Uses for baby-oil

uses for baby-oilThere are many great and unusual uses for baby-oil. Its uses are not just to sooth your baby’s rear! For instance, do you need to free something, disentangle, make softer, remove dirt, smooth out, remove hair, shine-up or stop something from squeaking and more? That is where baby-oil comes in useful.

Below are some great 29 uses for baby-oil.

Tip 1: Take away latex paint off skin

Basically, if you can’t remove latex paint off your hands with lava soap, use baby-oil instead.

Put a dab of the lubricant on a cotton ball or anything else that will absorb it. Gently massage with the cotton bud containing the lubricant in concentric circles on the painted area of your skin from the outer area.

Tip 2: Massage oil

Baby-oil can be used as massage oil. Just add some pure scented oils like lavender or jasmine to the baby-oil and hey, presto, you have beautiful smelling massage oil.

Tip 3: Eradicate earwax

Warning: Before I mention that how you can eradicate ear wax build up in your ear with baby-oil, please go to you GP if you find that your hearing is impaired. It may not be because of ear wax build up!

  1. Tilt up your head so the affected ear is up, put 5 drops of baby-oil inside your ear. For best results warm the oil to ensure the ear wax is completely dissolved.
  2. Allow it stay for long enough to soften some of the wax.
  3. Then let the baby-oil drain out onto a unsoiled cloth.
  4. A small quantity of warm water can be used to remove any wax left in the ear with a needle-less syringe.

Tip 4: Remove eye makeup

Baby-oil not only removes eye make-up but it also makes your eyelids soft and supple.

  1. Place some baby oil on a cotton bud.
  2. Lightly rub it over any eye makeup that you want to take away.
  3. If required, use another cotton bud to wipe away any surplus baby-oil.

Tip 5: Bath oil

Place a small number of droplets into your bath water. The baby-oil will make your skin feel soft and silky. If you want to feel even more refreshed and beautiful why don’t you drop some aromatic lavender perfume into you bath with the baby-oil.

Tip 6: Post-shave oil

You can use this versatile oil as a post shaves lubricant for the body. It works best as a coating over the top of some old-style cream to keep in the freshness.

Tip 7: Short-term tattoo remover

Baby-oil is good for removing temporary tattoos, i.e. like water transfers. Just scrub them off with a small amount of baby-oil. It should come right off leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Tip 8: Retain heat

This is a matter of opinion. I have never used baby-oil to heat myself up. Though, some people say it works. Rub some baby-oil on any exposed part of your anatomy and it is supposed to warm you up!

Tip 9: Soften cracked or dry heels

Baby-oil and a clean sock can aid in healing your cracked and dry heals!

Put some baby-oil over your sore and cracked heels. Then put on some socks over your oiled heels before going to bed. And, presto, wake up to lovely smooth and soft heels!

Tip 10: Diminish stretch marks throughout pregnancy

Smear some baby-oil to soften skin and stop stretch marks throughout pregnancy.

Tip 11: Eliminate bubble-gum, wax, or band-aids

Baby-oil is great for removing bubble-gum, wax or band-aids from your body or hair.

  1. Smear a small quantity to the affected part.
  2. Allow it to stand.
  3. Then work at the mess with your fingertips.

It’ll make the gum easier to remove, and it’ll soften the wax. The baby-oil will also help the band-aide come off without tearing out any hair.

This is a predominantly good technique of eradicating additional wax after an eyebrow or bikini job.

Tip 12: Cuticle oil

Baby-oil is great for softening dry and cracked cuticles.

Tip 13: Lip Scrub

A great why to eradicate dry skin from lips is to use a baby-oil lip scrub.

  1. Add 1 teaspoon of baby oil, ½ teaspoon of sugar and a few droplets of lemon juice.

Put this scrub on your lips each night before retiring to bed and it will eliminate dry skin. So every morning you will have beautiful, soft and smooth lips.

Tip 14: Removes nail polish from cuticles

If after painting your nails some polish gets onto your cuticles why not use baby-oil to remove it? Use a cotton bud or tissue to eradicate the nail polish, carefully.

