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The fear of flying is increasing every year? If you think that you are in danger of developing the phobia the best way to combat the drawback is to decide if there is really a “drawback.” In this case, the problem is that you are scared of flying. People in the know say that the earlier the phobia is diagnosed the easier it will be to get rid of it.

Some of the usual symptoms of the phobia, or (aviophobia) consist of suffering from nervousness or over anxiety throughout the flight. Some other symptoms of the phobia may also include vomiting, motion sickness, muscular tensions, excessive sweating, increased heart rate and uncontrolled trembling of the body.

Visiting a psychiatrist or an NLP therapist that deals with phobias is one of the fundamental treatments in conquering the fear. Because the psychiatrist or NLP therapist will give you another viewpoint on the condition and will also assist you to deal with the condition, particularly if it has stopped you from travelling and is interfering with you career. The following are some tips that you can follow so you can conquer this fear.

The Fear of Flying Three Tips

The first tip, be well-informed: this is one of the best things you can do in order to conquer the fear. If you are knowledgeable about flying, you will then realize that airplane disasters hardly ever happen all the time.

And if you are ever unfortunate enough to be in one then you will know what to do because you will have already taken time off to learn more about this kind of incident.

The experts say that the better the understanding there is when it comes to flying – like knowing all about the things that typically take place during flights – then the quicker you will get control of the fear that grips your emotions.

The second tip, find out what actually scares you: this is an important thing that you should discover if you have a phobia of flying because if you discover what it is you can then tackle the problem with the aid of a therapist.

The third tip, stop thinking too much: the experts say that even though having a phobia of flying is logical, it all comes from your imagination. So, if you are on a flight, it is best not to think too much about what could happen. If you do this, you will go through a peaceable flight without having to be concerned about anything.

A lot of people who have deep-seated fear of flying have arrived at this stage because they tend to think of too many horrible things while on the airplane. The inclination is for them to have panic attacks and long-drawn-out dizziness spells.

So remember to help you in conquering your fear, you must try to lighten up during the flight.

Famous People who are Terrified of Flying

Agnetha  F¤ltskog , the former Abba singer, is frequently labelled as a reclusive person. But she revealed not long ago that the reason that she had stopped travelling with her pop group was because of a fear of flying.

Her fear of flying started after a distressing experience flying from New York to Boston while on a US tour in 1979 when the band’s private plane hit a tornado: “I try not to think of it, as it was terrifying,” she said.

Jennifer Aniston, the star of Friends, has only just recently confessed to her fear of flying in an interview she did in the UK in 2013. A lot of celebrities might be tempted to drink alcohol to help soothe their anxieties but Aniston says that drinking it “doesn’t help.”

Kirsten Dunst, this well-known actress, has confessed that she has a real fear of flying and cannot easily relax. Nevertheless, she has come up with an excellent coping method thanks to her sound stopping Bose headphones.  The headphones drown out the sounds of the airplane, which allows the Spiderman actress to concentrate on just getting to her desired destination without freaking out.

Colin Farrell, the well-known Irish actor, who had roles in both Minority Report and Daredevil has an extreme dislike of flying. Farrell believes the idea of flight to be quite “unnatural”.

Ben Affleck, the new Batman, his flying phobia began at the age of nine.  He was on a plane flying to Washington, D.C.  all by himself. When the plane was hit by lightning and caught fire.

Stanley Kubrick, the American film director, was so scared of flying that he shot most of his movies such as the Shining, Full Metal jacket and Eyes Wide Shut in the UK, his adopted home.

There are many other celebrities who have confessed to being terrified of flying. This is just a very small list. It doesn’t matter what you do or who you are, being terrified of flying can really affect your life style.

The next time you find it hard to get on a plane, remember that you are not alone in your fear. Good Luck!

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