instructions that come with your fountain. Usually, you won’t need a contractor or handyman to connect your fountain, but you will want to have someone to help you lift it.

Remember if you are worried about how weighty an indoor wall fountain will be on your inside wall, there are many that are lightweight and have an easy to hang one piece design.

The Best Indoor Wall Fountains on Amazon

tabletop water fountainsAdagio Reflection Creek with Rajah Natural Slate in Antique Bronze Finish Fountain

Transport calming water sounds and relaxation to your living area with this lighted wall fountain. It has a superb powder coated steel frame and a slate or glass face. When the water flows down the gleaming face, it is illuminated by three halogen lights under the hood.


Choose from several face options including Featherstone (lightweight) slate, solid slate or mirror.

It comes complete with polished river rock, halogen lighting, and pump.

It comes with EZ Installation Instructions and DVD.

It has a simple On/Off switch is located on the top of the feature.

It comes with a recirculating electric pump with manual fill and no plumbing needed.

Water flows smoothly down the face of the fountain, does not splash or spray.

It costs $899.00

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tabletop water fountainsNojoqui Falls Lightweight Medium Fountain 

Add this beautiful natural stone wall fountain to your wall today! 


Its colour is copper patina with a shroud finish. 

This is a medium Nojoqui Falls-inspired wall fountain.

It comes with a pump and adjustable flow valve.

No plumbing needed because water recirculates through the fountain.

It comes with LED accent lighting with remote control.

It costs $636.00.

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tabletop water fountainsWater in Motion Fountains

Unsophisticated yet chic this wall fountain enhances any room with harmony and tranquillity. This wall fountain by Nayer Kazemi looks stunning and makes soothing waterfalls sounds.

It is covered in a spectacular flame finish copper frame, the water cascades down the attractive slate panel into the pool of water in the copper basin. The copper frame has a special heat coated flame finish that defends the copper from rusting and it brings out its striking metallic natural tones of reds, golds, blues and greens.


18″ wide x 3″ deep x 29″ high

It weighs approx. 60 lbs.

It costs $930.00.

It has a silent electrical water pump that allows the water to flows throughout the fountain. It also comes with complete guidelines for hanging the fountain and caring for it.

tabletop water fountainsWall Stream (copper) Water Fountains

Enjoy stress free time with the waterfall sounds that come from this traditional felt wall fountain. The Nayer Kazemi Stream copper wall fountain is a modest and elegant fountain that looks attractive.

It is covered in a spectacular flame finish copper frame, the water cascades down the gorgeous slate panel into the pool of water in the copper basin.

The light under the copper roof illuminates the water as it flows down the gleaming slate. The copper frame has a special heat coated flame finish that guards the copper from rusting and it brings out its metallic natural tones of reds, golds, blues and greens.


13″ wide x 4″ deep x 35″ high

It weighs approx. 30 lbs.

It costs $1,030.00.

This indoor fountain includes flame finish copper frame, slate panel, accent lighting, and water pump.

Very easy to assemble and very easy to mount on the wall

It has a quiet electrical water pump that circulates the water throughout the fountain and comprehensive instructions for hanging the fountain and caring for it.

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