Uses for Borax for Cleaning and Other Things

uses for borax

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The uses for Borax are many, but it is most famous for its cleaning properties, Borax (or sodium borate) has been about for hundreds of years in the far-east. It became popular for cleaning and laundry purposes in the west in the   19th century. Borax is still used today for a number of varied cleaning and laundry jobs around the house.

It helps to soften hard water which in turn will leave your clothes brighter and cleaner. It also has other not so well known uses, such as its use for pest control and some other things that we will come across later.

Known usually as Mule Team Borax, you will find this white powder at Wal-Mart, most grocery stores and many online shops. It is somewhat inexpensive to buy which makes it a first-rate choice for many jobs around the house.

The good news is that you do not need to use much borax to get whatever job you want done.

It has overwhelming cleaning powers. The following is fair size collection of some of the things Borax can be used for to make your life a lot easier.

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Uses for Borax Cleaning

1 Uses for Borax to Unblock Drains:

Pour ½ a cup of Borax down your sink drain then pour two cups of boiling water after it. Then leave it for on less than 15 minutes. When the 15 minutes is up then just run your water tap to flush all the crap out.

The Borax and hot water breaks down the grease and dirt that gets trapped in a sink drain. It will leave your drain disinfected and clean as well as smelling much nicer. From now on you will not need to pay an expensive plumber to come and unblock your drain.

Borax is a lot cheaper and works as well as any drain liquid cleaner that is on the market. Also it will clean and help to keep your garbage disposal from clogging up.

2 Uses for Borax to Make a Floor Cleaner:

Take 1/3 of a cup of borax then mix in 1 teaspoon of dish washing detergent, 1tablespoon of ammonia – if you don’t want to use ammonia you can use a table spoon of lemon juice as an alternative it works just as well and leaves the place smelling fresh.

Then mix the concoction into a gallon of very hot water. Borax is very good at getting rid of obstinate stains from most kinds of floors. You can use it on linoleum, tiles and hardwood flooring.

Shoe marks on the floor will easily be cleaned away because of the scouring ability of Borax. With the help of the other cleaners, it will basically get rid of any stain that is on your floor even the ones that have been there a while.

3 Uses for Borax to Eradicate Rust:

Just put 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in a bowl then pour 2 cups of warm water into the bowl and then 1 cup of Borax. If you have anything that is metal and rusty you can put this mixture onto the rust, remember the mixture should be paste like, and leave for about 30 minutes.

Then wipe the paste of and scrub the rust of with a scouring pad. If the rust is a little stubborn just put on another coat and leave for another 30 minutes, then repeat, the rust will easily come off. With this mixture you can eradicate rust on pots and pans and even garden furniture before you repaint them.

4 To Clean Combs and Hairbrushes:

Just fill a washbasin up with some warm water then mix a tablespoon of strong dishwashing detergent with a quarter of a cup of Borax then add to the warm water. Immerse your hair brush or comb in the water and leave to soak for a while then swish the object about in the lathery water then rinse and dry.

5 To Make Worn China Sparkle:

Just add ½ a cup of Borax to a tub full of warm water and just let your china soak in the solution for a while. Then give them a good rinse in cold water and then wash them as usual.

6 Rubbish Bin Deodorizer:

Just pour a bucket of hot water with a cup of borax added into the bin. Leave to soak for a while and then rinse the solution out. Then sprinkle half a cup of Borax inside the bin to keep any insects away and to soak up any moisture that can cause the bin to stink.

7 To Eradicate the Smell of Urine from a Mattress:

Just wet the mattress with water then rub in some Borax with a dampened cloth into the mattress; leave to dry, afterwards just vacuum up any left-over residue.

8 To Eradicate Musty Sells and Mildew From Linens:

Just leave the linen to soak in a bath for a couple of hours. Fill the bath with 2 quarts of water and 2 cups of Borax mixed in; when the time is up rinse the linen until clean.

9 Uses for Borax to Clean a Carpets:

Just add ½ a cup of Borax to every gallon of water you use in a carpet steam cleaning appliance.

10 To Clean the Toilet Pan:

Just pour a large cup of Borax into the pan before you go to bed and leave overnight. When you get up the next morning use the toilet brush to clean the loosen grime that’s built up in the pan.

11 To Remove Adhesive:

Mix 2 level teaspoons of Borax to 1 teaspoon of water then rub the mixture on the sticky area and then wipe clean.

12 To Clean Cookware:

Borax is a gentle and mild cleaner for aluminium and porcelain cookware. Just Sprinkle some on pans and pots and rub with a dampened dishcloth. Then thoroughly rinse.

13 Uses for Borax to Clean Shower and Tub Tiles:

Just sprinkle some Borax on a soft cleaning cloth or a sponge and just use like an ordinary powdered cleaner. You can also use it on fiberglass

This can even be used on fiberglass finishes as well, without any scratching. Rinse whatever surface you’ve been cleaning thoroughly.

