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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Wood-Burning Fire-pit

Even though, there are a few people who are put off by the smoke, soot and flying embers that often comes with a wood-burning fire-pit, there are also people who think that a fire is not realistic enough without these features. For these people, nothing can beat the old-style allure of a cosy wood-burning fire-pit experience.

If you are thinking of buying a wood-burning fire-pit you need to decide what you want from your fire pit: do you want a large permanent feature in your backyard? Or do you want something more portable for travelling or even something in between the two?

Fire pits are meant to be enjoyed, so it is important to choose one that is the right size so that you will not have any future bother. So think carefully before buying a fire pit that is more than three feet in diameter.

A large wood-burning fire-pit can definitely hold more wood and as a result produce a larger fire. But remember you will have a lot more ash to dispose of; plus it will take more cleaning. Also if you want to move it about a lot then you will want one that is not too heavy. (The weight of the pit will depend on the material it is made of, some materials being heavier than others).

Medium size fire-pits are the most popular because they are easier to move about, less expensive and more convenient.  They are usually anything from 30 to 36 inches in diameter and will hold a reasonable quantity of wood.  A lot of styles in this group have stands that make cleaning and disposing of ashes trouble-free.  Since they are so popular, you can find various styles and types within this medium size range.

The small, portable wood-burning fire-pits are made to be moved about every so often; some even come with wheels.  You can take these types of pits with you camping, or to the beach. Also some of the smaller fire pits even have foldable legs and carrying case for easy transporting.
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The Advantages of a Wood-Burning Fire-Pit are:

1.  A wood-burning fire-pit can be a lovely and aesthetically pleasing addition to a backyard or garden

2. A wood-burning fire pit will produce considerable heat.

3. A lot of people adore the atmosphere and magic that only a wood fire can provide.

4. A wood burning pit needs no further equipment beyond the structure itself.

5. Great for portability and for whenever you move house.

6. Many wood fire pit models today include more cooking features that allow elegant dishes to be cooked on it. Not just the usual grilled burgers and marshmallows.

7. A lot of people say that food grilled or cooked over wood, is beyond compare. It has that sweet and smoky taste distinct from other methods of cooking.

8. The cost of operating a wood-burning fire pit can be cheaper than its natural gas or propane counterpart. This is because wood is a more affordable fuel source, plus you can even get wood for free if you live in a wooded area, but first make sure the wood is dry before burning.

9. These days when people are looking for ways to cut down on fuel cost, a wood-burning fire-pit is a perfect heating option that provides heat to your outdoors without hurting your pockets.

The Disadvantages of a Wood-Burning Fire-Pit are:

1. Having a wood-burning fire-pit in some settings, can be a nuisance causing pollution, creating a mess and even danger

2. There are sparks, so you will need a mesh cover over your fire to stop errant fires and burns.

3. Wood will often produce a vast amount of smoke and floating embers which can be irritating to the neighbours.

4. Smoke can also irritate your eyes, nose, and throat and make your clothes, hair and skin smell. To reduce smoke you should use dry, well- seasoned hardwood in your  wood-burning outdoor fire-pit. This kind of wood will burn hotter, more   completely and produce less smoke. (Unseasoned wood will cause a lot of smoke and be difficult to light.)

5.  A wood-burning fire-pit will need to be cleaned of ash and embers frequently to prevent a mess as well as a possible fire hazard. Also the pit itself may become discoloured from ash and smoke.

6. Wood fires will need to be extinguished with sand or water, and even once this has been done, the fire may not be completely extinguished. So make sure the fire is out completely.

7. Possibly the biggest disadvantage of this type of fire-pit is the inability to quickly regulate the size of the flames when needed.

8. In a lot of urban settings, wood-burning fire-pits are not an option this is not just because of the neighbours, but of restrictive by-laws.

9. If you live in a city you will need to find out about your city’s ordinance laws to make sure you don’t get into any trouble for burning within the city limits. City ordinance has prohibited many communities from outdoor burning because of the pollution it causes.

A Wood-Burning Fire-Pit Can Have a Certain Risk

Although, wood-burning fire-pits can have certain risks, it also true that no domestic device comes without a risk. As long as safety precautions are strictly followed, there’s no reason why using a wood fire-pit can’t be as safe as using any other fire-pit.

