Lovely Wool-Rugs


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Wool-rugs are one of the most widespread varieties of rugs. Wool-rugs are liked for their durability, smoothness, adaptability, and knack to brightly capture colorants in any shade. Wool-rugs are an inexpensive option for people considering rugs created from natural fibres. The great thing about wool-rugs is that they are just as long-lasting and strong as some of its equals.  

You can produce a time from the past feel with oriental style wool-rugs. These sophisticated and comfy oriental style rugs come in bold dyes, and elaborate designs.  If a more present-day look is wanted, why not, turn to Momeni wool rugs with cheerful colour blocks. These rugs come in maroon, blue, black, white, and red combination in variable sized blocks for a new and cool finish. Combine the Momeni wool-rug with a modest black settee and a large ottoman and the room is complete with a contemporary feel and look.

If you want your room to have that romantic touch why not buy a thick pile wool-rug for your bedroom. Just imagine a thick wool-rug paired with a four-poster bed and the boudoir becomes a safe, comfortable and romantic refuge for you and your partner.  Also the other great thing about wool-rugs is that they are also hypoallergenic, which means it is a good choice for allergy sufferers who are looking for a soft and comfy rug to place in the household. Also wool rugs need marginal maintenance and. This means that you can get value from a quality and durable rug for years to come without the fuss of extensive cleaning.

Please Check the Video Below on How to Clean Wool-Rugs

Looking for wool-rugs but are not sure on which ones to buy please check the wool rugs guide below which has a selection of various wool rugs that are on offer at Amazon.

Different Kinds of Wool-Rugs on Amazon

Momeni New Wave NW-01BLU2030 Blue Rug


This Momeni wool-rug is hand-tufted by an expert craftsperson using a special mixture of the premier quality Chinese wools. This wool-rug is soft to the touch and a beautiful shine that is unmatched. This new wave design features hand carving for additional deepness and has a Tibetan-like pile which is typically found in hand-knotted wool rugs.

This Momeni wool-rug has a star rating of 4 out of 5 on Amazon. Please click here for customers reviews!





Wool Persian Area Rugs 2’2 x 3’ Door Mat

wool-rugsThis excellent quality wool-rug is made from half wool and half Heatset Olefin Twisted Yarn which makes it stain resistant. Its size is 2’2 by 3’ and is made in Turkey.

This wool Persian rug has a star rating of 4 out of 5 on Amazon. Please click here for customers reviews!



Flokati White-Shag Rug


This hand woven, made from 100 per cent wool, flokati white shag-rug is a beautiful and stylish addition to any room in the home. This wool-rug is soft to the touch and has a natural resilience.

This wool-rug is designed to be used in the living-room, dining room or nursery. If you want to, why not put a rug-pad  under your beautiful wool-rug for that added comfort!

This flokati shag-rug is over 2” dense and is created in Greece. The shag-rug’s wool fibres are cleaned in the Mountain Rivers of the Pindos mountain range and preserved in the valley. That is how it gets is natural soft and fleecy finish.  To clean this shag-rug simply shakes off any dirt that may have accumulated on it during the day.

We recommend, though, for deep cleaning to use a direct pressure hoover or the upholstery attachment of your present hoover. Use the upholstery attachment in an outward motion so it moves away from where you are standing. Vacuuming in an outward motion should pick up any filth or loose wool fibres.  It is 100 per cent New Zealand wool. Its size is 3’long x 5’wide. Its colour is white.  

This Flokati shag-rug has a star rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Please click here for customers reviews!

Safavieh Dhurrie Collection DHU557C-6 Handmade Wool Area Rug, 6 by 9-Feet, Grey/Ivory

wool-rugsThis stylish and beautiful dhurrie area rug suggests definitive Moroccan design and culture. This wool-rug brings old-style stylishness and charm of Morocco to your household. This rug features a flat-weave creation with contemporary colours that will be a welcome addition in any design. This wool-rug has a thick, soft pile and is outstanding value. It is made from 100% wool. Its size is 6’ by 9’. It comes in grey/ivory.

This dhurrie wool area rug has a star rating of 4 out of 5 on Amazon. Please click here for customers reviews!

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