14 Uses for Borax to Clean Sinks:

You can eradicate stains from porcelain and stainless steel sinks with a mixture of ¼ of a cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of Borax, mix it into a paste. Use a cloth or a sponge to rub the paste into the stain. When finished rinse with some warm water.

15 To Eradicate Cat Litter Smells:

Just mix in a cup full of the stuff with the litter.

16 Uses for Borax, to Stop Mould:

Just make a very thick paste out of Borax and water. Then spread it on the area that is mouldy.

Leave to set, over-night, anyway make sure that it is dry. Next day rub off the dry powder and sweep up then rinse the treated area with warm water and dry.

17 Uses for Borax, to Deodorize the Refrigerator:

Any food spillage can easily be cleaned away with a soft cloth or sponge using a mixture of 1 tablespoon of Borax to a quart of tepid water. After cleaning, use cold water to rinse the area afterwards.

18 uses for Borax to Help Keep the Humidifier Free from Odour:

Just add a tablespoon of borax to every gallon of water then fill the humidifier with it. Remember to rinse the solution out before refilling the humidifier with pure water before use.

Uses for Borax Pest Control:

19 Uses for borax to Eradicate the Usual Pests:

To keep water-bugs, ants and roaches away, sprinkle the area with a mixture of equal parts sugar and Borax. The sugar will help to draw the insects in and the boric acid in borax will eradicate them for good.

You can also sprinkle some on your bed mattress to eradicate any bed bugs, leave for a few hours and then vacuum up.

Great places to start eradicating your home from annoying pest are underneath refrigerators, cookers or sinks because these places are usually the most infested. Also these places are where small children and pets find hard to reach because you do not want them to put the mixture in their mouths.

20 Uses for Borax as a Deterrent for Mice:

Apparently, mice hate getting Borax on their feet. So sprinkle some where the mouse usually hangs out and it will think twice before returning to that area of your house again. Also, sprinkle some along walls because mice like to run along them.

21 Uses for Borax to Eradicate Fleas:

Just sprinkle some borax on carpets and leave for a couple of hours and then vacuum. Put some on dog blankets and leave for a couple of hours and then wash. Sprinkle Borax on any area that you think flees are coming from leave it there for a few hours then clean up.

When using Borax to eradicate pest make sure that no child or pet can get near it to be on the safe side.

Uses for Borax for Trees and weeds:

22 Uses for Borax Fruit Seed Development:

You can sprinkle 2 tablespoon of Borax around a young fruit tree or a cup of the stuff around a full-size fruit tree.

Every 3-4 years this will add boron to the soil, which is a trace mineral. It is needed for seed and fruit development and good cell wall growth.

23 Uses for Borax as a Weed Killer:

Do not use Borax in your garden because it will kill your plants. But it is good for eradicating weeds that grow on walkways and that grow in concrete cracks. Just sprinkle some Borax on the offending weed to eradicate them.

Other Uses for Borax:

24 To Make Home-made Candles Better:

If you like making your own candles then if you want to reduce smoke and ash, just soak the wicks in a mixture of equal amount of salt and Borax. A Tablespoon of each dissolved in a cup of tepid water.

To Clean Violin Bow Hair:

If the bow hair begins to get sticky with rosin, just use a damp toothbrush and dip it into some Borax and then lightly scrub small areas at a time. Wipe clean and then you can re-rosin it.

Uses for Borax, Some Facts:

  • Boron deposits developed 19 – 20 million years ago.
  • In the 8th century AD, from the far-east, they started to regularly import tincal (which is the Sanskrit name for borax) through the trade routes used by Marco Polo.
  •  In the 8th century AD the first established use of Borax by Arabian silver and goldsmiths.
  •  The first established use of borax in ceramic varnishes in China 10th century Ad.
  •  Borax was valuable in the middle-ages in Europe as a flux for soldering – they used it to clean the metal surfaces that were to be melted together.
  •  Boric-acid was first produced in 1702.
  •  Borates found in South American Andes in 1790.
  •  The element boron is isolated in 1808.
  •  F.M. “Borax” Smith company founder, finds borates in Nevada in 1872.
  •  Borax was found in Death Valley, California, in 1880 and soon production began. The famous 20 mule team wagons transported it from Death Valley to the rail-road junction 160 miles away at Mojave.
  •  European sources of Borax were not known and the origin and nature of this unexplained substance was a real mystery to chemists.

It was eventually tracked down to Tibet, in dry lake beds. And this was virtually the only source that was known of until a discovery in 1716 of Italian springs full of boric acid. (hydrogen borate) that could be transformed by adding sodium carbonate into borax. So Italy was then the main supplier of borax up until the 1860s that was when they found that there where desert areas, that are now in Chile that could also supply Borax.

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