Mantras for Calmness of Mind and Well-being

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 Mantras for Calmness of Mind and Well-being: mantras can be a great way to achieve calmness of mind and life-long well-being. Most people think that they need to be religious to use mantras to improve their lives. That is not so.

Mantras can be used by anyone who wishes to improve their well-being. Furthermore, anyone can make their own custom-made mantra to fit their lifestyle, as long as the words mean something to them.

The name mantra originates from Sanskrit and means “Implement instrument of thought”. A mantra is a sound made up of a syllable, word, or clusters of words that are recited with the objective of producing a constructive alteration within the person.

Remember, that at a deep level the unconscious mind is a united awareness of all the forms of primeval consciousness.  Therefore, this consciousness subsists all through the material and subtle bodies.

The continual use of mantras can delve into the unconscious crystallizing concepts that are accumulated in the organs and glands. Mantras can then convert these bodily parts into sources of harmony.

 Mantras for Calmness of Mind and Well-being the Advantages

These are a few of the advantages of mantra meditation

1. Relieves stress and anxiety.

2. Encourages inner peace, and nurtures good health and well-being.

3. Amplifies the ability to concentrate, and also, the ability to solve problems.

4. Increases energy levels. While, decreasing tiredness.

5. Awakens your spirituality.

So here are some great steps for you to take so you can start to use mantras

First step:

You need to set a few minutes each day to practice and also find a quiet place.

For best results, you will need to practice every day for about five to ten minutes. You could start the day by chanting a mantra as soon as you get up in the morning.

If there is any outside noise then you can always play some meditative background music and if you use some incense this will then help create an appropriate environment for you to chant your mantra in.

Second step: position

Sit in a relaxed position, either on a chair or crossed legged on the floor. Then relax your whole body and begin taking deep breaths. (The deep breaths should be taken by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth).

Third Step: chanting

Now begin chanting the mantra that you have created for yourself. As you chant the mantra, blank your mind for a few minutes.

Fourth Step: calm the mind

Now, while chanting, occupy your mind with calming pictures, such as a waterfall, or a beach. Do this for five to ten minutes.

Fifth Step: breathe

After five to ten minutes, finish your chanting and just begin to take deep breaths for another five minutes or so. The last few minutes will permit you to soak up your mantra and help you to practice and act out your mantra.

Now gradually open your eyes and have a good stretch. Now, you are ready to begin the day. Remember, you must let go of any worries that may happen about whether you are doing the mantra correctly. It does not matter it is your attitude that matters.

Also, remember that you can have a mantra for diverse circumstances. Like for example: just say that someone at work picks on you. Well, first, just take a few deep breaths – in through the nose and out through the mouth. Secondly chant in your mind a calming phrase like, “I feel relaxed and calm.” This will greatly help you to manage your stress level. Good Luck!

Some Examples: Mantras for Calmness of Mind and Well-being:

  • All is well.Mind
  • I can and will let go of stress.
  • I can and will stay calm and carry on.
  • Laughing brings me happiness.
  • It’s not the end of the world.
  • Harmony is within my grasp.

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