For example, it is vital that the distance between your wood-burning fire-pit and any flammable materials nearby is at least 10 feet. Plus for extra safety, you should have your fire-pit on a hard inflammable material such as cement.

Before getting a wood-burning fire-pit first get in touch with your city planning department. The regulations and codes are strict for wood-burning fire-pits and you’ll want to make sure that you stick to all of them. Some regions may not permit wood-burning fire-pits.

Also, it is recommended that you get advice from your local fire department to ensure that safety requirements are strictly followed. If you implement the safety requirement and have checked out any regulations to owning a wood-burning fire-pit, at the end of the day, a safe and fun experience with your fire pit is absolutely possible.

If you live in a city the more sensible and sensitive alternative for fuelling a fire pit would be to select one of the following kinds of fire pits: natural gas, propane, or an ethanol burning fire-pit. For more tips on fire-pit safety check out this video below.
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Easy Fire Pit Build

by CrypticCRICKET

I demonstrate how to create an easy and very quick fire pit made from materials and items I bought at a Lowe’s home improvement centre.You can cook on it or just sit around it and tell lies.

Wood-Burning Fire-PitCobraCo Diamond Mesh Wood-Burning Fire-Pit with Cover and Screen 

This stylish, free standing, wood-burning fire-pit can be taken anywhere and is ideal for enjoying a safe and cosy outdoor fire in your own backyard. This pit is fully portable, which means you can place it where you want around your back-yard, or patio. Take the fire-pit with you to a friend’s house, or on camping trips. It stands 17-1/2 inches high when covered, 13-3/4 inches when it’s not. Weight 44 pounds.

It has a diamond shaped mesh design and a 5-inch wide diamond mesh table edge encompassing the pit which is handy to put drinks and snacks on.

This robust fire-pit has a classic black finish bowl that sits in a solid, black steel base, sustained by four metal legs that curve slightly outward. The base includes built-in risers for maximum airflow, guaranteeing strong flames. The fire-bowl itself is a separate piece, so heat transfer to the rest of the frame is decreased. Also the fire bowl is also easy to clean – just lift the bowl and tilt the ashes into a trash container.

Included with the pit is a screen and a vinyl protective outdoor cover for even more safety. This fire-pit is ideal for a small cosy get-together in your back yard, or patio or for adding to the ambiance of a larger party or celebration.

The Package Includes:

  • A Sturdy steel construction for durability and long life
  • A Fire-pit base includes built in risers for maximum air flow
  • A Classic diamond design in both the fire pit and wire cover
  • A 5″ wide table edge for holding drinks or snacks
  • Includes wire screen cover to restrict flying embers
  • Also vinyl cover to protect the bowl from the elements, and to keep rain and leaves out of the bowl when not in use. The vinyl cover also makes transporting the fire-bowl easy.
  • The fire-pit is easily assembled, and all necessary hardware and instructions are included. Amazon Star Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars

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Reading the reviews will give you a good idea  of the value and dependability of the product.

Wood-burning fire-pitUniFlame  34 – Inch Marble and Slate Wood-Burning Fire-pit and Copper Accents

You can keep yourself and your family and friends feeling nice and snug during those nippy evenings when entertaining out on your patio or back yard. This UniFlame Marble and Slate Fire-pit is  enhanced with beautiful copper accents which gives it an attractive classy look which is certain to  blend in with your outdoor design.

Wood tends, loads and burns easily and efficiently in the 22-inch fire-bowl which is made of black porcelain. The steel grate and the easy-lifting spark arrestor helps to provide safety. The fire-pit sits squarely on the wrought iron stand, which is included.

 The Package Includes:

  • An attractive -looking wood-burning outdoor fire-pit made from marble and slate
  • A fire-bowl made of black porcelain that is 22 inches in diameter
  • A wrought iron stand
  •  An easy lifting spark arrestor,
  • A heavy steel grate
  • The whole construction is 34 inches in diameter and weighs 58 pounds; it also has a 1-year limited guarantee.
  • Firewood tends and loads easily

Amazon Star Rating  4.2 out of 5 stars.     

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Reading the reviews will give you a good idea  of the value and dependability of the product.

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