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Reach your goal: did you know that the way to reach your main goal is to break it up into minor goals (sub-goals)? Sub-goals are just a smaller part of the main goal.

Once you have broken the main goal into sub-goals: you then do the same again with the sub-goals.

Break them down, even more,  once this is done you’ll then have come to the action steps.

Action steps are actions that you do to get closer to realizing your sub-goals. And sub-goals are actions that you do to get closer to your main goal.

All goals are accomplished in stages, not all at once.

Reach Your Goal by Turning a Goal into Action Steps

Remember, when you are sorting your goals out into sub-goals and action steps, choose definite targets. By this, I mean making the sub-goals and action steps into easy measurable goals that you know you can complete. Each step once completed should bring you closer to the main goal.

For instance, let’s say that you would like to get rid of all the random junk in your attic. What would be the first sub-goal you would do?

The first definite sub-goal with a measurable outcome is to organize your attic.

A second one would be to put what you want to keep in storage containers and label them.

A third one would be getting rid of all the superfluous things you don’t need.

Then you would break each of these sub-goals into action steps. Steps that you know you can easily achieve.

For example, the first sub-goal of organizing your attic you could break it into an action step for each area of the attic.

Like you could split the attic into smaller spaces that can be de-cluttered in the morning, or whatever time you choose to allocate to it.

You Should Use Solid Facts And Figures to Help You Reach Your Goal

Solid means something that you can measure. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what type of goal you have you must always use facts and figures. If you want to lose some weight, decide on a precise number of pounds.

If it’s money you want to save break it down into dollar amounts you want to save each week. Write a list of your sub-goals and action goals, and remember to use action words to describe your main goal.

For instance, just say that you want to lose weight. Then on your list of things to do avoid writing health club, as an alternative, write. I will go to the health club, or if you want to save money. I will save $ 500 by Friday 22, 20 12 (both phrases describe an action).

Writing in this way will prompt your unconscious mind to realize that this is an action that needs to be done.

Remember to Keep your Sub-Goals and Action Steps Realistic

You must remember that the purpose of breaking down goals into steps is to make them more realistic. Because almost any goal is attainable if you break it into little pieces and attach realistic measurable time frames to these pieces.

Goals that rotate around acquiring a new skill are particularly intimidating, but when you break them down, they turn out to be achievable.

Furthermore, if your action steps seem to appear more like gigantic hurdles, this doesn’t mean you should give up. All it means is that you must break them up some more so they are easier to attain.

Also, remember to check Your Progress every now and then and record it in a journal. This will show you how far you have come to realizing your goal and will give you more motivation to go forward until you reach it. Good Luck!

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