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Psychic abilities are part of our human inheritance. Everyone is psychic. For some people, these abilities lie inactive, but the majority of people make use of them on a daily basis without knowing.

Many people do not see their hunches and perceptions as a demonstration of psychic abilities. Nearly everyone has had that feeling of absolutely knowing that a certain thing was going to happen, and then it did.

But the majority of people will dismiss that knowing feeling, as just another coincidence. The thing is if they were to look back all through their life they would be amazed at how often this knowing feeling had happened to them.

So, what is it that allows psychic abilities to manifest? What is the medium which they operate through? Well, psychic events seem to manifest through an energy that is created in the universe.

Most people who study and do research in the psychic field refer to this energy as psychic energy. The yogis of India call it ‘prana’ the Chinese martial artist call it ‘chi.’ the Japanese martial artist call it’ ki,’ and so do Reiki healers. This energy has a different name in different cultures.

Has everyone got psychic energy? Yes, every living thing on earth has psychic energy including trees and plants. Also, the earth, itself, is just one big breathing psychic organism floating in the universe.

That’s why it’s possible for all living things to transfer energy to one another. This ability to transfer energy is the foundation for all psychic happenings. As well as all communication between all living beings.

So what does Psychic energy consist of? Well, basically think of psychic energy like the electricity in your body that gives you life. It is a physical substance, which is all around you. It is in the energy of sunlight, in the energy of sound. And also in the air that you breathe.

So, psychic energy being a physical energy can then be perceived by the physical senses.

Developing your psychic abilities is all down to learning how to control your psychic energy. You can do this with knowledge, regular practice, and dexterity.

But, like anything worth developing it takes time and energy for it to reach its full potential.

Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities

Tapping into your psychic abilities is a process. It takes some time to gain confidence and trust in your psychic ability. Working with tools like the Tarot, Runes or a pendulum is one way to access your inner knowing but like anything that is worth learning, it takes continual practice to develop the skill.

Developing your psychic skills will be a lifelong undertaking and will bring you abundant pleasure and exploration in your journey through life.

Three Excellent Exercises to Help You Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities

The first exercise is: Get some water colors and paint some different colors on square pieces of white paper. Paint one square of paper red, the other blue, the other green; one black and another yellow.

Close your eyes and shuffle the papers, and then place your hand on the top one, and see whether you can tell what color you are touching. After a while, you will be able to pick the colors quite accurately by the vibes that they emit.

The Second exercise is: try to develop what is called sensitiveness to psychic contagion. Think about this, emotions and thoughts are just as contagious as diseases, and that you can catch them in just the same way! So when in the company of someone you don’t know very well, or even a complete stranger, try to catch or feel their feelings and emotions.

You will almost certainly get, at first, the thoughts, etc, they are expressing; then those which they are just about to express.

Then you will begin to sense the feelings and emotions of the speaker before they are put into words; lastly, you will be able to feel this person’s whole thinking and feeling self – by intuition or mental impression.

The third exercise is: Teach yourself to express what you are feeling. This can be quite difficult. Sometimes you can feel a certain emotion towards a certain object or person, and feel inclined to say what it is, but something seems to hold you back until it is too late.

Try to overcome this limiting feeling. It is imperative you should do this because this is one of the most important lessons to learn in the development of psychic abilities. When practicing these exercises make sure that you are mentally and physically relaxed at all times.

Good Luck!

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