Tip 15: Use before waxing

Use baby-oil on your skin before waxing your eye brows, legs or nether regions first to eradicate any lingering wax. It will also soothe your skin before you have poured the horrid hot wax on.

Tip 16: Cradle cap reliever

Cradle cap is a common kind of dermatitis that causes scaly patches on the baby’s scalp.

  1. Put a small quantity of baby-oil onto the infant’s scalp.
  2. Allow it to soak in for a few minutes before shampooing

Please note:

Though, anything to do with your baby’s health you should always take them to a GP for a thorough check up.

Tip 17: baby wipes

You can make your own baby wipes with baby-oil.

  1. Get some paper towels cut in half and put some baby wash solution and baby oil onto it. It will do as a throwaway baby wipes.
  2. Or use flannel or cotton cloth cut into squares instead of the paper towels. The cloth can be washed along with diapers and recycled.

Tip 18: Hand de-greaser

Use baby-oil to de-grease your hands after working on your car. It will make them nice and smooth.

Tip 19: Polish wooden furniture

Say, you are expecting an important guest/s but notice that there are ugly water stains on your wooden table! Don’t worry; use baby-oil as a quick polish! It will give wooden furniture a lovely shine. It will also aid create a water-proof barrier on the wood.

Tip 20: Disentangle a necklace chain

If you have some tangled up jewellery like a necklace put it in a tub of baby-oil.  The lubricant will loosen the metal links, thus, permitting them to detach with no trouble. After you take the disentangled necklace from the lubricant, use a pin to work out the snarled knot.

Tip 21: Take off a stuck ring

Have your hands ever swollen up because of pregnancy or plane travel? Smear a little baby-oil on the puffy finger and the ring will progressively ease off.

Tip 22: Remove a price label

Baby oil is great for removing a sticker from glass, china or plastic piece. Just rub in the oil and wait for a while. The pesky label ought to peel off more smoothly.

Please note:

Don’t smear baby-oil on paper or cloth objects because it will blemish them.

Tip 23: Polish Golf clubs

If you don’t have any WD-40, special golf-club polishes, petroleum jelly, a silicone gun cloth handy you can use baby-oil instead.

Tip 24: Dashboard improver

Marks can develop on the plastic lenses covering the odometer and other dashboard pieces. Polish them with some baby-oil to make it look better.

Tip 25: Zipper mender

Smear oil with a cotton bud until the fastener is once again working. Elude discoloration from the baby-oil by being cautious not to get it on the chief material of the clothing.

Tip 26: On leather items

To stop any leather item from looking dry put some baby-oil onto them. It will keep them soft and shiny.

Tip 27: Improve the performance of your shredder

Put some baby-oil on your document shredder to ensure it will run smoothly.

  1. Place 2 pieces of paper in a baking sheet and spurt on some lubricant on it.
  2. When the lubricant has absorbed into the paper and put it through the shredder.

Tip 28: Steel or chrome shiner

Use baby-oil to shine steel or chrome. Smear some oil on a soft rag and rub it on stainless steel or chrome. The baby-oil will make steel or chrome shine.

Tip 29: Squeaky-hinge oil

Put a drop or 2 onto the squeaky item and it should stop that horrible sound that drives everyone mad.

Tip 30: Soap scum remover

To remove soap scum from shower curtains/doors, etc. use baby oil. Put a small quantity of the versatile lubricant on the scummy area. Ensure to wipe up any oil trickles afterwards.

Below are uses for baby-oil  you should never attempt unless you want disaster.

Remember, never us baby-oil with a latex condom because it dissolves latex. So, remember, if you don’t want a baby, baby-oil dissolves latex, which could mean baby disaster!

Apparently, some crazy people drink baby-oil! Not only does baby-oil have a laxative effect it obviously tastes horrible as well! Also, I don’t think it is food-grade safe. Which means it could be very harmful to you. So never drink baby-oil!

I hope you liked this post on the many versatile Uses for Baby-Oil. Have a great day and look out for more informative posts on various subjects!

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